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  1. Jarc

    My Little OU Team

    After a hiatus from Pokemon for a few months, I decided to return to competitive battling, right around the start of Gen 6. This time around, I have decided to joined the OU meta, previously playing RU. After putting together a team, I tested it. From my experience, the team does well, but I...
  2. Jarc

    Weavile(not any more) in the Big League

    Hello there! For those who do not know, I am Jarc, and this is my Ubers RMT. Not too long ago, I said to myself "I want to try to use a unique pokemon in Ubers, just for the heck of it". So naturally I went to PS and decided to choose Weavile. Since it's relatively weak, I gave it a Choice Band...
  3. Jarc

    The Scorpion and Friends

    Greetings! My name is Jarc, and this is my RU RMT. I arrived to the competitive pokemon scene not too long ago, and decided to give RU a try. Since it is one of my favorite pokemon and a resident of RU, I decided to base my team around SD Drapion. When team building was complete, I tried the...