12 Days of Likeshop [NEUTRAL ENDING]

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fire up the engines
duo mytery box with TeamCharm
why are you including me in your pyramid schemes Sificon

edit—-sificon threatened my family so I’m confirmed and I’ll take 3 more mystery boxes

EDIT 2- please do not give me any mystery boxes besides the one I confirmed with sificon I don’t want my name to get changed to something really unfunny
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for your pressed granite nails
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hello, everyone from the likewh*re central discord (a discord made just for likewhoring) would like to finally make all this likewhoring not go to waste and buy the entirety of smogoff, here are the list of people:

the likewhorers have all agreed to wanting to rename smogoff to "#likewhore" to represnt the channel we type in the most. Feel free to take away everybody's likes.
Uncensor that name pussy
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