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It's here! It's here! It's finally here!

Or rather, it's here.

#mafiamafia is the game's official channel. Come there if you feel like chatting about the game.

Good luck to all involved. Make sure to read the rules and have fun!

All PMs with Alias information has been sent out. If you didn't get one, I'm sorry. :(

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Wild Eep

Talk to me on IRC, those of you who have played with me before know that I'm a reliable source of information. Also good luck to the neutral teams. May you have all the items.


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1k post:

I thank Mekkah and Gmax for making my first game enjoyable, and both for being awesome. dak too. jumpluff too <3. etc.
I thank ipl for making me less paranoid about everything, bar with him.
I thank everyone in this game for letting me win, give me the Diamond.
Wow, it's been 8 hours since this started and no one is begging for claims yet? We're not gonna win at that rate.

As the only person playing this game who has ever led a big village to victory, I think it's best if I'm at least heavily involved in the village unison show. I've given the game some thought and here are a few points I want to make:

- I don't think we can get a turbo village street justice vigilante hit in tonight. There is little way of checking claims since we're not allowed to share role PMs yet, and in general I don't believe handing out aliases (which is necessary for this) is a good idea this early. (hey new players, listen to this advice) Day 1 is a whole new beast and at that point I plan to be more proactive with gathering claims, and at that point we need to find a lynch target anyway.
- In the future, we will almost definitely need the vigilante hits, so I do think it's important to get organized. However, doing so without letting in moles is difficult, especially since there is no 2nd mafia to sell out the other ones. Doing it properly is almost as important as doing it quickly.

I plan to talk to a few people here and there just to get a gauge but for the most part there is not much of a point. If you have anything to say that's so important that it can't wait, by all means contact me. Other than "I'm village" I don't have a whole lot to back me up yet, so if you don't trust me I understand. However, please at the very least be consistent and don't tell anyone else anything, that would be just stupid.

If you have some kind of limited amount of ammo role, idle it. If you have something that can potentially backfire a lot (eg a kill), idle it unless the chances are real low. Practically anything else, just rand it. I can help you decide on a target if you'll let me.

tl;dr new players don't do anything rash. old players don't do anything rash.
Hello, everyone. Since nobody else has posted except Mekkah, and it's not an N0, I'm rather anxious, so... biting the bullet. I'm the town inspector, looking for your claims. I understand it is unusual for the inspector to throw themselves out directly into exposure. However, I want to minimise the likelihood of a mafia claiming inspector in the absence of the claim and all hell breaking loose as a result. Furthermore, I'm the best person the town has to verify claims. Plus, from an uninformed perspective, inspector is one of the most convincing confidantes. And obvious argument: if I were mafia, I'd be shooting myself in the foot by claiming to be inspector right now. This is why I feel it's worth a bit of a risk in being proactive, in order to get the village organised quickly and decisively.

From your perspective? I understand if you do not instantly trust me, and I don't want your role PMs tonight anyway (you'd get godkilled). However, Mekkah is quite right; we don't have the luxury of an N0 and it's important that we get organised if we want to make the best use of our time and resources. Either way, please contact me, saves me coming after you (though don't think I'm just going to leave you alone if you don't come to me).

Even if you don't immediately trust me, which is a very understandable position to take since I can't even post my role PM yet, if you have anything to say, I'm all ears.

You can find me on IRC as some variant of lynne or Jirachi (either nick is fine to PM). Keep in mind I may be asleep or doing something else, but I will be sure to read all PMs sent to me, so I want them anyway. Alternatively you can PM my Smogon inbox.

PS: Congrats on four digits, LW!
While I think jumpluff is most likely not lying, I recommend holding off and at least giving the real inspector some time to challenge the claim. In dude it turned out not even like an entire cycle was enough to make the real hooker (Midou) come out to discredit LonelyNess (who was just going for a claim rush before he'd inevitably be outed) and it would've ended the game before it started if he had the ability to read.

Now jumpluff does have the ability to read (needs glasses but still) so let's not count on that again.
Yes, I'm fine with people being cautious; those I have contacted, I have not pressed very hard yet, since if I didn't know 100% I was telling the truth, I would be taking the exact same stance as Mekkah's. However, don't think that this will fly as an excuse for long. And I will add that if you do trust me, it's exponentially more helpful the earlier you claim to me. You don't even need to claim anything specific, though I would like to know if you are a vanilla villager (no role other than mob kill).

It has come to my attention someone else other than me is going around trying to get claims without having posted in the thread. Do not trust this person, it's shady as fuck to sneak around trying to extract information from people and without some kind of public claim to hold them accountable you have no reason to trust them. Furthermore, dividing village interests between a bunch of unconnected people isn't very helpful to the cause, so while holding off is fair enough, I do hope if you chose someone to claim to you'd pick someone who at least had the balls to post they're inspector instead of someone untrustworthy like this.

PS: To the person trying to get claims... if you aren't mafia than this was an extremely rash move, since it singles you out as suspicious, and if you aren't mafia, that's a false positive we really don't need. Please don't get in the way. I'm not going to auto-lynch you when I find out who you are, but it'd be appreciated if you came to me now.

ETA: I have to note that Midou was exceptionally slow.

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