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  1. BreloomBoyBouttaSpore

    Metagame SS OU Metagame Discussion Thread v7 (Usage Stats in post #3539)

    A bit late, but ill respond to these. Definitely clefable being #2. Melmetal. Now that it doesnt have to run AV to live earth powers from kyurem, it can run banded or pads without as many negative consequences. Ferros usage sucks for it, but every mon has a counter. Urshifu was number 2 when...
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    Pokémon Single Strike Urshifu

    This is an IoA thread
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    Data Usage-Based Tier Update for Mid-November 2020

    The uu stats are messed up, hippo should be #1
  4. BreloomBoyBouttaSpore

    Pokémon Registeel

    You forgot to put steel beam as a newly obtainable move
  5. BreloomBoyBouttaSpore

    Pokémon Nidoking

    You should add outclassed by lando-i as a con until thats banned
  6. BreloomBoyBouttaSpore

    Project Personal OU Viability Rankings

    S+ (Uber worthy) :Kyurem-Black: Best mon in the meta. DD Sets are great, and on screens it abuses melmetal to become a very strong threat. That said, it has a few situational counters, Like melm and buzzwole. However, these counters arent 100 going to matter. If kyu-b crits, that bulk up...
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    Tournament Tundra Cup - Round 1 (Genesect & Naganadel are still allowed) Won in 2 games
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    Pokémon Regieleki

    Replace the normal moves with assurance, it does more to grounds
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    Pokémon Swampert

    I personally run damp to shut down leki even harder. Id also add a bulk up set
  10. BreloomBoyBouttaSpore

    Metagame SS OU Metagame Discussion Thread v7 (Usage Stats in post #3539)

    Why not use DD and have another moveslot?
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    Resource Simple Questions, Simple Answers Thread

    TTar completely walls ghost horse, it doesnt even take 50% from a +6 mud shot
  12. BreloomBoyBouttaSpore

    Pokémon Zapdos-Galar

    Sadly Gapdos doesnt get roost. Also, big fan of your content
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    Pokémon Tornadus-Therian

    Again, Sorry but i cannot do pictures Tornadus-Therian Flying/??? Base Stats - 79 HP / 100 Atk / 80 Def / 100 SpA / 90 SpD / 121 Spe -Regenerator Moveset - Notable Moves: Focus Blast, Grass Knot, Superpower, Hurricane, Foul Play, Heat Wave, Psychic, Sludge Wave/Bomb, Crunch, Lash Out...
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    Metagame SS OU Metagame Discussion Thread v7 (Usage Stats in post #3539)

    1. What are you most excited to use in the new metagame? Banded Genesect. After it gets banned, G-Dos is my next pick 2. What pre-dlc mons are expected to get hit the hardest? Rhyperior, Crawduant, Indeedee(Not ou but was niche) and zeraora. I also think alakazam might drop, but hatterene...
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    Project Crown Tundra Pokemon Thread Reservation

    Can i have spectrier? Edit: Its taken, Can i have Torn-T? Ruft edit: approved
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    Pokémon Regieleki

    Electro ball wont be good. You have to run speed investment on this to actually threaten common offensive mons, and you cant run modest with electro ball. Its also mainly used on eterrain teams with voltage
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    Pokémon Genesect

    Nevermind, They weren't legal on showdown yesterday, but apparently they are legal
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    Pokémon Genesect

    The drives were removed from swsh
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    Pokémon Zapdos-Galar

    I changed it