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  1. Fiction.

    BW OU Liberation Transmission

    Introduction Hello again. I'm here to post one of the more successful OU teams I have built lately. It's a sand balance team based around the infamous dog (Stoutland) and was built for the 9th instalment of the Official Smogon Tournament. While it didn't win in the tournament when it was most...
  2. Fiction.

    Guerrilla Radio

    Introduction After seeing Burn All, Drown All and Rock All, three great teams each showcasing different weathers, why not have Hail? While it is inferior to the other weathers, I tried to build a team able to function with it and its only inducer: Abomasnow. It was very hard to put everything...
  3. Fiction.

    Just an Ubers team

    Intro: Welcome to my first generation V Ubers RMT. This team is one of my most, if not most successful Ubers team to date. I made this team when I was looking at the combos thread and saw Tentacruel + Ferrothorn. From there, a more defensively orientated team came along until I reached the...
  4. Fiction.

    Sawsbuck (Uber Analysis) [QC 0/2]

    Sawsbuck QC Approvals: 0/2 GP Approvals: 0/2 [Overview] <p>When one first lays eyes on Sawsbuck, one may find that it is outclassed by other Chlorophyll sweepers such as Shiftry and Venusaur due to its inability to learn Growth; however, Sawsbuck possesses certain advantages over said...
  5. Fiction.

    Sunny Side Up

    Hey everyone. This is my second Ubers RMT. I'm posting this mainly because of the introduction of Arceus into the metagame, severely reducing the effectiveness of this team. This team is more fun than serious, but can still hold its own, and has got me onto the top half of the LB under an alt...
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    For Lack of a Better Name

    Hello everyone. Fiction. here with my first RMT on the Smogon forums. This team peaked me at #9 on the Ubers leaderboard with a CRE of 1639. It's not really anything special at all, I just wanted to use Bulk Up Palkia and this is what I got with it. The name of the team comes from the deadmau5...