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  1. Lego

    Smogon Wifi's 5th Annual Secret Santa Giveaway! [SwSh + BDSP]

    Started by Eisenherz Approved by shiny finder Thread inspiration taken from Ullar and TyVip Pokémon listing format taken from Skadiv's thread By Lego Hello and welcome to... THE FIFTH SMOGON WI-FI ANNUAL SECRET SANTA GIVEAWAY! That's right, it's the season of giving again already! That...
  2. Lego

    Tournament Battle Spot Premier League V - Replay Thread

    This thread serves as a hub where all BSPL V replays shall be recorded. Some formatting decisions shamelessly stolen from last year's thread. Teams will be denoted by tags, as follows: [PRP] - Paniola Ranch Ponies / [HSR] - Houston Stealth Rockets / [CAV] - Castelia Cavaliers / [ESB] - Ecruteak...
  3. Lego

    Special Battle Spot Special Season 5: Inverse Battle! [Playable on Showdown!]

    The special battle rules for season 5 have been revealed! Season 5 will run from 07/18/2017 12:00 AM - 09/11/2017 11:59 PM UTC, and uses the Inverse Battle rules. This means that the type matchup chart is reversed! Moves that would normally be Super-effective are now Not Very Effective, and...
  4. Lego

    LEGOLAND® - [Updated Feb 22]

    Welcome to LEGOLAND! I'm still in the process of finding stuff to add, but you can post now
  5. Lego

    [7th Gen] Get your Bottle Caps here!

    This is a continuous giveaway so mods please don't lock :) One of the most exciting new features that was introduced in Generation 7 was Hyper Training - a new mechanic that allows us to artificially enhance our Pokemon's Stats so that it's as if they have 31 IVs in it. The only catch is...
  6. Lego

    Nelson Tangela's Legendaries [COMPLETED]

    This thread will be open until my school holidays end in about a week, so mods please don't lock! "As long as you ensure that people, who want one of my Pokémon, get it... I don't care where you distribute them and how. You're free to set your own rules for your giveaway. All I want is to make...
  7. Lego

    Therian Throwdown - A Dream Radar RNG Giveaway! [COMPLETED]

    Closes at 9PM 28/3 GMT +11 This giveaway is now completed. [Mods please lock ty] So I've been floating around these forums for a while now, and I thought I'd try my hand at giving something back to the wonderful community here. I've ALSO been trying my hand at some Dream Radar RNG abuse, so I...