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  1. Psiiionic

    Psii's Gen 7 Thread

    Welcome to my trade thread. Long time since I have been on here but 7th Gen renewed my love for the game. Thread Rules 1. No hacked or edited pokemon please. 2. Please state in clear English what you would like. I like good English. 3. Courtesy goes a long way. 4. Please do not redistribute my...
  2. Psiiionic

    Psii's Poke Warehouse

    Welcome to my trade thread. I had another one on Smogon but I voluntarily closed it due to being busy. I had lots of Gen 5 hatched pokes but I restarted lots of my save files so the pokes in this new thread is what I am currently more interested in RNGing namely Gen 3 and Gen 4. I still have my...
  3. Psiiionic

    Psii's Trade Shop IV'ed, Shinies

    Hey this is my TRADE THREAD, please take time to check it out!! Thread RULES → No hacked or Pokécheck downloaded Pokémon please. → Be patient. → Please respect redistribute rights thanks !! → Post here firstly. If I agree with a trade then we can converse via VM or PM :D...