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  1. cadentube

    Ludicolo (QC: 0/3)

    I just realized he has a duck beak... QC: 0/3 [] [] [] GP: 0/2 [] [] Overview ######## Has a good typing, which can be used with or against rain teams well Has two great rain-abusing abilities, in the forms of swift swim and rain dish Well-rounded stats makes it somewhat unpredictable in what...
  2. cadentube

    My First RMT-My Eyes!

    Hello everybody! I thank you for taking the time to rate this, or give me views, whatever, but getting off topic. Lets just get right to it, a standard rules OU sun team My team Ninetales Nature: Calm Ability: Drought Item: Leftovers EV's:252 HP, 120 SpD, 136 Spe Moves: Flamethrower...
  3. cadentube

    How to get pokemon for battles?

    I am curious how people get pokemon with full IV's, the nature they want, etc. What do you use? Very difficult to do this legitimately BTW.