Tournament 1v1 Old Gens Premier League II - Semifinals

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Art by Swiffix
On Deadline & Match Completion

All players must complete their matches by Sunday, March 31st at 11:59pm -5. Any incomplete matches by that time will be subject to activity decision (MAKE SURE YOU POST ON YOUR OPPONENT'S VM WALL); otherwise, the game will be dead. NO Extensions will be granted.
On Substitutions & Lineups
Managers, if you wish to make any substitutions, you must post here tagging both the player you're subbing out, the player you're subbing in, the manager and assistant manager of the opposing team, the substitute's opponent, and at least one of Heika or Itchy. This is to assure that everyone is in-the-loop and that the OP is updated accordingly to reflect the new match-up.
Managers, when you send in lineups, please send it in with the tier and Smogon username of each player fully written out for ease of transcription.

>> OGPL Standings Sheet <<
courtesy of spreadsheet wizard Ticken

All games are Bo5 unless written otherwise.

ORAS Challenge Code:
/challenge gen61v1 @@@ +darkrai, +blaziken, -blazikenite


:frosmoth: Full Moon Frosmoths (5) vs (2) Seychelles Snorlaxes :snorlax:

SS 1v1 Bo7: Close vs lolebruh
SS 1v1: Liimpy vs Fragments
SM 1v1 Bo7: crucify vs Potatochan
SM 1v1: Larry vs gorilaa
ORAS 1v1: Taka vs LittEleven
BW 1v1: frostyicelad vs STABLE
DPP 1v1: stravench vs Nuxl
ADV 1v1: Eeveekid10 vs Kaif
Monopoke: realaccountami? vs delemon
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Full Moon Frosmoths (0) vs (0) Seychelles Snorlaxes
SS Bo7: Close vs lolebruh
SS: Liimpy vs Fragments
SM Bo7: crucify vs Potatochan
SM: Larry vs gorilaa
ORAS: Taka vs LittEleven
BW: Palestine vs STABLE
DPP: stravench vs Nuxl
ADV: Eeveekid10 vs Kaif


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:frosmoth: Full Moon Frosmoths vs Seychelles Snorlaxes :snorlax:
SS 1v1 Bo7: Close vs lolebruh Close has all of lolebruhs teams, and is actually building, although he got packed last week by bird I think he bounces back here. lolebruh is no pushover tho, so I think he could pull off the upset 70/30
SS 1v1: Liimpy vs Fragments two X-0 goats. Fragments has more experience, but idk if he will have enough support 40/60
SM 1v1 Bo7: crucify vs Potatochan goat mu, we never see this in pl or wc, im favoring crucify, but this is a tossup 50/50
SM 1v1: Larry vs gorilaa LARRY IN, 9-0 in pl, and this is not gorilaa's tour 90/10
ORAS 1v1: Taka vs LittEleven taka has been playing well, but litt is #2 oras in the tour behind crucify imo 30/70
BW 1v1: Palestine vs STABLE Radu is calling act without hesitation. I also think he is the better player overall 20/80
DPP 1v1: stravench vs Nuxl stravench is ending the streak (bolding against Nuxl so he has motivation) 30/70
ADV 1v1: Eeveekid10 vs Kaif eeveekid will have trouble staying calm in high pressure situation, but its random adv kaif 40/60
Based on my predictions, the Snorlaxes have 44% to Win, 30% to Tie, and 26% to Lose
Full Moon Frosmoths (5) vs (3) Seychelles Snorlaxes
SS Bo7: Close vs lolebruh
SS: Liimpy vs Fragments
SM Bo7: crucify vs Potatochan
SM: Larry vs gorilaa larry turn 2 bide
ORAS: Taka vs LittEleven taka time
BW: Palestine vs STABLE spamming !roll does not win games
DPP: stravench vs Nuxl hes going undefeated
ADV: Eeveekid10 vs Kaif tauroskid10 strikes again


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only cuz stravench asked me to

