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    Wii U

    DISCUSS THE WII U :DDDDDDD I've been dying for some discussion on Wii U... I feel like I know as much as an internet journalist, and I care more than Nintendo, so discuss with me the Wii U!!! Pricing guesses! Launch guesses! Predicitions! Success or not? Power predictions! Then once it comes...

    B2W2 - The Beginning Cup - A hint of things to come?

    When I saw this tournament on Serebii, I immediately thought that this set of rules would be a very likely candidate to be the set of rules for the next VGC, in 2013. Here is a breakdown of the tourney, from serebii: Regardless of how many of us will be participating in this BW2 tournament...

    Team Dual Dragon - UPD Sept/4 - Needs some tweaking

    VGC '12 OVERGRO's Team D-Dragon Good day everyone! My name is OVERGRO. Now this is my team. It used to be a bulky Trick Room team, centered around Reuniclus and Scrafty (I miss you bud), with a touch of Haxorus. It then evolved into a Sand team. Then, I realized that sand was hurting me more...