Tournament 1v1 Old Gens Premier League II - Finals [Won by Stolen Spectres]


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Art by Swiffix
On Deadline & Match Completion

All players must complete their matches by Monday, April 8th at 11:59pm -5. Any incomplete matches by that time will be subject to activity decision (MAKE SURE YOU POST ON YOUR OPPONENT'S VM WALL); otherwise, the game will be dead. NO Extensions will be granted.
On Substitutions & Lineups
Managers, if you wish to make any substitutions, you must post here tagging both the player you're subbing out, the player you're subbing in, the manager and assistant manager of the opposing team, the substitute's opponent, and at least one of Heika or Itchy. This is to assure that everyone is in-the-loop and that the OP is updated accordingly to reflect the new match-up.
Managers, when you send in lineups, please send it in with the tier and Smogon username of each player fully written out for ease of transcription.

>> OGPL Standings Sheet <<
courtesy of spreadsheet wizard Ticken

All games are Bo5 unless written otherwise.

ORAS Challenge Code:
/challenge gen61v1 @@@ +darkrai, +blaziken, -blazikenite


:frosmoth: Full Moon Frosmoths (3) vs (5) Stolen Spectres :marshadow:

SS 1v1 Bo7: Close vs RTM
SS 1v1: Liimpy vs luser
SM 1v1 Bo7: crucify vs Elo Bandit
SM 1v1: Eeveekid10 vs Krytocon
ORAS 1v1: Larry vs bea
BW 1v1: Taka vs Lumii
DPP 1v1: stravench vs dreepy
ADV 1v1: Lialiabeast vs Sanshokuinsumireko
Monopoke: realaccountami? vs delemon
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:frosmoth: Full Moon Frosmoths vs Stolen Spectres:marshadow:
SS 1v1 Bo7: Close vs RTM rtm had 2 weeks to prep, and i think he can pick well enough to beat close. 30/70
SS 1v1: Liimpy vs luser X-0 Liimpy lgi. luser can definitely win this if he puts in the effort 60/40
SM 1v1 Bo7: crucify vs Elo Bandit crucify does not fall victim to bandit scouting/random tech. Im expecting some heat in this series 70/30
SM 1v1: Eeveekid10 vs Krytocon what is eeveekid doing in sm? Kry has mainer diff 20/80
ORAS 1v1: Larry vs bea unfortunately for bea, she is facing King Larry 90/10
BW 1v1: Taka vs Lumii lumii is locked in this week or something. Taka is a good player, but if lumii is in pl form, she should win 20/80
DPP 1v1: stravench vs dreepy strav has been playing well. idt dreepy is on the same level 80/20
ADV 1v1: Lialiabeast vs Sanshokuinsumireko i think sansho is the better player + he has more experience. but its adv so anything can happen 30/70
Monopoke: realaccountami? vs TBD Unless MattC gets subbed in for the spectres, no one can oppose ami in mopo
Based on my predictions, the Spectres have 34% chance to Win, 33% chance to Tie, and 33% chance to lose.


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:frosmoth: Full Moon Frosmoths (0) vs (0) Stolen Spectres :marshadow:
SS 1v1 Bo7: Close vs RTM
SS 1v1: Liimpy vs luser
SM 1v1 Bo7: crucify vs Elo Bandit
SM 1v1: Eeveekid10 vs Krytocon
ORAS 1v1: Larry vs bea
BW 1v1: Taka vs Lumii
DPP 1v1: stravench vs dreepy
ADV 1v1: Lialiabeast vs Sanshoinsumireko
Monopoke: realaccountami? vs delemon
:frosmoth: Full Moon Frosmoths (6) vs (2) Stolen Spectres :marshadow:
SS 1v1 Bo7: Close vs RTM (well i'll be damned
SS 1v1: Liimpy vs luser (x-0 liimpy woooooooooooooooooooooooo)
SM 1v1 Bo7: crucify vs Elo Bandit (crucify is really good at scouting so bolding him, but i can easily see this go to g7)
SM 1v1: Eeveekid10 vs Krytocon (better player and also mainer)
ORAS 1v1: Larry vs bea (poor bea, not only she's been sent to a tier she doesn't main, but she has to play larry, it's like double sad :blobsad: )
BW 1v1: Taka vs Lumii (goes either way, kinda depends on how lumii is feeling)
DPP 1v1: stravench vs dreepy (unfortunately for dreepy stravench is on the winning streak)
ADV 1v1: Lialiabeast vs Sanshoinsumireko (yayayayayayayayaya)
Monopoke: realaccountami? vs delemon (i was gonna write something interesting for monopoke but then i realized that hoopa is there so it sucks for both players involved)
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Finals! Prediction hype! Quick eulogy, sorry to my team for not building anything and getting smashed week 4 and 5 but y'all were sadly balls so we were already out by then. Bopher is the sm goat and I'll never forgive bo_bobson27 for that ferrothorn set. anyway onto finals, I'm surprised to see spectres 1st seed over moths but both played well so congrats! coveted ogpl trophy soon!

