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  1. fryfrey

    Other Should Mega Evolutions Be Tiered Separately From Their Normal Counterparts?

    Mega Evolutions, like regular evolutions, were designed to be better than their regular counterparts. Even some already great Pokemon got Megas. However, with mega evolution, some Pokemon's niches change as well. Take Gengar for example. He got dressed up with some buffed, well, everything...
  2. fryfrey

    Professor Layton Thread! (Potential Spoilers)

    With the recent release of the final Layton game, Legacy of the Super Civilization A in Japan yesterday, I figured our dear professor should have his own discussion thread in recognition of what the dear professor has brought us over the years. ALSO! As new info of Super Civilization A comes...
  3. fryfrey

    Mind No Stones, Mind No Storm

    Mind No Stones, Mind No Storm Intro Hey there. I was fiddling around with teams a few weeks ago, and happened to form this gem. The team shares little common ground, and that is what makes it so wonderful. Little teamwork but loose common ground of indifference to weather and rocks is a...