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  1. add policy review to searchable forums list

    Policy Review should show up when you try an advanced forum search. I wanted to search specific forums and policy review was one of them. And why is it, with a high priced dedicated server, that we get errors like this half the time?
  2. creating discussion threads for each suspect Pokemon?

    I see all the time, "why is xxx BL/UU" or "why is xxx Uber/OU". Having detailed discussion threads on each Pokemon that goes through a tier change, or is being tested, would help curb these kinds of questions as we could just link to the threads when people ask. I'm sure some kind of discussion...
  3. best NBA player at each position, of all time

    We already have a thread for best current NBA players so why not this? I tried to find a list of players for each position but I can't find an all time list so you guys will have to do it from memory. If anybody can find a list, it would be nice if you'd post it. PG - Magic Johnson SG -...
  4. Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together (psx)

    I got this game about a week ago and I have to say that, so far, it is one of the best strategy RPGs I have ever played. It's right up there with Final Fantasy Tactics and Fire Emblem. Anybody else ever play this? I am going to play Knights of Lodis on GBA when I finish this.
  5. PMing users when you delete their posts/topics

    This would be nice. I mean if it's something obviously stupid then yeah, that doesn't need a PM but if it's something relevant and is deleted then the user might not know what's going on. For example, I posted an error in Scizor's moveset (it doesn't list Vaccuum Wave) - deleted with no...
  6. how do you run shoddy from command Run?

    java -shoddy? I tried searching, couldn't find the answer.
  7. looking for nice d/p pokemon pictures

    If this is the wrong place, could a mod move the thread for me (or lock it, if you feel necessary)? Thanks. Anyway, I'm looking for D/P sprites of Pokemon to use, some kind of collection similar to the following: If anybody could help me out...
  8. 2012, the year the Internet ends? I don't know if the Time magazine article has came out yet or not.
  9. PokeRealm vs Smogon II (Cancelled)

    Authorized by Justin. Same disclaimer as before, let's try to keep it on a civil level, etc. The last one actually ended pretty well without any hitches that I can remember. Let's keep it that way. I think we did way too many per metagame last time and that forced PokeRealm to have players...