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  1. zaaya

    BSS Porygon2

    (haxpato) :ss/Porygon2: Porygon2 @ Eviolite Ability: Analytic EVs: 244 HP / 12 Def / 252 SpD Sassy Nature - Iron Tail - Facade - Ice Beam - Recover BSS's resident rubber duck continues to shine in Series 9 as one of the premier special tanks and all-around sponges. Analytic gives a consistent...
  2. zaaya

    ORAS OU skylark interbang! (peaked 1909, #23 on ladder)

    SKYLARK INTERBANG Hello everyone! I've come to share with you lovely folk one of the most fun & successful teams i've built during ORAS! This era is coming to an end and i couldn't just leave it w/out posting a team. While ladder is super...