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  1. Sturdy

    Sorry to burst your bubble, but doesn't Phanpy have Pickup as its ability?
  2. NP: UU - Silent Night

    We're still discussing offensive Modest Weezing, right? Why would Weezing be set-up bait for the fossils when he can zap them with Thunderbolt?
  3. Smogon Shoddy Server Statistics - July 2010

    I actually agree with Cubic. Gallade is also BL, and Heracross would pretty much be played like Gallade, except better, with more speed and defence, better resistances, and no fear of burns.
  4. Terrorist Cup Discussion Thread

    Non-existent moveset. Change Snorlax to Lickilicky, or change EXPLOSION!!!! to Self-destruct.
  5. Ask a simple question, get a simple answer (CAP Edition) - Mark II (READ THE OP)

    Are most of the CAP Pokemon single-stage evolutions? I see that Voodoom evolves from what looks like Doug's avatar (what's it's name?) Could somebody list out the evolutionary stages for the CAP Pokemon? Thanks
  6. The In-Game Mono-Type Team Challenge

    I don't like doing a mono-run through if I can't have a complete 6-member team, so stuff like mono-ghost/dark/steel in HG-SS are avoided.
  7. The In-Game Mono-Type Team Challenge

    HM Slave? Why not Absol or Nuzleaf for Strength and Rock Smash? It's not like they have a 4-moveslot syndrome anyway. :) I understand Absol is only available later on, but Nuzleaf? ;) As for Waterfall and Dive, you only need to use those move twice, so usually I use Dive and Waterfall on the...
  8. The In-Game Mono-Type Team Challenge

    Ground is quite decent. Torterra, Steelix, Golem, 3 water/grounds to choose from, Hippowdon, and last but not least, Gaychomp. You'll definitely need Turtwig for Gardenia, and a water/ground for Crasher Wake. You can also try Poison, which is also pretty easy as you're not weak to any gym...
  9. The In-Game Mono-Type Team Challenge

    Mono-grass is fairly easy in Emerald imo. Lombre isn't weak to fire, so you shouldn't have much problems against Flannery. I used Gloom/Vileplume to beat her and Winona, though. Sleep Powder FTW (as long as it hits.) And I had almost the same team, minus Cacturne for Vileplume.
  10. The In-Game Mono-Type Team Challenge

    You can always trade from Ruby/Sapphire to get it; perfectly acceptable to me. Mono-psychic has another problem - lack of HM users. Who's gonna use Strength and Rock Smash before you get Girafarig (or Meditite for that matter if playing Ruby/Sapphire)? How are you gonna get Staryu with nobody...
  11. The In-Game Mono-Type Team Challenge

    Flying is pretty challenging. It's almost impossible to pass Watson unless you trade something over. Even Double Team spam with Swellow can't save you from 100% accurate Shockwave. I finally resorted to trading over a Tropius(not weak to electric) otherwise it's impossible to progress! Grass...
  12. Ask a simple question, get a simple answer - mark 24 (READ THE OP)

    I'm trying to breed an OHKO Lapras set, but how do you get a Lapras with Fissure? Lapras supposedly breeds with Snorlax, Shieldon family, and Shellos family. But none of them learn it naturally, so how do I get to chain-breed for Fissure Lapras? I'm very puzzled by this. I guess I'll breed for...
  13. The In-Game Mono-Type Team Challenge

    Get an HM Slave(Pelipper), which is better than using a uber legendary. No other choice. Don't use it in your team to level up, though. It is a slave, after all. Who would've thought you'd need to get a slave for Fly and Surf? lol Edit: Pelipper cannot use Waterfall, so you'll need two slaves now.
  14. Sibling rivalry (an OU Warstory)

    This. Writing a normal warstory alone is hard work, but how in the world does someone even write a false one? You'd think people have better things to do with their time. If my Starmie happened to go face off with a 100 base speed Pokemon it would go second. Starmie was the most 'hacked' out...
  15. Sibling rivalry (an OU Warstory)

    Thanks for the comments. Appreciate them. I myself was baffled with some other happenings when I played that day. There was something wrong with the numbers when I realized some other things. On that day, I realized my Starmie was slower than an Adamant Flygon, my Roserade died to special...
  16. Sibling rivalry (an OU Warstory)

    Hello everybody! It's time for another warstory! Yea I know there are many warstories right now, but this match is pretty insane that I just had to post it now! Anyways, enough rambling! Here is the warstory! Rules: Ladder Match Sleep Clause Freeze Clause OHKO Clause Evasion Clause...
  17. Those Damned floating rocks (My first ou warstory)

    Ah...I see. Anyway, nice try for a first warstory, though tbh I didn't really enjoy seeing your team get slaughtered by opposing Gengar.
  18. Those Damned floating rocks (My first ou warstory)

    Are you serious? Flygon is Timid? Next time use Adamant or Jolly, and you will 100% kill that Jolteon.
  19. The In-Game Mono-Type Team Challenge

    One down-side about mono-poison in FR/LG is that you don't get the Sludge Bomb TM until after national dex(it's at 5 island IIRC), so a lot of team members wlll not have any good STAB Poison attacks for a long, long time. ^What about Weezing or Muk? At least both of them have a usable STAB...
  20. The Battle of Hueco Mundo [OU Warstory]

    I liked this warstory, and with your opponent's comments, even better! Good job!