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12 Days of Likeshop
Welcome to 12 Days of Likeshop, the latest instalment of shops that are either powerful or shady, focused on spending your hard-earned likes for some fun changes on the forums. To not overstay its welcome the shop will only be open for 12 days, keeping in line with the traditional period of time around this time of year. This also means that almost all your purchases will only last for its duration, because who wants to be stuck as a kilo of cocaine for all eternity? Now then, let's get in to some terms and conditions of this fine establishment:
  1. All purchases are final, no refunds - Pretty simple​
  2. No reverts of Mystery Boxes - Since all of them will expire by the end of this, you don't really need to spend any likes to revert it. If you really hate what you got, you can always just buy another one and try your luck again :)​
  3. I don't know what else to write here - Most important rule​
Now then, let's get on with our items on display!
  • Mystery Box - 500 likes
    It's a box of mystery.

  • Duo Mystery Box - 750 likes each
    The box is still a mystery, but you get to share it with a friend! To get this one, just tag the one you want to buy it with and they in turn have to reply to your post and agree with the purchase, sort of like a team tour management signup.

  • Premium Mystery Box - 5000 likes
    Still a mystery, but it has a very nice gold touch on it. Of course not real gold, I'm not that rich to give out something like that, think of it more like fool's gold or some of that you can find on one of those rings you get in a coin ball machine at the mall. Like, it sparkles just enough to draw one's attention but if you rub it too much it starts to flake and just get stuck to your brand new shirt your mom just got you. So then you would have to try to get it off before your mom finds out you were skipping gym class to hang out with the cool kids at the mall, which would otherwise be a bit out of your league. I think if you use soap with a bit of vinegar it will come right off!

  • Custom title of your choice - 2000 likes
    All the cool kids have one, so now you can be just like them!*
    *within reason of course, also doesn't expire at the end of the shop.

  • Trophy Point - 2000 likes each
    Useless flair, but so are likes so why not invest in something new?
    This one will also persist after the shop closes.

  • Create your own unique thread tag in Smogoff - 10,000 likes
    I think I can make it so only you can use it.
    This one might be permanent? We'll see.

  • Rename Smogoff - 100,000 likes
    You're allowed to pool your likes together with other people, but watch out so that Finchinator doesn't come in and buys a new name for it right under your noses.
There might be some special one-off purchases available as we go along, but the above should be what's always available to purchase.

Also since some apparently wants to buy more than one mystery box at a time:
Buying more than one box would just cause the next one to override the other or add on to it, making it a very schizophrenic choice or just a waste of your likes.
I hope that's all you need to know, but otherwise just ask me and I will try to answer to the best of my abilities. Happy holidays and happy shopping!

