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  1. fa500

    SS OU G-Slowbro OU Team

    G-Slowbro Team 2.0 I've been messing around with this mon for a while, been trying to make a solid team with Galarian Slowbro, as it's one of the coolest mons to come out of gen 8 in my opinion. It's quick draw + quick claw gimmick has about a 40 something chance of making it move first, I...
  2. fa500

    SS OU Crawdaunt OU Team- New to SS OU, Need Help w Teambuilding

    What's up guys, pretty new to showdown and I'm trying to get better at teambuilding, so I'm just looking for tips to help improve this team. So far it relies pretty heavily on Magearna, and is in desperate need of some better fire/fighting resist IMO. Crawdaunt @ Life Orb Ability: Adaptability...