1st RMT - Four Pillars (Peaked #6)

Four Pillars

So here we have my first RMT, and my rather blandly named team, 'Four Pillars'. I named it so because it contains what I consider the staples of any self-respecting sand team in DWOU: Tyranitar, Garchomp, Excadrill and Chandelure. This team has a checkered past, beginning life in PO's DW tier with a slightly different lineup. I put it on hiatus after Excadrill was banned, as using Sandslash in its stead just didn't cut it. But after learning of Smogon's DW tier through the Smog, I quickly gave the team a second chance, and it's come back with a bang. I immediately substituted Gothitelle and Sand Veil Gliscor with their respective upgrades, Chandelure and Garchomp, and dropped Scizor as it was deemed surplus to requirements in such a demanding tier. I employed all manner of pokes in the vacant teamslot, even Insomnia Ariados as a counter to Breloom with limited success, before finally settling on Hitmontop. I admit it was rather underwhelming at first, but it's really come into its own since.


RAWR @ Focus Sash​
Trait: Sand Stream​
EVs: 208 HP / 44 Atk / 252 SAtk / 4 Spd​
Quiet Nature (+SAtk, -Spd)​
- Pursuit​
- Superpower​
- Flamethrower​
- Ice Beam
Ah, Tyranitar: the sinister instigator of all the carnage; the cornerstone on which my team's major threats rely on to function. There's no denying Ttar is first and foremost a team player, but it has no trouble dishing out the pain either. Which variant of TTar to use was never up for discussion - Mixtar is the most common and with good reason - which moves, nature, EV's and item to use, however, is up for debate. On that front I did a lot of tinkering: originally I had Stealth Rock and EQ beside the obligatory fire and ice coverage, then Thunderbolt over SR to hit Politoed on the switch-in, but currently I am using Pursuit and Superpower. Pursuit because I was getting sick of Chandelure picking off my team, and Superpower to
OHKO Excadrill and opposing TTar. I customized the attack EV's to give me a good chance of achieving these OHKO's.

I found that maximising SpA was the best option, as Flamethrower and Ice Beam get alot of use and it means I don't have to rely on Fire Blast to get a OHKO on Ferrothorn and Skarmory. 4 speed EV's are used to speed creep other negative speed TTar, and the remaining EV's go in HP, providing sufficient bulk. As long as it can take at least one Hydro Pump from Politoed, I'm happy.

As for the held item, I experimented with Shed Shell and Chople Berry before trying Focus Sash, which turned out to be the most useful. While it seems contradictory to give it HP EV's as well, TTar is never going to survive something like a +2 Exca EQ anyway, and the sash is often the only thing preventing an opponent from sweeping.

Trait: Sand Veil
EVs: 240 HP / 16 Atk / 252 Spd
Jolly Nature (+Spd, -SAtk)
- Substitute
- Swords Dance
- Earthquake
- Dragon Claw
I'm sitting on the fence when it comes to whether Garchomp should be banned, or at least Sand Veil Chomp - being able to win a game solely because of some luck-based ability seems dubious to me. But as long as I can, I will keep using the best abuser: my Rough Skin plus Rocky Helmet version will have to wait.

Other than sandstorm support, Garchomp is largely self-sufficient. How to use it isn't exactly rocket science: come in on something slower, fish for misses and hopefully pick up an SD and/or speed boost, proceed to sweep. This beast is more than capable of single-handedly turning a game around at the whim of the RNG.

The EV's and nature are to maximise speed. I use 240 HP EV's so it can put up four subs before the Salac Berry activates, as well as keeping 101 subs. When it comes to Garchomp, bulky is better for me. The leftover EV's go into attack, giving it a nice round stat of 300. As for the item, I have to admit I saw some other high ranked player using it and decided to rip it off. At +1 speed Garchomp outspeeds pretty much everything bar Exca in sand, but the most important are Scarf Chandelure and Genesect. One thing I have to watch out for though is Ditto as I'm screwed if it copies the speed boost too, as I've found out to my dismay...

I EAT BABIES @ Air Balloon
Trait: Sand Rush
EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spd
Adamant Nature (+Atk, -SAtk)
- Swords Dance
- Earthquake
- Rock Slide
- Rapid Spin
What's there to say really? Exca is an absolute boss that can sweep through a large chunk of the metagame and whatever doesn't gets trapped by Chandelure. There isn't much room for variation on Exca; the only choices I had to make was Rapid Spin in the last moveslot and Air Balloon as the held item, both of which have served me well up to this point. An intact Air Balloon is like a second life against EQ users, and Rapid Spin is doubly important now that I run Sashtar.