Satisfied Customers:
freezai (5 Trophy Points)
Ron (1 Trophy Point)
BasedWhat? (Custom Title: “Party rockers”)
Level 51 (1 Trophy Point)
zioziotrip (2 Trophy Points)
Ransei (1 Trophy Point)
Platinum God n1n1 (2 Trophy Points)
kino (Mystery Box)
CryoGyro (Mystery Box)
Xaviere & emma (Duo Mystery Box)
Heracross2.0 (Mystery Box)
Lily & Eve (Duo Mystery Box)
5Dots (Mystery Box)
antemortem (Custom Title purchase for Fishy)
Fishy (Custom Title: “tits McGee”)
earl & Revenge of Depressed Gay (Duo Mystery Box)
Celebiii (Mystery Box)
Daruma (1 Trophy Point & Mystery Box)
Lasen (1 Trophy Point & Premium Mystery Box)
Gray (1 Trophy Point & Premium Mystery Box)
Enzo Gorlami (Premium Mystery Box)
SBPC & Tack (Duo Mystery Box)
Laurenbee (2 Trophy Points & Mystery Box)
Total Clefairy (Custom Title: “came up with the Smogoff name”)
emma (2 Trophy Points)
Tack (1 Trophy Point)
Jamez (Mystery Box)
May (1 Trophy Point)
Ampha (1 Trophy Point)
cleffa (1 Trophy Point)
Icemaster (1 Trophy Point)
kythr (1 Trophy Point)
Ruft (1 Trophy Point)
frisoeva (1 Trophy Point)
luisin (1 Trophy Point)
Sanshokuinsumireko (Custom Title: “I got the baddest bitches in anime”)
airfare (1 Trophy Point)
The Mind Electric (Custom Title: "Calming if you look at it right.")
Tol (Custom Title: "Retirement house")
Sificon (1 Trophy Point)
San Tomas (1 Trophy Point)
CTNC (Custom Title: "Doesn't know how to attack")
mixwell with donations from Ahmad Alfatih (Custom Title: "love to dream")
StitChuu (3 Trophy Points)
Jett (1 Trophy Point)
AM (14 Trophy Points)
temp (2 Trophy Points)
blce (1 Trophy Point)
anaconja (1 Trophy Point)
qsns (Premium Mystery Box)
Blitz (Premium Mystery Box)
xray (Premium Mystery Box)
Excal (1 Trophy Point & Premium Mystery Box)
May & Finland (Duo Mystery Box)
Mr.378 (Premium Mystery Box)
MANNAT (Premium Mystery Box)
phoopes (Premium Mystery Box)
Splash (Premium Mystery Box)
Jisoo (Premium Mystery Box)
16bit & Grandmas Cookin (Duo Mystery Box)
pannuracotta & Guard (Duo Mystery Box, from pannuracotta’s funds only)
Dorron & DYA (Duo Mystery Box)
Zneon (Mystery Box)
KM & Expulso (Duo Mystery Box)
Boat & Nalei (Duo Mystery Box)
Links & BluBirD252 (Duo Mystery Box)
Nalorium (Premium Mystery Box)
lph & PartMan (Duo Mystery Box)
Low-Key (Mystery Box)
KSt3ve (Mystery Box)
HydreigonTheChild (Mystery Box)
Bidoof Princess (Mystery Box)
Waylaid (Premium Mystery Box)

1-2 Days Shipping Guaranteed:
Maki (1 Trophy Point & Premium Mystery Box)
Tuthur (Premium Mystery Box)
Alkione (Premium Mystery Box)
Eeveeto (Premium Mystery Box)
Staxi (Premium Mystery Box)
Lalaya (Premium Mystery Box) (donated by adem)
odr (Premium Mystery Box)
Bread Sandwich (Premium Mystery Box)
Kris and antemortem (Premium Duo Mystery Box (so 3750 Likes each = 7500? seems fair)
Gilbert arenas (Premium Mystery Box)
faint (Custom Thread Tag: "Deep-Fried in Win")