:frosmoth: Full Moon Frosmoths (6) vs (1) Stolen Spectres :marshadow:

SS 1v1 Bo7: Close vs RTM
I rate close much more highly as a player than I do RTM, I think RTM is good and definitely thinks out of the box in ss, but having played both on several occasions I can confirm that close is 100% the scarier player to face. I don't think any of RTM's quirk builds or sets will successfully knowledge check close, and I tend to see RTM beating non-mainers and losing to mainers, where the opposite is true for Close. That being said, I think close should take this one handily. a series to watch!

SS 1v1: Liimpy vs luser
Apparently Liimpy is 4-0? Good for him dude, I'm always excited to see less established players turn the tables on solid mainers. Unfortunately, this hasn't really been the case this tour. Liimpy has defeated SS krytocon, bern, and career ended before taking down fragments in semis. The record is great, I'm just pretty unconvinced that it translates into a win here. For what it's worth, I'm not extremely high on luser either. I think they're alright, but this feels more like an ss cup matchup than the finals of a teamtour. expect at least 5 dfs teams during the series, not exactly as much as one to watch but glad to see people playing ss.

SM 1v1 Bo7: crucify vs Elo Bandit
I'm a bandit fan but it's no secret that I think he does way too much in building. crucify is likely the strongest player of the whole tour and I'm not entirely convinced by bandit's 4-0, it's awesome but he played frosty into lancer into robyn into ogpl 2 bopher (love all these people but it was none of their tours) where crucify took down a much stronger cast. crucify has pretty varied usage except for his zard love, as is playing someone who thrives on ultra-specific cteams that generally have to setguess against said charizard. Definitely a series I'd like to see live, but I'm backing crucify here.

SM 1v1: Eeveekid10 vs Krytocon
I was super excited to see frosty manage because he's a joy of a person to be around and a fantastic teammate, so a managing role allows him to benefit his team while being able to bow out of the playing part of 1v1 that hasn't quite clicked yet for him. Unfortunately, he bought himself anyway and now we are watching eeveekid10 in sm 1v1. eeveekid is cool, they're really nice so wishing them the best but in all honesty I expect them to get smashed by krytocon. krytocon kicked my ass in sm cup and then also in ogpl, he's a great enough sm player that seeing him start the tour in ss pissed me off a little. Anyway, I unironically rate him like top 5 sm right now and think he should cruise through this matchup.

ORAS 1v1: Larry vs bea
I don't love the namechange, I thought the username leru was cool and I think this is probably the first time in history someone has actively wanted to be called larry, but this guy has a history of winning tournament games when sharing a discord server with crucify. bea's cool and I'd definitely love seeing her win this one, but in all honesty I think frosmoth oras should take it.

BW 1v1: Taka vs Lumii
I gotta go taka! lumii is a good (even great!) bw player but this doesn't seem like her tour. she packed stravench in dpp but then got sent to the shadow realm by honestly a pretty strong cast of slip, radoat, and bo. Just like taka's first series against spectres, I think the teams will be fine on both sides, but taka's record leads me to believe that he's just clicking better over a variety of generations. This is maybe a vs bold but if I'm predicting a finals mu I wanna try to be decisive, so I'd say taka has the edge here. I don't think this is going to 5, whoever wins is definitely smoking the other.

DPP 1v1: stravench vs dreepy
dude idfk strav is 4-2 and keeps complaining about getting haxed so he's probably the jesus christ of dpp, I don't watch that gen but apparently stravench is lebron james. dreepy is 1-1 while beating euph and losing to scholar (no relevant hax in either series so let that sink in) and is thus the Closexy (or maybe jimmy butler? not sure) of this godforsaken generation. Anyway I'm not gonna overthink it too much, my head is screaming that strav takes this but in my bones I know it's dreepy in 5.

