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  1. GMLW

    Team Hulk Smash! (UU RMT)

    Team Hulk Smash! (UU RMT) Hello, I am GMLW. I used to be a shitty poster; now I just don’t post (well, I don’t post often). I’m not exactly the greatest of battlers, so if you’re wondering how I got a high enough rating to get that checkmark for taking part in the UU suspect process, I’m not...
  2. GMLW

    Chose the same move twice?

    So, sometimes I'm choosing the moves for my Pokemon on Shoddy and I notice it only lets me choose three moves. I try to save the team thinking that closing it and re-opening it will fix it. When I try to save, a pop-up appears that says "(Pokemon) is an invalid Pokemon for the following reasons...
  3. GMLW

    NFE Pokemon with Regular Analyses

    Thread title is misleading, I wasn't sure how to phrase this in only a few words. Anyway, we now have many NFE Pokemon with on-site analyses, whether due to LC, or having a niche in UU or NU. However, if you want to see any of these other than Scyther, Chansey, Pikachu, Clamperl, or Trapinch...