Standard Flat Rate Shipping (No Guarantee of Arrival):
Fakee & bb skarm (Duo Mystery Box)
Hervalt (Mystery Box)
LRXC (Mystery Box & Custom Title: “ADV 1v1 Pioneer”)
Le Don (Mystery Box)
eu (Mystery Box)
Roginald & PrinceOfAllTacos (Duo Mystery Box)
ziloXX (Mystery Box)
Hyogafodex (Mystery Box)
TailGlowVM (1 Trophy Point & Mystery Box)
Ampha & TDNT (Duo Mystery Box)
kythr & Icemaster (Duo Mystery Box)
Lucario (Mystery Box)
pix (Mystery Box)
rumia & cleffa (Duo Mystery Box)
Niko & Quaze (Duo Mystery Box)
Vaboh & Stareal (Duo Mystery Box)
Clone (1 Trophy Point & Mystery Box)
Jomatoes & Kyo (Duo Mystery Box)
luisin & papiloco (Duo Mystery Box)
Colonel M & Jordy (Duo Mystery Box)
airfare & Ewin (Duo Mystery Box)
TJ (Mystery Box)
Haund & Anty (Duo Mystery Box)
Sificon & TeamCharm (Duo Mystery Box)
Kurona (Mystery Box)
VoolPool (Mystery Box)
Toy Time King (Mystery Box)
Murman & Tol (Duo Mystery Box)
hiss (Mystery Box)
Sahki (Mystery Box)
Toto (1 Trophy Point)
Mega-Pokebattlerz (Mystery Box)
lkapkd1 (Mystery Box)
Nol & Ax (Duo Mystery Box)
mncmt & Kristyl (Duo Mystery Box)
100%GXE (1 Trophy Point & Mystery Box)
narukami & Jayi (Duo Mystery Box)
Optify (Custom Title: "I COULD BE BASEDGOD!"
pulsar512b (Mystery Box)
TDR & TGA (Duo Mystery Box)
Bice (Custom Title: "Not a bad enough dude")
Abyssal Ruins & StitChuu (Duo Mystery Box)
scorbunnys ausma (Duo Mystery Box)
War Incarnate (Custom Title: "Don't think. Just do it.")
Haail (1 Trophy Point)
Haail & ironwater (Duo Mystery Box)
Eisenherz & Level 51 (Duo Mystery Box)
adem & R8 (Duo Mystery Box)
Blui (Mystery Box)
Unicorns & jerryl309 (Duo Mystery Box)
GMars (1 Trophy Point)
queso (1 Trophy Point)
Zephyri & Abhi (Duo Mystery Box)
Phantomistix (Mystery Box)
Thunder (1 Trophy Point)
Plushietran (Mystery Box)
Mikaav (Mystery Box and 1 Trophy Point)
Togkey (Mystery Box)
Maki & Leru (Duo Mystery Box)
Osake & Stillau (Duo Mystery Box)
PTF (1 Trophy Point)
Pujo & Altthiel (Duo Mystery Box)
Brumirage Dflo (Duo Mystery Box)
LBDC & 7shoes (Duo Mystery Box)
taranteeeno (1 Trophy Point)
Hats (Mystery Box)
Beka (Mystery Box)
Clone (1 Trophy Point)
Clone & So Noisy (Duo Mystery Box)
baconeatinassassin & 80 yrs (Duo Mystery Box)
baconeatinassassin (1 Trophy Point)
Dark Red (Mystery Box)
Anique (Mystery Box)
Corthius (Mystery Box)
Fraolain & Dieu Amphibien (Duo Mystery Box)
Sagisolar (1 Trophy Point)
martinvtran (Mystery Box)
Revenge Killer (1 Trophy Point)
torterraxx (Mystery Box)
shadowpea (Mystery Box)
Plunder (Mystery Box)
pqs (Mystery Box)
Austin (Mystery Box)
anaconja & cityscapes (Duo Mystery Box)
cityscapes (2 Trophy Points)
fish sticks cat (Mystery Box)
DeepBlueC (Mystery Box)
oversway & Ninja (Duo Mystery Box)
Ox the Fox (Mystery Box)
Pais & Hervalt (Duo Mystery Box)
Colonel M (Mystery Box)
Bandkrook & Magnum (Duo Mystery Box)
arn.av136 (Mystery Box)
Lkjc (1 Trophy Point & Custom Title: "Imagine being me")
Meowth (from Team Rocket) (1 Trophy Point)
Nael222 (Mystery Box)
zS & gorex (Duo Mystery Box)
Isza (Custom Title & Mystery Box)
Gravity Monkey (1 Trophy Point & Mystery Box)
Lacus Clyne (1 Trophy Point & Mystery Box)
Surfy (Mystery Box)
Adam3560 (Mystery Box)
PA (Mystery Box)
tingling (Custom Title: ”Noodles, don’t noodles…”)
HoeenHero & Instruct (Duo Mystery Box)
BasedWhat? & Ainzcrad (Duo Mystery Box)
Mihowk & @mammaku (Duo Mystery Box)
Nightingales (Custom Title: “Couldn’t get a gf, so I became the gf”)
Tapeworm (Custom Title: “Everything’s Alright”)
ckw (Mystery Box)
FatFighter2 (1 Trophy Point and Mystery Box)
omicorio & Kaede (Duo Mystery Box)
gali (Mystery Box)
DC (1 Trophy Point and Mystery Box)
Pyritie (1 Trophy Point)
K3ppr (1 Trophy Point)
D2TheW (1 Trophy Point, Mystery Box, and Custom Title: “amadán”)
Finland (1 Trophy Point)
eden (Mystery Box)
Voltage (1 Trophy Point and Mystery Box)
G-Luke (2 Trophy Points and Mystery Box)
Greentea570 (Mystery Box)
RaJ.Shoot (Mystery Box)
Evelyie (Mystery Box)
Crashy (Mystery Box)
Stockings (Mystery Box)
Luirromen (Mystery Box)
musiquepkmn (Mystery Box)
drakey (Mystery Box)
berry (1 Trophy Point)
airfare (Mystery Box)
SNAK30PRA (Mystery Box)
Total Clefairy (Mystery Box)
Lemingue (Custom Title: “90% chance of doing something gay right now”)
adjustments (Mystery Box)
Squash & Lambovino (Duo Mystery Box)
yovan33321 & ABR (Duo Mystery Box)
Elo Bandit (1 Trophy Point)
Plimsoll Punks (Mystery Box)
Yung Dramps (purchasing Duo Mystery Box for themself and EeveeGirl1380)
Squawkerz (Mystery Box)
#TeamMcDonalds (Mystery Box)
lockjaw (Mystery Box)
Low-Key Genshin player (Mystery Box)
BT89 (Mystery Box)
Arai (1 Trophy Point)
Pokeslice (Mystery Box)
Meri Berry (Mystery Box)
Cat food and (Mystery Box)
SerenalovesAsh1234 (Mystery Box)
Abra (Mystery Box)

