Tournament ($10 Prize) Break My Tier: [Gen 6] Megas Revisited Tournament - Won by Tanny89k


long day at job
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getting a megas revisited game not decided on hax is as big an acheivement as topping the current bh ladder. or maybe hackmons cup
Since I somehow forgot to say it here too, belated ggs, zxgzxg.

Anyway, just noting that I literally just PM'd Gravity Monkey and that I will be busy Friday. Here's to hoping that weekend works for both of us.
GGs (even though that second game was like a contest between which of us could get fully paralyzed more). Thanks for posting.

I have indeed been defeated, but I at least didn't lose to Regenerator, which is the real moral victory here.


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Ending this round an hour early since nothings gonna change in the next hour

Activity Decisions
- Granting an extension to Turtlek and Concept Everything due to their circumstances preventing their game scheduled for today from being played

Round 3 Matches
(Turtlek vs Concept Everything) vs Bye
Tanny89k vs Gravity Monkey
Gekokeso vs Beaf Cultist

Deadline: Monday, August 21st at 11:59 PM EST (this deadline also applies to the extension since they got rolled into the bye slot)
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