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  1. Uber Doubles Cup (Round 5)

  2. Uber Doubles Cup (Round 4)

    LightingFusion still haven't responded.
  3. Uber Doubles Cup (Round 4)

    ok i'll PM LightingFusion.
  4. Uber Doubles Cup (Second Round)

    batpig also beat me.....................
  5. Uber Doubles Cup (Second Round)

    truffle crushed me................
  6. Uber Doubles Cup (First Round)

    he's now ready, all we need is a little more time to prepare the battle.
  7. Uber Doubles Cup (First Round)

    trufflehunter25's last PM to me was on thursday, after that......nothing.
  8. Uber Doubles Cup (First Round)

    well, that's releiving, since this is my first tournament i at least wanted to lose with a battle, but i'm happy i won't lose because of those conditions.
  9. Uber Doubles Cup (First Round)

    then if that happens both of us will be disqualified??
  10. Uber Doubles Cup (First Round)

    well, trufflehunter25 is still not responding..................sigh
  11. Uber Doubles Cup (First Round)

    well i'm all ready i hope trufflehunter25 is done soon, we dont have much time left to battle.....
  12. Uber Doubles Cup (Signups now open)

    wow 2 minutes left!!!
  13. Uber Doubles Cup (Signups now open)

    also does the battle assignments appear here on the thread or you'll pm everyone letting them know their opponent? EDIT:nvm
  14. Uber Doubles Cup (Signups now open)

    awesome cool, i want to join, this will be my first tournament!! so you can use ubers....this will be intresting!!!