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    Multifaction/FFA Godly Mafia - Signups

    Unicycle with Hit Points and Multifaction Victory Points.
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    What Have You Done.

    Firebot? When did you write this post?
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    IRC Poll about your IRC Pole

    Why is there a poll about my irc?
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    I really love British comedy like Monty Python, Peter Cook & Dudley Moore, Rowan Atkinson, and Stephen Fry & Hugh Laurie. I'm not the biggest fan of comedy movies, because they tend to try to drag out a few jokes over 2 hours. The great comedy movies are those that aren't afraid to keep it short...
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    Serious The Atheism/Agnosticism thread

    I've encountered quite a few Christians who see it as their duty to "save" me from the eternal fires of Hell, often quoting Psalm 14. The Old Testament tends to be more ambivalent towards nonbelievers as long as they stay out of the way of the Israelites, whereas the New Testament (which most...
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    I'll second Colbert, and good sketch comedy (Monty Python, Fry & Laurie, etc.) often includes some excellent satirical sketches. Mel Brooks has made some great satires as well.
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    Official MLB 2012 Season Thread

    It is so ridiculously satisfying as a Red Sox fan to watch the Yankees get utterly dominated like that. It was almost worth a season of Bobby Valentine to watch.
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    Hi there Rarely Used

    Hey all - This team has fared decently for me on the RU ladder under various alts, but I feel like I can make it much better. And so, without further ado: Steelix @ Leftovers Trait: Sturdy EVs: 252 HP / 220 Def / 36 SDef Relaxed Nature IVs: 0 Spd - Stealth Rock - Dragon Tail -...
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    Official MLB 2012 Season Thread

    One-run games are not entirely luck, but there is a significant element of randomness involved. Often teams that severely over- or underperform their run differential are subject to regression to the mean. A good bullpen and good clutch hitting can help minimize the amount of regression a team...
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    Official MLB 2012 Season Thread

    Buster Posey just fucked the Reds hard. I really want to see Byrne's face right now.
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    Official MLB 2012 Season Thread

    Trade him to the Dodgers. That's what we did with our useless, bloated contracts.
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    Official MLB 2012 Season Thread

    It's Dusty Baker's fault. He bats Zack Cozart, .288 OBP and all, leadoff. He overused Aroldis Chapman, leading to fatigue at the end of the year. I could go on and on. He once said that you don't score runs by getting on base. Think about that for a second. However long it takes to sink in. The...
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    Official MLB 2012 Season Thread

    We shall never know.
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    2012 USA Election Thread: Obama projected winner

    I love how Romney keeps avoiding Jim Lehrer's questions.
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    Rejected TV shows I have pitched

    Wasn't this an SNL sketch recently?
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    Official MLB 2012 Season Thread

    Trout should be the MVP. Easily. As a side note, he's 1 SB away from becoming only the 3rd player ever to have 30 HR and 50 SB in a single season. He'll join Eric Davis in '87 and Barry Bonds (pre-steroids) in '90. I kinda want to see the Braves win it all. My Sox were out of it long ago, and...
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    I've actually never read the scarlet letter, I've been reading some short stories he wrote and they're great. I can totally see how his writing style could get a bit tedious given a full book, though.
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    I've been reading a bunch of stories by Nathaniel Hawthorne lately and they have to be among the greatest shit ever written. The man was a genius.
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    Rejected TV shows I have pitched

    If any of these are replacing Jersey Shore, that's fine with me.