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  1. Prolonged play tension?

    When I go past a ten match round of, let's say Brawl, my blood pressure is through the roof. How do you keep your cool so that doesn't get the best of you in tournaments, etc?
  2. (1v1 Sandstorm) My first team in years. I don't think it sucks. But the formatting do

    Hello. First team in a long time. So if there are a few problems, please forgive me. I'm not trying to be an ass by looking uninformed, and it will get better next time if something stupid is in the midst of this. Lead Tyranitar @ Choice Scarf naughty 252 HP, 252 Atk Pursuit Earthquake...
  3. BF/GF--->friend status

    Is anyone in a situation where you cut a relationship and just become casual friends? How'd it go?
  4. stupid random things

    Title says all. I do stuff, you see it. What's not to like? Quite a few blending options on the fish to make it stand out, some blurs and overlays. A noob spot of blue to make it look like a deepwater creature. It kills ants somehow.
  5. Paintings

    Result of one semester of color theory. Haven't painted before, but not happy with them either. Does restoration count for Smeargles Studio?
  6. Pumpkin decorating contest - first prize is a 8GB iPod Nano.

    College's pumpkin decorating contest - first prize is a 8GB iPod Nano. All of them are small, kinda like this: What to work with: Paint, markers, felt, pipe cleaners and feathers, the usual craft stuff. What would you do to win the contest? I will post photos of mine after the judging. <3 u...
  7. PETA's Reasoning Skills - II ITT: Discuss PETA's reasoning behind what they do. Last thread was too flamey, yet the subject matter was deemed for Congregation.
  8. Stupid dog that needs to GTFO living beside m dorm. It's a CHIHUAHUA .

    Stupid dog that needs to GTFO, living beside my dorm. It's a CHIHUAHUA . Thing barks like a bitch, and it probably is. Right outside my dorm. Stupid lady wants me to move. No city ordinance against obnoxious dogs that don't shut up. So how can I complain against this?
  9. Random art design dump

    The color theory professor took everything over summer :pirate: (17 more days till I get that stuffs back) Behold; a 2 1/2 month long project from 3d design class....
  10. China tries to control weather before the Olympics! 20 years from now, artificial o-zones and a quick solution to major wildfires :happybrain: Go China!
  11. Has anyone thought about getting 'Games n' Music' for the DS?

    I've found this video/MP3 playing cartridge for $30, and it comes with a 128MB SD card. There are 2GB swappable cards that cost around $20, and other 2GB video/audio players can run over $100 Homebrewed games can be made to play on this, so it's possible to treat it like a flash cart... What...
  12. Heatran - The Lava Dome Pokemon

    Heatran 91 HP / 90 Atk / 106 Def / 130 SpA / 106 SpD / 77 Spd Ability: Absorb fire moves and boost it's fire attacks Physical Pool Fire Fang Crunch Iron Head Stone Edge Earthquake Explosion Rock Slide Special Pool Magma Plume Magma Storm Fire Blast Overheat Flash Cannon Dark Pulse Earth...
  13. so eggs start out at LV1 this time. how do you find good IVs effectively?

    My starter had a very strong sign it's IVs were all over 20 at the beginning, and they were.. But at lv1, how do you tell from a group of 20 different Modest Gastlys what the best ones are quickest?
  14. which cranidos would you keep?

    1. Male @lv20 naughty 60 HP 67 Atk 22 Def 17 SpA 18 SpD 19 Spd 2. Female @lv20 naughty 57 HP 64 Atk 20 Def 15 SpA 15 SpDef 23 Spd 3. Not keep, do something else with it? Basically I'm confused as hell since the top is stronger with defense but lower speed, bottom can be breedable ... more...
  15. a little confused about EVing

    what would count as a "battle" for EVs?: being there, just hitting it, hitting and kiling it? thanks!
  16. Torterra Discussion

    Click! #389 Torterra Grass/Ground HP: 95/ Atk: 109/ Def: 105/ SpA: 75 / Sp. Def: 85/ Spd: 56 From the looks of it, Torterra can wall decently and has good attack while not doing much in speed. Looks like we have an offensive supporter. Moves Physical Wood Hammer Crunch Earthquake Body...
  17. I need an Aganomu (english name=Azelf) moveset!

    thunderbolt, explosion, reflect, stealth rock...
  18. Zangoose... it's Zangoose. Hooray Zangoose! Zangoose 73 HP/115 Atk/60 Def/ 60 Sp.A/ 60 Sp.D/90 Spd Moves (Seeing as it's SpA is crappy, it's not listed!) Physical Old Focus Punch Return/Frustration Brick Break Flail Aerial Ace Facade Rock Slide Fury Swipes Quick Attack Slash Crush...