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  1. The Strap

    M&M Zeraora [QC 3/3] [GP 2/2]

    [OVERVIEW] Zeraora is a potent offensive threat with its great Attack and ability to outspeed threats such as Blastoisenite and Red Orb Darkrai, Metagrossite Kartana, and Diancite Tapu Lele. A Pinsirite set gives it a strong Electric/Flying STAB type combination, allowing it to harass many...
  2. The Strap

    XY RU Unique Meloetta-P and CM Cobalion Team

    Been wanting to create make one for this Team ever since Zoroark and Yanmega got Banned so here it is; This will be my First RMT in Forums so I hope you guys can check it out and can feedback :) but without furthermore,Here is my Current Team Meloetta @ Assault Vest Ability: Serene Grace...