COMEATMEBRO @ Choice Scarf
Trait: Shadow Tag
EVs: 4 HP / 252 SAtk / 252 Spd
Modest Nature (+SAtk, -Atk)
- Overheat
- Shadow Ball
- Hidden Power [Ice]
- Energy Ball
Again there's not much to say about the ghoulish chandelier, other than that it's ruthlessly efficient at what it does. There's few discrepencies over the set either, although I changed Flamethrower to Energy ball; and in fact I have lost many a game due to an ill-timed Overheat miss since; but the trade-off of not packing Energy Ball or HP Ice is too great. Energy Ball is for the bulky Ground/Waters who I'd otherwise have trouble dealing with, and HP Ice is for Gliscor and Dragonite.

MAGCARGO @ Expert Belt
Trait: Storm Drain
EVs: 240 HP / 252 SAtk / 16 SDef
Modest Nature (+SAtk, -Atk)
- Earth Power
- Surf
- Ice Beam
- Recover
A stalwart on my team since its conception, Gastrodon plays a vital role, being my only poke with a water immunity, let alone a resistance. For that reason I have to use it cautiously against rain teams as it is the ace up my sleeve in the perpetual weather war.

A rare sight in DW and totally underrated, the offensive variant is rarer still. With 240 HP EV's it's still pretty bulky, able to recover off Latios' Draco Meteors and seldom getting OHKO'd by random HP Grasses. I don't know why it has 16 SpD EVs, I just copied it off the Specs set on the Smogon page lol.

It picks up Storm Drain boosts with alarming frequency - Ttar and Chandelure are absolute magnets for water type attacks. Between a Modest nature, maximum SpA EV's and Expert Belt, little can withstand a super-effective hit or even a neutral one from Gastrodon at +1. And it has fantastic coverage courtesy of its STAB attacks and Ice Beam. Expert Belt is used to bluff Specs, but mainly it's for giving Ice beam some much appreciated oomph against Dragon and Flying types.

Trait: Technician
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 Def
Adamant Nature (+Atk, -SAtk)
- Fake Out
- Mach Punch
- Low Sweep
- Sucker Punch
Despite inhabiting the relative recesses of UU, the diminutive figure of Hitmontop stands tall, unfazed by the company of heavyweights it keeps in the heady heights of DWOU. Without a doubt, Hitmontop is my team's designated giant-killer. Armed with a deceptively strong array of Technician-boosted priority moves, he can take down rampant DW goliaths such as Excadrill and Blaziken with one fell swoop of Fake Out and Mach Punch. I can imagine these powerhouses wide-eyed and stunned, so accustomed to dominating the rest of the metagame, now powerless to resist the most unlikely of foes.

For the second STAB move I opted for Low Sweep over Close Combat as I dislike the defense drop. 90 Base Power Low Sweep is nothing to be scoffed at either, and everything without a Fighting resist struggles to sponge a chain of Low Sweeps. A one-two punch of Fake Out and Low Sweep, for example, deals upwards of 75% damage to Genesect and Keldeo(!) - importantly putting them within KO range of Excadrill's and Garchomp's EQ's - as well as cooly dispatching Breloom. There is the added benefit of the speed drop Low Sweep induces, which keeps the plethora of setup sweepers in the tier from getting out of control, and sets up a routine revenge kill for Chandelure. Sucker Punch in the last slot is indisputable because it hits the likes of Alakazam, Latios, Gengar and Chandelure for super-effective damage, often netting a KO.

While residual life orb and sandstorm damage quickly take their toll on Hitmontop, it still serves its niche incredibly well as a full stop to the mons who would otherwise plough through my team. It's amazing how perfectly Hitmontop has fitted into a teamslot I had so much trouble filling priorly. What I had initially thought to be an inferior alternative to Technician Breloom has turned out to far exceed it, due to its greater bulk and access to Sucker Punch.


Although they may be few, my team has some very significant weaknesses. Since Chandelure counters threats that would otherwise wreck my team, Shed Shell variants of Skarmory and Breloom (yes it exists), and Agility Sand Veil Gliscor (the sole user of which has repeatedly thrashed me), trouble my team to no end. And once Hitmontop is down and Ttar has its sash broken, Excadrill and Blaziken (especially Air Balloon variants) are nigh-on unstoppable. Unfortunately for me, all the aforementioned weaknesses are seemingly exposed against the highest ranked players.

