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    Q: Does Primeape get a +4 Attack boost after using Close Combat if it has Competitive Spirit?
  2. Pokemon that benefit the most from Dream World (They see me Update'n,)

    Espeon didn't get Magic Guard. It got Magic Mirror <.< Also I think Sash Zam should at least get a mention in the OP. If you're performing a late game sweep you're not afraid of Priority users like Hitmontop, Scyther(Scizor in OU) etc.
  3. Jellicent

    Could a Burunkeru+Nuttre+Heatran(Dragon Pulse) work? It eliminates the Sazando problem. Shadow Tag Shanderaa doesn't really seem couterable to me(for stall at least) unless you're willing to run Shed Shell on everything.
  4. Hahakomori

    Damn... I was about to call UBER.
  5. Dusclops

    Has the "Aiming Mark" rumor been disproved? I'm asking because on Serebii's item list there's an item called "Bull's Eye" whose description matches that of what Aiming Mark's would have been. If it's been disproved post a link please.
  6. Cofagrigus

    Mummy is only effective in very specific circumstances. Quite frankly, as far as singles go i think mummy is being overhyped and the fact that you can just switch out to get rid of it makes it even more pathetic. 3 turn rest means that Rest is pretty much a gamble. I'm sure there are of plenty...
  7. Cofagrigus

    I'm not seeing what this guy has over Dusclops with Pre-evo Stone. Sure it can boost it's special attack, but it's still pursuit bait for one of the most used pokes of Gen 4. Assuming that it's running a NP or CM set it won't have WoW to cripple Ttar(which dusclops does with any set.). Also the...
  8. Butterfree

    How is this not outclassed by Venomoth?
  9. Feraligatr

    Imo Ice Punch is a must have on any of Fera's sets. Assuming Swimming Goggles exist(I haven't heard of any confirmation of their existence yet) I can't find any good reason to run Aqua Jet over Ice Punch. If Sgoggles are fake then DD+Ice Punch would be the best choice Imo.
  10. Bouffalant

    If this guy got Agility/Body Purge(?)/Rock Polish I'd say it'd be pretty good. But with lackluster speed and no way of boosting it it's potential is limited. It seems a bit like a bulkier Guts Ursaring to me.
  11. Escavalier

    I'm curious to learn why this poke would lock itself into Rock Smash. If it's locked into Megahorn or Iron head it still seems walled to me. Registeel can just Twave and Stoss till this guy dies. And locking yourself into Rock Smash is suicide. You opponent can just send in almost any set-up...
  12. R.I.P. Leads and Scouting

    Unless you know your opponent well, you can't always know what they'll do. There's still 50-50 decisions and at the moment it seems to me that there's more of those 50-50 decisions to be made. However I cannot say this definitively, not having ever played this way myself.
  13. Escavalier

    I fully understand how metagames work. But, I am talking about a poke who is walled so easily it isn't even funny. There are objective ways to see whether a poke has any way of being OP in any realistic environment. You have provided no evidence to support that Fire and Steel types will not...
  14. Escavalier

    All I'm saying is that there will be Fire and Steel types in the tier it will end up in, preventing it from being OP. Please, if you disagree explain the reason and don't say keep saying "You don't have prior knowledge of the metagame". You have not given a single argument as to why it will be...
  15. Escavalier

    Based on nothing? So far my arguments have had nothing to do with with the tiering of individual pokemon and everything to do with entire typings. When a pokemon is completely walled by two entire types I do not consider it "stupid" or "based on nothing" to say it won't be overpowered. It's...
  16. Escavalier

    Saying Milotic will be in the same tier as Rhyp. is assuming that the tiers will remain the same. I never said that Rhyp. would be UU. I said it outclasses this guy. Rhyp. can also EdgeQuake with STAB. Also Rhyp. can RP, significantly lowering the amount of special attackers that can beat him...
  17. Escavalier

    Ok... This guy has a horrible offensive movepool(defensively and offensively), it has horrible offensive typing+base stats that lean towards offense, and is shut down by Arcanine, Heatran, Dusknoir and a load of things i don't feel like listing. It's only possible use is in Trick Room, where it...
  18. Escavalier

    You can't talk about how to use pokes in an unknown metagame without making some assumptions about the metagame itself.
  19. Haxorus

    Even if Mence and Chomp go Uber, I doubt Ono will go Uber after that. You can't really say that Ono's versatile.It can't run a special set, like Mence did, and it can't go mixed. It's offensive movepool is pretty shallow as well. Ono will have a tougher time setting up than the other two do as...
  20. Ask a Simple Question, Get a Simple Answer - Read FAQ in First Post Before Asking

    What's the deal with the "Swim Goggles" thing? It's not on Serebii's item list :(