10/10 games

2 games takes get that title for me.

Pokemon Crystal
In my opinion, the best of the pokemon games. Gen 1 (and remakes) are fun, don't get me wrong there, but for me, Crystal especially hits home. The graphics are decent for even today, there is a huge load to do, etc. I'd love to play this on my GBA, but alas, emulator it is.

Metal Gear Solid
The only game I have ever played that seriously moved me emotionally. Simply an awesome story, and it does have a few interesting tricks up its sleeve (Psycho Mantis, anyone?). Although the sneaking part of the game goes out when you get a silencer, it's still a game worth many playthroughs.
I probably haven't played as many video games as most of you guys, but I really havent played any games which are perfectly flawless, barring possibly Melee and Brawl. Other than that, maybe Pokemon Emerald, but we all know the everlasting flaws Pokemon games will always have. If you take into consideration that most of the stuff that is "bad" about the game still hasn't been fixed this generation, its certainly in the 9.5-10/10 rating area.
well damn I think my entire list has pretty much been covered

Kirby Super Star - probably the only great Kirby game. It had all the good copy abilities, actually gave each one multiple attacks rather than just one, and had a co-op mode that was actually enjoyable (which was rare for the time!). Add to that it's variety of games and the amazing music and you've got a great game. Kirby games are always on the easy side, but I still find it enjoyable!

I'd also give Super Mario Galaxy 2 a 10/10 (I think it's only been mentioned once). It contains everything that made 1 so amazing plus more. The music is amazing, the levels are awesome, varied, and still difficult enough to give you a challenge. Even though I loved Super Mario 64, I'd probably have to put Galaxy 2 ahead of it - aside from nostalgia, there's nothing 64 has that Galaxy 2 doesn't.
Knights of the Old Republic
Ocarina of Time
Halo: CE

Age of Mythology, great campaign, great multiplayer, great content. this was my first favorite game and I spent waaaaaaaay too much time playing it.
final fantasy tactics on the playstation. amazing story, amazing (if easily broken) gameplay

seconding melee, KOTOR, original pokemon and OoT
Because for a game to be "a 10/10" its flaws cannot detract from it too deeply. Starfox 64 is not one of those games.
clearly this isn't the case, as people keep mentioning super smash bros. brawl, which has the retardedness of tripping and the totally broken meta knight (not to mention the severe shortage of landmasters!!!)

yeah cave story was really good


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Using search, we see here that Brawl has just as many negative shout-outs than positive shout outs!

Melee was always better anyways.

I'd also like to say that Pokemon Gold & Silver have provided me more than 600 hours of legitimate game time, not 300 each, I only had silver. I played that on a semi-regular basis until Diamond and Pearl Came out.

Plants vs Zombies is also one of the most addicting games I've ever played. You can't let go and every moment is perfect.
clearly this isn't the case, as people keep mentioning super smash bros. brawl, which has the retardedness of tripping and the totally broken meta knight (not to mention the severe shortage of landmasters!!!)
I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that showing that other people don't realize 10/10 means no serious flaws doesn't mean that they aren't wrong

besides who wants games where the more skilled player always wins
Man, a lot of people are listing a bunch of games here. My list is VERY condensed. It's extremely rarely that I think a game achieves "perfection".

Donkey Kong Country 2
The most polished and flawless work of media ever constructed under the work of Earth's humanity. Every ounce of this game is absolutely without any noticeable flaw. The difficulty, the graphics, the atmosphere, the music...everything. This it utter platforming bliss that every human being should experience in some way at least once in their lifetime.