antemortem (Custom Title donation to Fishy)
Links (Mystery Box donation to DYA)
pix (Mystery Box donation to Giokio)
StitChuu (Mystery Box donation to PociekMociek)
S1nn0hC0nfirm3d (Delete all likes into the ether)
adem (Premium Mystery Box donation to Lalaya)
charizard8888 (225 like donation to Heavyweapons Mann for custom title)
charizard8888 (350 like donation to SwordIsBored for Mystery Box)
charizard8888 (430 like donation to KGR for Mystery Box)
Bandkrook (500 like donation to Tapeworm for CT)
Nol (770 like donation to Tapeworm for CT)
Nol (900 like donation to shadowpea for CT)
ArcticBreeze (258 like donation to tingling for CT)
Ainzcrad (Mystery Box donation to StitChuu)
Nol (175 like donation to SNAK30PRA for Mystery Box)
Will of Fire (1000 like donation to Gilbert arenas for Premium Mystery Box)
Greentea570 (294 like donation to Cat food and for Mystery Box)

Rename Smogoff (in-progress):
*something insulting Finchinator*: 61,168/100,000
Bughouse - 10,000
eden - 7,803
CanineIllusionist - 404
Oglemi - 20,000
Gray - 3,000
Mace - 3,000
antemortem - 5,000
Mishlef - 1,817
Adam3560 - 119
Voltage - 220
Heavyweapons Mann - 1791
Stockings - 186
Da Pizza Man - 993
Pokeslice - 1000
popcornfairyxo - 7965

"Doubles UU": 9,149/100,000
KyleCole - 4,555
Memoric - 445
n10sit - 4,149

"GrinchFinch or FinchGrinch": 220/100,000
Afdvsc - 220

"#likewhore": request denied (for now)

We’re Being Robbed:
Cratersmash (Seriously kala just give them the money lol)
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tits McGee (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)
this is amazing......

i have 400$$&$ like dollars so this is my official campaign to get 1600+ Like Dollars donated so that i may get a [[[custom title]]]] :mehowth:

all donors will receive a custom drawing from me that i create on my phone in 5 minutes or less. please provide one word with your donation that will become the muse for your drawing. thank you :boatogostandode:
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