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  1. GSC In-Game Tier List Mk. IV

    Remember that gender is determined by your attack DV in gen 2. Not only would it take a lot of resetting to get a female Chikorita, you are limiting it to 0-1 Atk DV (max 15).
  2. Metagame SS OU Metagame Discussion Thread v7 (Usage Stats in post #3539)

    Zygarde-10% exists and I'd be very surprised if it gets banned anytime this generation. It also gets Power Construct just like the 50% forme does, and thus is the reason why Power Construct is explicitly banned separate from Zygarde-50%.
  3. Gen 8 Discussion Thread

    Z-moves have the extra implementation issue of... well, what happens if someone tries to use a brand new gen 8 with a Z-crystal? Does it hard fail, since they don't officially exist? Or does someone go and manually assign a Z-move effect to all the non-damaging ones? I can't imagine the latter...
  4. [GP 2/2] Pokemon Colosseum and Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness Mechanics Guide

    In later gens you can only send out 2* Pokemon per turn, so 2 of the Shedinjas will come in to die on turn 2 and the last two will die on turn 3. *2 in doubles, 1 in singles, 3 in triples, etc.
  5. [GP 2/2] Pokemon Colosseum and Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness Mechanics Guide

    I would suggest adding a brief section on double mechanics specific to gen 3. These are extremely poorly documented on the internet since gen 3 came prior to VGC and gen 3 doubles isn't widely played on any simulator AFAIK. Colosseum/XD in-game playthroughs are thus about the only times that...
  6. Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald In-Game Tier List Discussion

    Just to nitpick, Earthquake does not have a spread penalty in this game. In gen 3 only, spread moves that hit your ally do full damage while spread moves that don't hit your ally do 50% damage. Gen 4 changed this to the now-standard 75% damage for both kinds of spread moves. This isn't super...
  7. All Gens Ask a Simple Question, Get a Simple Answer Mark II (RoA edition)

    Out of curiosity, has anyone ever tested Sleep Talk in Colosseum/XD to see if it behaves the same way it does in the GBA games?
  8. Pokémon X & Y In-game Tier List Discussion

    You only need 2 hearts worth of affection to get Sylveon, which is quite easy (and provides +20% exp to boot). You're doing something seriously wrong if you're taking 30+ minutes to get that in Amie.
  9. Whimsicott

    According to the Global Link website, Cottonee is Grass/Fairy as well now.
  10. Other Is Weather Still Viable?

    Just to be clear: weather rocks have been tested and are still eight turns, not ten.
  11. Poll for our default simulator tiering level

    The Rotom-appliances, Shaymin-S, and Giratina-O could not be used on wifi back in generation 4. That was a much bigger gap between the wifi and simulator metagames than this proposal, and from what I can tell (I only lurked, both now and then) the decision to allow them on simulators met with...
  12. Pokémon XY Leaks

    Postgame/event legendaries, sure. In fact I'd say the odds of there being at least one event legendary are very nearly 100%. On the other hand, it would be extremely unusual to have pre-E4 legendaries show up after Zyguarde in the National Dex, going against all precedence and looking pretty...
  13. Pokémon XY Leaks

    Tornadus and Thundurus come before Reshiram and Zekrom because they're available before the E4 in B1W1, whereas Landorus and Kyurem are postgame so they come after the cover legendaries. This fits the same pattern that gen 4 used for the dex ordering: the lake trio came before Dialga/Palkia...
  14. GSC In-Game Tiers Revamp - Closed, I'll be starting this up again after I figure some stuff out

    The Nidorans should only be high tier in Crystal, where you can get a Moon Stone after gym 4 instead of waiting until Tohjo Falls. That's not quite as bad as waiting for Kanto like the elemental stones, but it still leaves Nidorino/a as clear liabilities for the second half of Johto.
  15. Dragons of Generation 5

    Wichu, the user who posted that list of moves/effects, later stated that all effect descriptions were based on how the moves worked in generation 4. We don't actually know the exact details of how Outrage's side effects, or pretty much any other move for that matter, work yet in gen 5.
  16. Heart Gold | Soul Silver In-Game Tier List

    That is just begging to be haxed to death by Attract, given how the game is rigged to make starters male. Machop and Heracross spawn female much more reliably, resist Rollout, and can kill the Miltank with STAB moves. As for Reflect, it's sold as a TM in Goldenrod these days, so it's not as...
  17. RSE In-Game Tiers

    Lotad's natural Grass movepool consists of Absorb at L7 and Mega Drain at L42 for an unevolved Lotad, which is hardly practical at all in-game. Realistically it needs the Giga Drain TM to do any meaningful Grass damage in-game. I wouldn't consider High unreasonable for Lotad in spite of this...
  18. Heart Gold | Soul Silver In-Game Tier List

    Morty's Gengar doesn't have Dream Eater anymore; its moveset is Hypnosis/Mean Look/Shadow Ball/Sucker Punch. Pretty much any Normal type with a non-attacking move and something that can damage Gengar beats it.
  19. Heart Gold | Soul Silver In-Game Tier List

    The Bullet Seed phase only lasts until you beat the third gym. Exeggcute can use Strength, and you get that pretty much immediately after Sudowoodo. Conversely, it's a better choice for Whitney because it isn't a 7/8 chance of being male. This really helps Exeggcute's chance of getting Leech...
  20. Heart Gold | Soul Silver In-Game Tier List

    The more I look at it the more I'm convinced that Chikorita isn't even necessarily the best Grass type. By comparison, look at Exeggcute. It gets Reflect at L7, Leech Seed at L11, Stun Spore at L19, and Sleep Powder at L23, which are all pretty reasonable. It gets Light Screen from a...