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  1. Valzy

    Up North: A Snorunt Giveaway

    To celebrate the release of the ORAS demo in NA, I'm giving away 5IV Snorunts! Gender: Random Nature: Jolly Ability: Your choice IVs: 31/31/31/xx/31/31 Egg Moves: Disable, Block, Switcheroo, Spikes OT: Matt 00663 Rules 1. Post your IGN 2. Put up a level 11-20 Flabebe on the GTS with the...
  2. Valzy

    Profiles Profile: Valzy

    Trainer Name: Valzy Pokemon: Gastly, Dratini and Zorua W/L/T: 2/0/0 CC: 0 Current Battles: None Battle History: Items: 2x Oran Berries 2x Cheri...
  3. Valzy


    Overview ######## Like all Arceus Formes, has good all around stats, but can't hurt much without boosts Defog helps, but He is still weak to Stealth Rock Can't hold an item Is probably one of the worst Arceus Formes Gained resistance to Fairy, making Specially Defensive Fire Arceus a good...