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  1. Anti-Metagame: What Pokemon can stand up to weather conditions?

    Would it be interesting to put a weather move on a pokemon in order to get rid of permanent weather once you dispose of the permaweather inducer? Slowbro, which has been mentioned before, for example can learn all weather moves except sandstorm. So putting that on your team, with a weather...
  2. Gen V Balanced Hackmons

    If you want to abuse flinch, you should put it on something faster.
  3. Gen V Balanced Hackmons

    Probably not. That 160 HP allows Slaking to takes physical hits better despite the lower defense, and still takes special hits really well.
  4. Gen V Balanced Hackmons

    I reckon she'll just transform into a Zen Mode Darmanitan.. Or the game crashes. Someone should try this, though.
  5. Gen V Balanced Hackmons

    Probably not, with sniper these moves get 120(180) BP without any side effects. This would be great, if it wasn't hackmons. Because of the nature of hackmons, every pokemon can use an amazing high power move in combination with a great ability. Not to mention that these high power moves can...
  6. The answer to the ultimate question: Blissey or Chansey?

    I thought Fire Blast was the standard move for anti-Scizor sets.
  7. Eviolite

    If you're going this far, might as well use Dragon Rush.
  8. Pokémon+ Luck-free metagame : Server up and running !

    I think the changes to moves like Thunder, Hydro Pump or Fire Blast are dumb. Yes, it has the chance of making you(the user) unlucky. But this is a choice YOU made. Meaning you're ok with missing with those moves. On the other hand, critical strikes, flinchhax, random status, sand veil are...
  9. Blissey

    It's like specs Machamp. Shit SpA, but surprises the hell out of physical walls. The cool thing about spec Machamp is no guard, though. Not something Gyarados can boast.(You know, the 100% accuracy 120 BP special move)
  10. Great Defensive Combos

    Really? Because last time I checked.. Which was just now, Swampert has equal defenses. And fire and electric, the notable resistances, are primarily special. Swampert can run specially defensive, and actually survive a surprise grass move like hidden power and grass knot from something that...
  11. Scrafty

    I only really like using the bulk up set. Though outclassed by Conkeldurr in most cases, he still does it well enough to want to use it.
  12. Steelix

    Or you can just not use a steel move. Steelix can use rock slide or fire fang better than a steel move, I imagine. Or maybe even Thunder Fang as it hits water types harder than earthquake.
  13. Chandelure

    Considering stealth rock is almost mandatory, this only applies to late game sash Zam, who sucks in OU anyway.
  14. Chandelure

    Flame Charge is also a physical move, to Chandelure it's nothing more than a mini agility because it won't deal any damage despite STAB.
  15. Ask a Simple Question, Get a Simple Answer - Read FAQ in First Post Before Asking

    Is it in any way possible to use moves that were only available to a pokemon in generation 2?
  16. Vaporeon

    Other base 65s that are dumb enough to run speed negative natures to salvage a stat they won't use(In this case, attack). It doesn't matter who it is, if you've got the choice, lowering the attack stat you're not using is still better than lowering speed unless you're a trick roomer/gyro baller.
  17. Jolteon

    He probably meant that both abilities avoid thunder wave(it will get the status, but not the speed drop if using quick feet), but quick feet allows it to also avoid non-electric sources that cause paralysis, but since non-electric sources of paralysis are rarely used, there's no reason to use...
  18. Dustox

    But we should still approach this pokemon as if he was used in RU, not OU. I know this is the standard section, but considering there's a lack of an RU section, this thread can't be put in a proper section. Now sure, he's no Umbreon or Cresselia, but if used properly, he can use his...
  19. Espeon

    Not even sure if Espeon will really stay OU. It's possible most people were just trying it out, but I imagine that the tactic of BP'ing a shell smash or two butterfly dances isn't all that easy. There are quite a bit of threats out there to stop Espeon. Scizor, broken mole(if Espeon...