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  1. Landon

    Meloetta [QC 2/3] (written)

    [OVERVIEW] Meloetta has a solid typing of Normal / Psychic, only having two weaknesses: Bug-types and Dark-types, both of which are not very common typings in the 1v1 Metagame. With Meloetta's 100 HP and 77 Def, it can tank strong attacks like Garchomp's Tectonic Rage, and Pinsir-Mega's Giga...
  2. Landon

    Other Metagames 1v1 God Tier Team (Peaked 1745)

    I am Landon✘A21 your 1v1 Room Driver and owner of these alts: UBERLandon#21, 1v1 NU, Yank My Funnybone, 2 Much Clout, Landon X Supreme, Mono Ladder Legend, Tapukokoxd Fan, Landon is Messing, Throwback Jerseys, A Moist Towelette, Definitely Landon, heybefore, Ice in My Veins21, Low in Carbs...