ADV 1v1: Lialiabeast vs Sanshokuinsumireko
I watched these guys' first series (it's all the adv I could stomach) and sansho won TWO games of three by avoiding a crit with vaporeon, I don't know gen 3 but I do know that this is extremely unlikely, so I'm gonna bet against the better player (imo) here and say lia crits this time. Anyway, bernian has had more fun with rby than adv (even though it's rby)

so to wrap up I think the frosmoths take it without tiebreak, good job to both teams, y'all are great, ping matches when you play, etc etc see you guys in the next tournament without dpp and adv

expectation: garbage team
reality: pretend good team until 1-7 collapse in the clutch. felucia positive record and clutch win over close in an early ish week!!! 3k bernian and 3k swordisbored used being annoying to their advantage until they ended up losing a ton of games in a row at the end of the season. surpassed expectations of being the detroit pistons though! also lonzo trolled this tour starting 5 times and playing 2 games is nuts. robyn losing hella games was uh, super unexpected man. this team was clearly cursed by toasterbigot!

expectation: fringe playoff team
reality: had a chance to make playoffs until losing week 5 due to some slightly bad luck all around the bored. zack was a pretty horrible 21k buy as he won 2 games and bailed on the team in the clutch. alyssa and slip were good until they weren't, who could have seen this coming! career ended may have seemed like a decent farmer of soulless ss players, but yeah 12.5k (4 lerus) on this dude made no sense, he definitely doesn't build well and you can grab better clicker for cheaper. also he sucks. i was actually very impressed by owen this tour, it really seemed like his shit was together. unfortunately he is cursed af, not quite sure what he was expecting.

expectations: ass
reality: super ass! ice spice ass! great work drafting spellcaster guys! another giboney statpadding job, to the surprise of very few.

for the first time in any predix ever, there will be a song linked for every series that the matchup reminds me of. if u dont wanna listen, u are missing out on good music! these matchups are all 55-45 winner loser except oras btw

:piloswine: The Plot Armor Piloswines (3) vs The Marshadow Mafia (5) :marshadow:
SS 1v1 Bo7: Close vs RTM - in the last edition of piratepad predicts close wasn't favored over lolebruh for admittedly troll reasons. close is trash vs bottom of the barrel 1v1 players, not average people like lolebruh. close is a better 1v1 player than rtm. be on the look out for rtm thinking he can outprep close in 4 straight games!
SS 1v1: Liimpy vs luser - yeah this dude limpy lucario continues to not lose for whatever reason. luser is the type of player that you buy because other managers dont want to mess up their tolerable user to annoying user ratio, so objectively he is somewhat of a steal if u start with a bunch of money.
SM 1v1 Bo7: crucify vs Elo Bandit - to the untrained eye, crucify is just the better and will win. however, both of these players have drastically different styles of forming a squad in 1v1, and because of that i believe in divine justice. winner of magearna vs charizard lord crucify dishonorably stacks the cards in his favor with such oddities as 7.5k leru (right after winning classic) and even 3k leru. elo bandit on the other hand respectably forms teams with murman and lumii and is in my opinion a true winner and positive presence and creative mind. a true sm 1v1 mainer visionary. if justice exists in the world, elo bandit will win this matchup in 7. think of this matchup as the israeli palestine conflict of 1v1.
SM 1v1: Eeveekid10 vs Krytocon - this matchup is the most ogpl shit of all time. sm eeveekid simply does not make sense to me, there's not much more to say to it. if the frosmoths are based eeevekid beats another zardx with metagross and redefines sm 1v1 as a whole.
ORAS 1v1: Larry vs bea - dude bea in oras is such a throwback LMAO is this 2021? either way i believe in gronky pretty much regardless of opponent, but it's a lot easier when the opponent is the average zoomlet tier player. perhaps bea should be in ss or adv?
BW 1v1: Taka vs Lumii - taka is a somewhat noticably above average bw farmer, but this is the rare occasion where he plays a real titan of the tier instead of just some warm body. 1v1 parlay: over or under .5 total jaboca berries?
DPP 1v1: stravench vs dreepy - i should objectively bold stravench. however, that is exactly why i WILL NOT!!! BWAHAHAHA!!!! strav can be really dissapointing when you place expectations on him. this is why i would expect him to lose to a us west bench player in the finals of a team tour, but who knows, perhaps he takes care of business.
ADV 1v1: Lialiabeast vs Sanshoinsumireko - better player. battle of 2 filler players in all honesty, i still find sansho walking out on bw like a deadbeat dad grabbing cigerattes the funniest shit, and it's clear farming lialiabeast in ogpl adv is the good ending of a deadbeat father.

FINAL VERDICT: tbh the 5 marshadow players winning under a microscope makes sense, but in actuality i can see a lot of them folding. if this goes to tb i assume it's wraps for obvious reasons, so it's important for lelumii james and co to get this over with really fast. with this win delemon would right her tapu fini related wrongs of last ogpl and actually win a team tour, so perhaps this is a bit of an ambitious victory for them, however anything is possible, including every player in the tour getting tourbanned for cheating except the naganadel rays!!!! all of these mu's seem to be some of the most banger mu's we've seen this tour, and i'm hyped to see some high quality gaming! gl to the frosmoths and gl to the spectres :]

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