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  1. Tuter King

    [UU Beta] - A Touch of Surprise

    So a few days ago I felt like making a UU team for the beta and this is what I came up with. One thing I went for in this team was a bit of the element of surprise and trying to control the battle. I tried to keep my team nice and balance with having a good amount of power but also balancing it...
  2. Tuter King

    My first lc team

    Hello smogon. This is my first rmt for little cup, my new favorite tier! At this time, I am doing fairy well with 13 wins and 1 loss in my currert alt. With that being said, I feel that my team needs some adjustments to improve it. I am open to different ideas to enhance my current team. So...
  3. Tuter King

    No Weather, Toxic Stall Team

    Toxic Stall Team Hello Smogon Community, this is my first post so hopefully I will do this correctly :). This is a toxic stall team that I have been using and updating since I started playing meta game. It use to have Machamp instead of Conkeldurr and and many other Pokemon have been...