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  1. Mario60866iPod13

    explain what your avatar is

    That's a Golbat, not a Crobat
  2. Mario60866iPod13

    Bitmoji anyone?

    Post Bitmoji here if you like. Here's one of mine
  3. Mario60866iPod13

    Pokémon You Frequently Associate With A Region It Isn't From

    A very large number of Pokemon I associate with regions they were not from belong to Generations 1 and 2. Mostly I mistakenly associate them with Hoenn or Sinnoh. For example, I associate Magmar, Electabuzz, and Piloswine with Sinnoh, along with their evolution chains. Additionally, I have this...
  4. Mario60866iPod13

    Vote for Champion

    We have a new major candidate: Gamerboy164! He is in the Reform party (he is on the way from truthish to Idealist). He was added because of his champion-like qualities and because he is popular enough among my friends to have received his own ballot. About him... *His favorite Pokemon is...
  5. Mario60866iPod13

    Vote for Champion
  6. Mario60866iPod13

    Vote for Champion
  7. Mario60866iPod13

    Vote for Champion

    He was represented this way specifically because this is actually what he believes. Although I did write the ballot, I did not use any type of bias for one candidate over the other.
  8. Mario60866iPod13

    Vote for Champion

    Additionally, you ARE permitted to vote for yourself, but you CANNOT vote for the same person twice through the means of alt accounts. I don't even know that alts are permitted on Smogon to begin with.
  9. Mario60866iPod13

    Vote for Champion

    I wish I could do it this way but the fact is I have no other way of collecting votes than this. I do not wish to invalidate the votes so now I will unsecrify the ballot. Thank you for your advice.
  10. Mario60866iPod13

    Vote for Champion

    Just a reminder, if you are writing someone in, please state who it is. Otherwise I can't count it as a vote because it does not identify a candidate and therefore I cannot tell if people selecting this person are voting for the same alternative candidate or all different people. Additionally if...
  11. Mario60866iPod13

    Vote for Champion

    I have quite a few shiny Pokemon. I even have a shiny Registeel and a shiny Metagross. I got my Gyarados in a trade with my best friend in 2015.
  12. Mario60866iPod13

    what songs do you listen do when you're doing work and shit like that

    I listen to metal music like Black Sabbath, DragonForce, Slayer, AC/DC, Metallica, and various grunge music (like Alice in Chains, Soundgarden, Nirvana and Pearl Jam)
  13. Mario60866iPod13

    Vote for Champion

    It's that time of year again... Wait none of you know what this vote is about! Every year, I have a vote poll to decide who the champion out of my friends and family is for that year. We always have truthish candidate (who believes we should be preservative) and an Idealist candidate (who...
  14. Mario60866iPod13

    What is your favorite candy? *Candy Discussion*

    Peppermint Patties are my favorite candy. The dark chocolate with the peppermint flavor in them is extremely appealing to me.
  15. Mario60866iPod13

    Animal Fan Club

    My favorite animal is a horse. Back when I was 11 years old I had a thing about pretending to be 13 and wanting a horse for some reason. BTW: my fantasy horse is named Sheneighneigh.
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    Found more cute May cosplayers
  17. Mario60866iPod13

    Have you ever bought an album with the parental advisory label?

    I've got a fun topic tonight. Parental music censorship. Some parents are as strict as hell about not letting their kids buy albums with parental advisory labels because of that one Wobbuffet named Tipper Gore who started the PMRC which labeled good songs like "Trashed" by Black Sabbath as if...
  18. Mario60866iPod13

    Favorite Room?

    The Pokemon go room. I can get people to invite me to raids there and I have somewhere to chant "#LetsGoBlueTeam!"
  19. Mario60866iPod13

    the smogon mystery tour - appreciating 60s music

    Has anyone else here listened to the Rolling Stones? Theyre good and they're from the sixties.
  20. Mario60866iPod13

    Irrational dog fears

    All my life I have been afraid of dogs for no reason. I have never been bitten by one, I have never seen one bite anyone else or anything else, and I have only been around friendly dogs for the most part. However, I have heard stories about terrible maulings and killings done by pit bulls. Has...