Paper Mario
The most incredible and polished concept ever applied to an existing star of a franchise. Super Mario RPG was great, but Paper Mario is the greatest RPG of all time. There has never been a game that has filled me with as much joy (DKC2 is a rather dark game and fills me with more awe and bliss than joy). This game is everlasting in my book.
clearly this isn't the case, as people keep mentioning super smash bros. brawl, which has the retardedness of tripping and the totally broken meta knight (not to mention the severe shortage of landmasters!!!)
The way captain falcon tripped was hilarious
Brawl is a 10/10 casual game in my opinion, just like Melee, but as a competitive game a bunch of balance issues and dumb mechanics kind of ruin it. So depending on what you are looking for I think you could justify Brawl as both a really good and a really bad game. However, Melee's casual play is just as good as Brawl's and it's competitive play is way better so...
Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards
Probably the only Kirby game to allow mixtures of abilities, this Kirby installment not only brought an new concept to the franchise, but also innovative level designs, unique puzzles, and thoroughly entertaining mini-games. Simple 3-D visuals complemented instead of invading on this mostly side-scrolling game. The only downsides were easy boss fights and an overall short story. You will often find yourself enjoying the clever weapon each blend of abilities yield, nabbing all of enemy cards at the end of levels, and the overall whimsical yet challenging nature of this game.
I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that showing that other people don't realize 10/10 means no serious flaws doesn't mean that they aren't wrong

besides who wants games where the more skilled player always wins
There are some games in this topic that I adore that are so obviously flawed :( I realise this is subjective but from the OP I was hoping people would post games that weren't so flawed..


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10/10 being flawless is really stupid. When I review games, I use 5/5 of to mean "Universal Appeal", as in I'd recommend them to anyone regardless of taste or preference. I've only seen one game in this thread that isn't essential gaming material.
I don't mean flawless, but it's just common sense to me that if a game has some kind of major flaw, you'd subtract a point or two.

What would you say constitutes essential gaming material?


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This thread is full of games from the past 20 years; anyone who wants to play the old classics can find good examples here. But there are so many more. It's really easy to get into old music or get caught up in 100 years of movie history, but it takes alot of time and money to do the same thing with video games; but if a person cares to be a connoisseur of games, than at the least they should have played many of the games listed.
10/10 doesn't mean totally flawless (otherwise it'd be impossible to find any games that qualified) but that any flaws do have to be trivial at best. What flaws are significant enough is pretty subjective though; there are a lot of games mentioned in this topic that I would say have flaws keeping them from being ten-worthy; some don't have any glaring flaws but are lacking whatever it takes to be really great, though in most cases its a combination of both.

On the other hand I would say universal appeal and a perfect score are two different things, though not necessarily mutually exclusive. Portal is a game that has near universal appeal; it's simple, fun, and witty, but it does lack depth (there's a part of me that wants to say "it should be longer" but given the mechanics of the game the short length might actually be a good thing) and isn't really a 10/10 for that reason in my opinion.


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Shadow of the Colossus isnt totally flawless, it gives me a massive erection whenever i think about it for too long. that cant be healthy!


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Crash Team Racing was fuckin swank, it wasn't until Mario Kart Wii that a cart racing game even approached CTR's level of badassitude.
I may not interpret the 10/10 thing as completely flawless so much as greatly enjoyable for multiple playthroughs without any super debilitating flaws that take away from the experience. I don't think being utterly flawless is so important anyway; I wouldn't define perfection as a lack of flaws in the context of video games.

I know there's a pretty massive bias toward older games, so I'm going to lead off with a newer one: Mass Effect 2. Easily my favorite current gen game, it's impressed me that the Mass Effect series has managed to be a lot of things I hate on the surface -- I don't like games where I have to use firearms, I don't like space as an environment, I typically don't like a lot of non-human characters -- but I think it speaks to an excellent game when I love it in spite of these things. Gameplay on higher difficulties is rewarding and thrilling, forcing the player to make sound tactical decisions and develop strategies. The plot is strong in spite of bridging ME1 and 3, and the game does a nice job of making you care about your squadmates and Shepard... making the endgame mission where everyone can permanently die and not be available in Mass Effect 3 frantic and emotional. Add in some great music and voice acting, and it's a great example of what this generation of consoles can do when the developers put some effort in. My favorite current gen title over games I've spent a ton of time on like BioWare cousin Dragon Age: Origins, WoW, RDR, etc, and it's not even close. Scary to think ME3 could be even better.

A game that has already gotten some more love is Final Fantasy Tactics. The gameplay is spectacularly good if you keep off of some of the more powerful units (Orlandu should never have been given to you, Reis is stupid, calculators are insane, etc.), particularly if you partake in the early Smogon pasttime of Single Class Challenges. I pretty much exclusively SCC now, and every time I replay the game stays fun and challenging. The plot is delightfully dark for a Final Fantasy even if it was probably translated by Fawful, and it has a very fitting soundtrack I dearly missed when playing the letdown that was FFTA.

