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  1. erz

    Announcement ORAS PL Poll / Lower Tier Interest

    You can give multiple answers but be considerate enough to only vote for tiers you would actually want to play. The tournament's format will partially depend on the answers given in this poll.
  2. erz

    Resource ORAS Tournament Replays

    Hey this thread will serve as an archive for tournament replays. Starting with SPL this thread will also include tournaments such as the Official Circuit-Playoffs. Also planning to gather replays of the lower tiers from UUPL, RUPL, etc. which will also be featured in this thread. I won't add...
  3. erz

    Gen 6 NIGHT PARADE [SPL Metagross Weavile Bulky Offense]

    Introduction and general description Hey, I'm here to share the best team I was able to build in a lot of years of playing. To advance the metagame? Not really. To get the team rated? Absolutely not, there's no option left whatsoever that ABR and I didn't consider when building and optimizing...
  4. erz

    OU no longer just a stepping stone // ORAS OU Resource Thread

    I'm Dragon Claw and I'm here to share my best teams. With those you get better. Or you throw them in your teambuilder for the one time you're playing oras in your life. These teams are mostly optimal although each and every team has it's own strengths and flaws. Use them as you like I don't care...
  5. erz

    Hippowdon (OU) GP 2/2
  6. erz

    Latios (OU) GP 2/2
  7. erz

    Reuniclus (OU) GP 2/2
  8. erz

    Project Threats to OU Cores v3: Round 7 1/2: short hiatus

    approved by Jordy op mostly from v1 & v2 Currently Round 7 1/2: short hiatus :sm/slaking: V1,V2 Pokemon rely on offensive and defensive synergy to function. Cores of Pokemon are units within teams that are built specifically to take advantage of these synergies between Pokemon. Many teams...