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  1. MegaTias

    ORAS OU OU Hyper Offense (creative name I know)

    Hopefully I remember how to do hide tags lol Welcome to my RMT. It's a hyper offense, meaning there is no 'center sweeper'. Rather, it has multiple sweepers to apply constant pressure to the opponent's team. Have fun. First, I wanted a Mega Pokemon, so I started with Absol. Next, I needed a...
  2. MegaTias

    ORAS OU Mega Gallade wrecking OU

    OK guys, I have always loved Mega Gallade and I wanted to make a Mega Gallade team. Teambuilding process: Mega Gallade always seemed like a cool Pokemon so I wanted to use it. Mega Gallade pairs well with Clefable because Clefable beats its biggest counter, Mega Sableye. Bisharp also pairs...