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  1. Toosuto

    VGC Missouri 2014 this weekend

    Hey guys! Well, unfortunately I will not make Missouri. I came down with the flu about a week ago and slowly got worse. Ended up hospitalized over the weekend (just got out today), so felt best to not show up and get everyone else sick :( I prepared and tested a TON to get ready for Missouri...
  2. Toosuto

    Toosuto's Breeding Shop - Now with Pokebank and new egg move stuff!!

    Simple rules, simply follow: 1 - No hacked pokes. Hacks make me sad. 2 - I accept clones, hope you do the same. 3 - Before any trade, please friend me and give me your in-game name. 4 - I do not trade with peeps on the Smogon blacklist. 5 - My friend safari is Water (check sig). If you want to...