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  1. Mewtwo (Update)*

    I think Grass Knot deserves a mention on the LO Mewtwo set, as some Groudons that invest a lot in SpD can survive a +0.3 Ice Beam and cripple you with Thunder Wave. Likewise, Grass Knot is the strongest move to use on Palkia (tied with Thunder) and best to be used under neutral weather conditions.
  2. Nardd needs a book to read

    +1 for Life of Pi. However, i'd also like to reccommend Time Traveller's Wife, which is a pretty sweet read that tackles pretty much the two most cliched and stereotyped genres of Romance and Time Travel (SciFi) with great respect to both. The romance is done very subtley and, in my opinion can...
  3. Rampaging Pokemon & Rampaging Items! (A Suspect Warstory)

    hoho what a 'pomo' attempt at a warstory. Honestly, i did like all the little jokes and fake outs and actually read "Phyres switched in Kyogre!" twice, thinking, "WHAT, new suspects?" Haha it was a fun read and a good match. I am a little biased in my opinion that Suspect warstories are more...
  4. original 'DPP Groudon (Update)

    Thanks Syb. And yes, theorymon will most likely be finishing the latter half of the update. Thanks!
  5. Season 8 (Week 3 [DPP Uber #1]) Won by tito

    lost. damn crits.
  6. DPP Kyogre (update) +

    In the same vein as Lead Groudon, shouldn't Lead Kyogre use a Chesto Berry instead of a Lum Berry to specifically deal with Darkrai. I'm sure you're aware, but for those of you who are wondering why Chesto is superior, is because of the fairly common ScarfRai leads. If you're using a Lum Berry...
  7. Top Five Bands

    in no particular order, Radiohead Queen Led Zeppelin Deep Purple Guns and Roses Honourable mentions Red Hot Chilli Peppers The Beatles Nirvana Iron Maiden The Eagles Dire Straits The Strokes Blue Oyster Cult The Kooks Bob Dylan David Bowie
  8. The Tournament of Thieves - Round 1

    i fail at tournaments gg, Rojo23, lost 2-0
  9. Crouching Scizor, Hidden Salamence (OU Warstory)

    Nice writing, and as always, nice to see a Warstory written by the person who lost.
  10. The Tournament of Thieves - Sign ups

    in. great idea for a tourney!
  11. Team for Ubers that has passed its expiration (ie. Steal this Team at your own Risk)

    Mmm, luckily DD Ray's are rare, and smart ones even rarer. Currently all i can do is lure in an Outrage via Groudon or Quagsire, absorb it with Heatran and explode. BU Dialga, i actually don't have too much trouble with. Heatran can put on the hurt with either Sunboosted flamethrower or SE...
  12. Team for Ubers that has passed its expiration (ie. Steal this Team at your own Risk)

    Originally this was just an experimental team to test a lot of underseen pokemon in Ubers. This team aims to either wear down opposing teams with Stealth Rock, Spikes, Leech Seed and Toxic while forcing switches with mild offence. I feel the synergy of this team is pretty good, though my...
  13. original 'DPP Groudon (Update)

    Added in Team Options on the SubSalac set and the Supporting Groudon set. Swords Dance plays so similiarly to Choice Band (as far as team options go). It would basically be a mash up of the team options of SubSalac and Choice Band.
  14. Clash Of The Titans - Round 1

    Confirming loss to Reyscarface, 2-0 gg Log sent.
  15. original 'DPP Groudon (Update)

    Thanks, sorry i'm Australian and thus use British English, lol. I was considering mentioning Gravity support, but really it's too unfeasible. I've never personally seen or used a successful Gravity team in Ubers.
  16. original 'DPP Groudon (Update)

    *Theorymon has pretty much taken over this update now. I will still edit in any spelling/grammar fixes though. Suggestions are still welcome. [SET] name: Rock Polish move 1: Rock Polish move 2: Earthquake move 3: Stone Edge / Overheat move 4: Dragon Claw / Swords Dance item: Life Orb nature...
  17. Project Uber

    I've used (and posted) a SubSeed set a couple of pages back. Tested most of my things under my Densha Otaku account.