I actually hated it the first time I played through, but once I got over my Chrono Trigger fanboyism after how badly the original cast was thrown aside I grew to respsect Chrono Cross. Boasting easily the deepest plot for an RPG of its generation (check GameFAQs; there's a ton I didn't realize was there on my first couple of playthroughs), CC gave some interesting plot elements with the parallel worlds and some memorable characters with Kid and Harle, who I still consider among my favorites from video games. The combat was innovative, if not super challenging on repeat playthroughs (I have to stop myself from trapping in the Dead Sea to avoid trivializing the second third of the game). I think the artsy elements of the game deserve special mention -- I'm not sure what I think about the idea of video games as art, but many of the tropical locales and some of the more surreal ones like the Dead Sea and that Dimensional Vortex where you meet Sprigg, and the music that plays at them... it's something special video games don't normally have. Shoutout to Prisoners of Fate, Scars of Time, and Unfathomed Reminiscence, I believe are the track titles. The game's only big flaw behind crushing CT's heroes was having way too many playable characters, and as a result having many identical lines written with different accents... it's pretty avoidable by keeping the plot characters in your lineup(Kid, Glenn, Harle, Norris, etc. all have more unique lines), and not enough to detract much from a great game.

I'm a big fan of the Metal Gear series, but I have to tip my hat to Metal Gear Solid by virtue of it being the only 3d Metal Gear that didn't let you shoot in first person, forcing you to sneak more, as was intended. I'm pretty sure if you're supposed to be undetected that trail of corpses gives you away, and latter entries became more about disabling enemies than avoiding them... Anyway, a game that tries to make you AVOID combat has a special place in my heart in a world with games like GTA, and having to think some about the best way to handle a situation always does it for me. Some of the best storytelling in a video game with some incredibly well developed characters like Snake and Naomi, boasting fully voice acted lines back on the PSX... and doing it better than most PS2 and later titles. The game even managed to tear at your heartstrings a bit with Otacon and Meryl(especially since she wasn't a huge bitch yet), which was a pleasant surprise given how grim a game about sneaking into to a facility taken over by a rebel army to deactivate a nuke is on the surface. Some nice humor with Snake's dry wit and some of the Hideo Kojima trademark stuff. Also had maybe the best boss ever with Psycho Mantis.

Some games that are a lot less perfect than the above I wanted to mention:

Dragon Age: Origins would have been my favorite this gen if not for ME. Some amazing characters -- Morrigan, Alistair, Zevran, Leliana, and Logain can stand against anyone and reasonably good tactical combat until you learn too much. Roleplaying as good as a video game has been. So much better than its sequel.

Final Fantasy X: No sphere grid FFX is my favorite balance of gameplay in an RPG to date and I love the way the speed stat works with the turnbased combat to keep things tactical. Aeons are so fuckin cool. Only FF that sold me on the love story. Loses big points for laughing scene, the scene as you enter Luca, sometimes shoddy voiceacting, Tidus being exaggerated in the first half of the game, and Auron in general. From "Home" on is maybe the most beautiful 10-15 hour span we've gotten out of Square.

Monster Rancher 2: my second favorite video game series to Mass Effect, would suggest this to anyone. Combat has almost as much RNG as pokemon but it took me years to really get great at combining and raising monsters and it's still not easy to get something great(and near impossible to max out). Huge variety in monsters, cerebral gameplay for a monster game, addictive gameplay... if Tecmo had the marketing budget Nintendo did I might be on a monster rancher forum right now.

Dragon Warrior Monsters: another monster game I prefer to playing Pokemon with myself. Gameplay was a little limited and repetitive if I look at it objectively, but was always fun and addictive to me. Lots of complex breeding options to get the best monsters, which made putting effort in more rewarding than silly stuff like IVs in Pokemon. Shared a flaw with MR and Pokemon in that there was very little plot to speak of.
Crash Team Racing is one of the most addictive, fun, flawless games I've played with a unique charm.

The Kingdom Hearts series as a whole is amazing, maybe CoM wasn't the best, but the rest are fantastic, especially the PS2 ones.

FFIV, FFVII, FFIX, FFX, FFTA and FFTA2 are also fantastic.

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