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Welcome to the Second edition of 1v1 Classic. This tournament celebrates the old gens of 1v1. Players will compete in separate tournaments for the ADV, DPP, BW and ORAS generations, culminating in a play-offs where players will face in three generations with the higher seed eliminating one of them, each one of the series will be a bo3.

The format consists of four separate tournaments: The ORAS Cup, The BW Cup, The DPP Cup, The ADV Cup. Each tournament is single elimination, best of five. Depending on your performance in a Cup, you will be awarded points. The point system is the same as the one used in Smogon Tour (see this for further explanation). When all the Cups have been finished, the twelve players, first four getting a bye, (subjected to change depending on player count) with the most points will advance to the play-offs.

Signups for each Cup will be posted a week after the signups for the previous Cup with each signup lasting an entire week. The hosts are allowed to play in the tournament that they are administering, as long as they elect someone else trustworthy to create pairings or use the Smogon bracket maker. Here is the list of the four Cups with the names of the hosts and the dates each signup thread will be posted:

BW and ORAS Resources
DPP and ADV banlist will be posted soon tm
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