1v1 1v1 Classic V Playoffs - Finals (Won by Jamez)

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Thank you cleffa for the incredible art!
We've made it to playoffs! Thank you to the cup hosts, smely socks, PA, Mubs, DEG, and rumia, for your efforts the last several weeks. Congratulations to the cup winners for their excellent runs.

Tournament Rules
  • General tournament rules and regulations can be found here.
  • 1v1 Classic Rules can be read here.
  • Battles will be a Bo3 of Bo5s, Single Elimination
  • Tiers played must be figured out during scheduling.
  • Battles must take place on the Smogtours or Main server. I highly recommend playing on Smogtours, because these games take a very long time without automatic timer.
  • Speaking of timer, it's absolutely mandatory. You cannot gentleman to play without timer. If I see a series happening without timer, I'm going to turn it on myself.
  • Do not make baseless activity posts -- get in contact with your opponent and report missed times / scheduling issues only. Please also do not activity call on the first day.
  • Learn how to schedule. Specify a number of days and time frames that you'll be available at, and always mention your Time Zone. Don't use vague statements like "Sunday Evening". Tournament Scheduling Guidelines can be found here.
  • Replays are strictly required.
SM Banlist and Resources
ORAS Banlist and Resources
BW Banlist and Resources
DPP Banlist and Resources
ADV Banlist and Resources

Playoffs Format (picking and striking happens during scheduling) (READ THIS, IT CHANGED FROM LAST YEAR)
  • High seed picks one gen.
  • Low seed picks one gen.
  • Low seed strikes one gen.
  • High seed strikes one gen.
  • Bo3o5 is played in the two picked gens and the gen remaining after the strikes.
  • Higher seed chooses the gen of G1, the gen of G2 is chosen by the loser of G1.
Qualification Tiebreak
Because Mubs dropped out, we now have a three way tie for eighth seed. The tiebreak format is the same as the playoffs format. For the purpose of striking, seed order is Euphonos (higher winrate) > piyush master (exact tie, second deepest run was in a larger tournament) > Trashuny. Deadline for tiebreak is Thursday, October 21st at 11:59 PM MDT (GMT-6).

Euphonos vs piyush master
piyush master vs Trashuny
Trashuny vs Euphonos

XSTATIC COLD (1) vs Euphonos (8)
STABLE (2) vs LBDC (7)
Sky of Doom (3) vs Jamez (6)
ACII (4) vs pqs (5)

Euphonos (8) vs pqs (5)
LBDC (7) vs Jamez (6)

Euphonos (8) vs Jamez (6)

The deadline for finals is Sunday, November 7th at 11:59 PM MDT (GMT-6).
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Euphonos [80] vs piyush master [20] ORAS? DPP ADV - it is concerning to me that piyush master was able to reach a spot where it is feasibly possible for him to make playoffs; I'm pretty sure Euphonos would win all 3

piyush master [25] vs Trashuny [75] ORAS DPP ADV - while I'd be inclined to think this would be even more one-sided, Trashuny having almost no replays to prep off of in oras and dpp will put him in a weird spot building wise. he still would win all 3

Trashuny [60] vs Euphonos [40] SM ORAS DPP - honestly Euphonos was very unpredictable at first when nobody knew him but now we are quite used to what he brings in DPP so it doesnt take anyone by surprise anymore. Obviously SM and ORAS go to Trashuny but I could even see him taking DPP


XSTATIC COLD (1) [40] vs Tiebreak Winner (8) [60] BW DPP ADV - Honestly if you ever bold someone over XSC its the prep guy. XSC could always pick something like SM since idt he's as comfortable with ADV yet but it is easy to assume that in SM he is way more predictable. If the slot he himself has to pick is giving him that much trouble, imagine him in BW or DPP, or ORAS if they end up going there. Any slot is on the table here but honestly it is very difficult to see XSC taking two.

STABLE (2) vs LBDC (7) radu is terrible -ursaring

Sky of Doom (3) [55] vs Jamez (6) [45] ORAS BW DPP - bw goes to SoD, we've seen this before. DPP goes to Jamez, obviously. All rides on the enigmatic ORAS SOD and ORAS JAMEZ and honestly I'm quite certain jamez will end up being sent team by whoever from US East or old porygon teams, maybe even make teams himself, and I gotta say I do not believe in the quality of teams that come from those sources. It's always a pleasure to watch Sky of Doom play and honestly, I hope he can cook up something nice in oras and make dommert proud.

ACII (4) [57] vs pqs (5) [43] SM ORAS DPP - what a fun matchup I can't wait to see it. I think ACII has reached somewhat of a peak of his potential and is totally unhinged atm, his picks are almost flawless and he also brings fire teams. pqs has also been steadily improving compared to his all time performances, but I could barely even see him taking ORAS from ACII, and even then I wouldn't be so sure. I would honestly make it even more one sided but pqs is always an excruciatingly annoying opponent to fight for me and many people because you never have any idea what to expect.

Hype as fuck playoffs I'm excited for every series. hf everyone


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XSTATIC COLD and I have agreed to play on Sunday, October 24, 9:00 AM GMT -4 (3:00 PM GMT +2; 9:00 PM GMT +8). ORAS, DPP, and USUM were the chosen generations for this endeavor.


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Reporting my win against XSTATIC COLD in...

ORAS: one, two, three, four, five
DPP: one, two, three, four, five

...intense, crazy, yet exciting matches. I somehow felt bad about the G3 miss and G4 crit in the DPP series; however, despite your not-so-pleasant reputation, your natural battling ability still deserves a lot of praise from the community. Mad respect, XSTATIC COLD!

Here's our USUM matches, which I lost in one, two, three, four, five matches.
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pqs and I have agreed to play on Sunday, October 31, 9:00 AM GMT -4 (9:00 PM GMT +8). ORAS, DPP, and USUM were the chosen generations for this endeavor.

In any case this didn't work out due to unforeseeable circumstances, we have a back-up schedule set on Sunday, October 31, 9:00 PM GMT -4 (Monday, November 1, 9:00 AM GMT +8).
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