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  1. Patchy

    Patchy's Pirate Ship [booty inside]

    Hi everyone! I had a trade thread on here a few years ago but then lost interest in Pokemon for a while. I've recently rekindled that interest so I thought I'd open a new thread. I don't have a whole lot yet, but I hope to add to my thread soon. :) Rules are the usual -- no hacks, no...
  2. Patchy

    Patchy's Pirate Ship

    sharingan78 PM'd me with this and I just had to put it here :p Hi everyone. :toast: I'm not well-known here or anything, but I have traded before, my trade threads are gone now though. Rules 1. No hacked Pokemon. 2. Be polite :heart: 3. You don't need a thread to trade with me. Just post...