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  1. the pugilist

    Serious LGBTQ+

    stop being a queer gatekeeper
  2. the pugilist

    Do you Think Teddiursa Should be Taller on the Next Redesign?

    guys im doing a scientific study where if I'm calibrating how often something can be copypasted before it transcends its nature and transcends the physical plane pls send thoughts and prayers
  3. the pugilist

    Do you Think Teddiursa Should be Taller on the Next Redesign?

    Note: This is a Repost of the Original Thread From Firebot. We love Teddiursa But When We see Teddiursa There Is Nothing Changed Other Than Minor Changes. So Do you think Teddiursa Should be Taller on The Next Redesign?:blobthinking:
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    Hot Takes

  5. the pugilist

    Serious 2020 Democratic Primary Thread

    i too believe everyone should think the same way as me
  6. the pugilist

    SPL XI - Commencement Thread

    Dear Mr. E, this is Sister Agatha from the preschool down the road. Did you have a child recently? I ask because of all the crying and whining I've heard coming from your house. The only explanation is that there is an immature person in there, and surely that wouldn't be you, a fine...
  7. the pugilist

    Serious LGBTQ+

    hey dice. haven't spoken to you since we played league together many moons ago but you were a pretty chill guy and fun to hang with. rooting for your success, my dms r always open. the pug
  8. the pugilist

    General News Discussion Thread

    Personally, I came into this thread with a serious mindset and cracked up laughing at that line. I feel sentences like that detract from the point you are trying to make. Just let the mods do their thing for moderating tone imo. This isn't anything new. The Chinese government has been doing...
  9. the pugilist

    Does anyone else think End Game kinda sucked? (Spoilers probably)

    Thanks a lot to the asshole who spoiled endgame and it got sent to my inbox. I was gonna watch it and you ruined it. Fuck you. I'm done. I honestly feel like crying. I tried so hard to avoid them and it got ruined just like that and I couldn't do anything because of notifications. Why did you...
  10. the pugilist

    Separating Genders

    if boogie cant talk sense into demoness, nobody can
  11. the pugilist

    Serious Sesame Street Controversy

    sesame street could learn a thing or two from steven universe
  12. the pugilist

    Serious Depression

    Matthew For real though, I've gone down a similar road, albeit in Australia which has a much better healthcare system than USA as far as I know. First thing, I would ask your university about counselling services- hopefully they should be free. Maybe you might need to go to to a psych or...
  13. the pugilist

    Separating Genders

    WTF valkyries back off, this guy has enough pain in his life.