When you face a rain team your team gets smashed seeing that with a good player they would try there best to kill gastrodon as fast as thy can with breloom(if they have one).Breloom does get Rock tomb and Stone Edge both being able to kill Chandelure if Banded then they could switch out and kill your most importent members and win the weather war (With Keldeo support)so thats why i think Scarf Garchomp will do well because if theres a steel type you can kill it with excadrill and Gastrodon letting Garchomp sweap and even without there support he gets fire fang for the steels try it out its a cool Poke as scarf also add more def ev's into Gastrodon to take secret sword

Garchomp@Choice Scarf
Trait:Sand Veil
EVs:252 Atk/252 Speed/4 Spatk or hp depending on which one you like.
-Fire Fang/Fire Blast
-Dragon Claw/Stone Edge
Hi, nice team it's always good to see a DW team i absolutly love the teir, but i would suggest STEALTH ROCK other flamethrower on tyranitar, the reason being that scizor is nowhere in this metagame and you're team despretly needs hazards to break dugtrio's sash d-nite's multiscale ect. I hoped i helped


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I remember facing this many times, It's a good team which differs a bit from the overused sandstorm team. I'll comment more later
you're a nice guy.

rate coming soon.
I remember facing this many times ([e] there), It's a good team which differs a bit from the overused sandstorm team. I'll comment more later
Looking forward to your rates ^^.

Hi, nice team it's always good to see a DW team i absolutly love the teir, but i would suggest STEALTH ROCK other flamethrower on tyranitar, the reason being that scizor is nowhere in this metagame and you're team despretly needs hazards to break dugtrio's sash d-nite's multiscale ect. I hoped i helped
Well I said I've tried SR before and it doesn't seem very useful in a tier with less switching around (switching doesn't save you from boosted Blaziken / Exca etc), and I definitedy wouldn't switch out flamethrower. I need for Ferro and Skarm and other steel types, not for scizor!
Hi, I remember playing this many times under the ladder with an alt(though you asked to draw about half the time). This is a great team, and uses something very uncommon in this meta game(Hitmontop).

Like everybody else said, a rate is coming soon! :)
Hey exie, like everyone else said, fought this a ton and it's a really solid and original DW sand team (although I object to the 4 pillars thing--I only use two of the four and was just #2!). (Wonder who the person with salac chomp was).

Unfortunately, I'm going to second the suggestion of stealth rock--while there isn't as much switching in DW, pokemon like dragonuite, volcarona, and sashtrio are infinitely easier to deal with when rocks are up. I might actually suggest getting rid of ice beam for rocks, as you already have 2 pokes (chandelure and gastrodon) that deal with ice beam targets quite easily (gliscor, landorus).

On garchomp, you might want to consider a more offensive spread. Although max hp is great, is there anyting it really helps chomp to set up on? Min attack ferrothorn still breaks chomp's subs 100% of the time, and the loss in power really hurts chomp. For example, max attack chomp can 2HKO gliscor and OHKO scizor at +2, whereas max HP can't come close. Your call though.

I love the hitmontop, as it really serves a good role in this metagame despite being not used very much. Have you ever considered using breloom though? It has stronger priority, ability to boost, and most importantly, spore to disable a counter. Furthermore, hitmontop is completely helpless against pokes like gliscor, dragonite, and salamence, whereas breloom can sleep them and make a dent with boosted mach punch. In addition, you mentioned your team struggled against bulky waters, which adding loom would help with.

Speaking of which, it seems like breloom is also a huge threat to you. If chandelure is down and tar's sash is broken, it sweeps the whole team with +2 mach punch. Perhaps you might want to consider adding a physical tank such as gliscor, skarmory, or bronzong, which could help against what you said to be some of your other problems like exca, chomp, and gliscor (and ditto). And yes, I hate that agiliscor too lol.

Great team man.
thanks for rating kidogo! of course I'll take everything you say on board, you've beaten me a ridiculous number of times whenever I don't ask for a draw lol. I've tried Breloom and it helps me do noticeably better against jellicent which walls hitmontop, it's also a much stronger especially after an SD boost. As for replacing ice beam I suppose it worked out ok but now i have even more trouble with gliscor, who is a priority to take out.

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