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  1. False Sense

    Prologue's End (Peaked #48)

    Prologue's End Introduction Hello, members of Smogon, and welcome to my final RMT of the 5th generation! With the release of Pokemon X and Y coming up in just a few weeks, I decided I should make one final RMT before the new generation is released. But what could I do for my final...
  2. False Sense

    Reset to Zero (Peaked 2600+)

    Reset to Zero Introduction Hello, people of Smogon! Welcome to my latest RMT! After a long hiatus I had after Smogon was hacked, I finally decided to reintroduce myself to the competitive scene. And of course, what better way to do that than through an RMT? And so I began work on this...
  3. False Sense

    Earthbound Celestial

    Earthbound Celestial Hello, Smogon! Welcome to my latest RMT! After the HUGE success of my last RMT, a collaboration with Gary2346, I decided to try using some of the stuff I learned from it to try and make yet another great team. So, this team in particular is a Balanced team based around...
  4. False Sense

    Dark Miracle (A Collaboration with Gary2346)

    Dark Miracle Hello people of Smogon! Welcome to my 100th post RMT special! This is an RMT I've been working on for quite awhile, probably about a month or two. Unfortunately, I hit a creative block and almost abandoned the team all together before I got some help from the awesome Gary2346...
  5. False Sense

    Legendary Fury

    Hello Smogon! This is my second Rate My Team since I joined, and its one that I've had a great deal of success with. I've been working on this for several months now, and it has gone through numerous revisions and tweaks since then. I'll spare you the details and focus just on the most recent...
  6. False Sense

    Project: Aura (First RMT)

    Hello, Smogon! Well, this is my first RMT I've posted on here, so I would greatly appreciate any advice for my team that you could give me. This team is based around the classic offensive duo of Latios and Lucario, with support given to help facilitate Lucario's sweep. To start off, here's my...