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  1. Tase

    Wi-Fi Offensive Sand RMT

    As the title indicates, I play Wi-Fi, but I have been using Pokemon Online to test this team. (Note: That means I don't care about Rotom Forms, nor do I intend to use them) So far, it's been pretty successful, but there are a few areas where I could improve, so I wanted more opinions. Team...
  2. Tase

    SS Team for Standard Wifi

    Please be gentle with your comments, I have been about 6 months without having played D/P, and most of the others I've been battling are in the same boat. Thus, I'm not incredibly familiar with the new Platinum metagame. @ Leftovers Impish | Sandstream 252 HP, 6 Atk, 252 Df Earthquake Ice...
  3. Tase

    Rate my first Uber Team (much help needed)

    The most I know about Uber battling is courtesy of the article on the Smogon mainsite. I've never battled in Ubers, and have no friends who have either, but you've gotta start somewhere. That said, I realize that this team may be way off, so please be gentle <.< Help is greatly appreciated...
  4. Tase

    Whoop-dee-doo, another OU RMT

    So after realizing one of my previous standard teams sucked, I got motivated to make a new one. Please be gentle, as it's my first post and my first RMT here >.< EDIT: Forgot to say that it's for Wi-Fi though I might end up testing it on Shoddy. Italics = revisions Azelf @ Leftovers...