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  1. Dillon~

    Worst pokemon?

    Pokemon has brought many good pokemon along the 6 gen's that we have had, but what have been the worst? Discuss them here! Your opinions can be based on design, stats, moveset, or anything! These ideas are 100% opinionated and if you feel that any of these are unfair, then feel free to post your...
  2. Dillon~

    XY OU Offensive Bulk

    Hey guys! This is my 3rd RMT and my first OU One! This team is based around being bulky, and also being offensive. Hope you guys like it! This team can also be called Luring, because it is meant to lure in pokemon that are good against it. Team at a Glance Analysis Excadrill (M) @...
  3. Dillon~

    Other Ground Monotype

    Hey guys, I know that a monotype team is kind of gimmicky but after use on Pokemon Showdown it has actually surprised me so I thought I would put it up for scrutiny and hope to get some constructive criticism out of it :) This is also my first post here so if I've missed out on some information...
  4. Dillon~

    Intimidate Momentum

    Ok, this is my team that got me to 1825 on the ou ladder, the main purpose of the team is to switch in and out (u-turn and volt switch) with rotom-w, manectric and landorus. With lando and manetric, they are both fast, and both have Intimidate so you can kill set upper's. Landorus-Therian (M) @...