Full Moon Frosmoths (5) vs (3) Seychelles Snorlaxes
SS Bo7: Close vs lolebruh (lolebruh is good, but close is good AND a mainer, i doubt potatochan building will save lole on this one)
SS: Liimpy vs Fragments (liimpy has a bit of an underdog story going on but idk if he beats fragments)
SM Bo7: crucify vs Potatochan (the battle of all time, worth watching)
SM: Larry vs gorilaa (like come on guys it's larry, and gorilaa's bad season so far ain't giving him any points either)
ORAS: Taka vs LittEleven (this one could really go either way, but i'm loving the taka oras season so yeah)
BW: Palestine vs STABLE (i'd lean more on steen if he had a better record, but radu bw has been going pretty well with 8 wins and 3 losses so bolding him on this one)
DPP: stravench vs Nuxl (only reason gogoats lost is so nuxl could go 6-0, and he will succeed)
ADV: Eeveekid10 vs Kaif (i know kaif is trying to slot into what he considers the weakest slot, but adv ain't it)

if you're wondering, yes these are the same predicts as marsh, we gogoats are just that synchronized (is that how you spell it?)
:frosmoth: Full Moon Frosmoths (3) vs (5) Seychelles Snorlaxes :snorlax:
SS 1v1 Bo7: Close vs lolebruh - 3k lolebruh has been on fire TBH i think this the hl of the series. bolding against Close is just not acceptable but this is way tighter than it would have looked at the start of the tour.
SS 1v1: Liimpy vs Fragments -
-Raikou Prim g1 or g2
-Hurricane miss
-One player will click their first fairy g4
-Frag in 4
SM 1v1 Bo7: crucify vs Potatochan - A highlight in a very boring way. I think crucify is simply better than chungoid but both can win yadda yadda yadda. I expect 6 zygardes and Jacob running down timer 40 seconds to avoid a misclick.
SM 1v1: Larry vs gorilaa - Stravench buying Gronky2020 (no regular season forme), attempting to sub him in and getting rejected multiple times, and then losing in semis after finally getting slotted would be quite possibly the funniest 1v1 moment of all time. It would be funnier than Arctic vs Scraf diancie vs maw, funnier than lonzo losing to swsh uop clicking octillery 5 times, funnier than
James — Yesterday at 11:12 pm
Aw hell nah
Da fuck
That ain't baby

Unfortunate that it will not happen.
ORAS 1v1: Taka vs LittEleven - I think this is the most likely upset and its a hl by virtue of the fact that moths kind of need a win to happen here. Litten has had a great tour but Taka knows how to click and crucify is the only(?) top tier oras builder in 2024.
BW 1v1: Palestine vs STABLE - RADUOLOGY has just looked better all tour. Steen is 2-0 after finally getting slotted in bw though.
DPP 1v1: stravench vs Nuxl - I think strav is possibly the single most beatable self-sufficient 1v1 builder playing rn, which isn't to say hes a pushover - he should have won last series. I would expect Nuxl to have a full understanding of the tier by this point though.
ADV 1v1: Eeveekid10 vs Kaif - bolding hubert is like pulling teeth.
Full Moon Frosmoths (4) vs (4) Seychelles Snorlaxes
SS Bo7: Close vs lolebruh - Hard to bold against Close but I'm going to be contrarian to allow me to fence-sit on a 4-4 score. Lolebruh has been exceptional to his credit, I personally favour him.

SS: Liimpy vs Fragments - I think we see a repeat of what happened in wc, as in Joel Embiid / James Harden Limpy

SM Bo7: crucify vs Potatochan - Tuff to bold against crucify though this is the type of situation potato goes well in

SM: Larry vs gorilaa - gorilaa hasn't had a good tour, losing to players such as crucify. gorilaa is never the type of person to get curb stomped though so I think he definitely has a real chance

ORAS: Taka vs LittEleven - Never seen Litt lose in this tier brah, idk if they have but i haven't seen them

BW: Palestine vs STABLE - I predict Radu will get haxxed by Palestine. Enough said

DPP: stravench vs Nuxl - Gotta bold strav, they've been hard to watch but they are lucky and should win if they don't overcook in builder

ADV: Eeveekid10 vs Kaif - Adv is a simple tier and all its mainers are shit. Kaif brings good mons such as raikou and secures the victory.


:spiritomb: The Crucify Legacy Crucify Legacies (3) vs (5) The Seychelles-Semi-Superteam :maushold:

SS 1v1 Bo7: Close vs lolebruh - while users like DenisTheMenace may argue that close is top 3 all time and morons like RTM say “just cteam close”, the truth, like most things, lies somewhere in the middle. close is fairly weak vs players quite a bit worse than him, and in the clutch has actually been horrible this tour. lebronbruh has had maybe 1 watchable matchup max, so idk what his record is, but gimmie lilxellybruh, especially if he plays on Sunday.
SS 1v1: Liimpy vs Fragments - i also haven’t watched this snoozefest of an ss pool when it comes to the second slot. apparently limpy Lucario (fanfic sounding name if u ask me) has been the Indian equivalent of Jesus, (which google tells me is krishna), but respect is earned, not given. i guess that means beating fragments is the ultimate sign of respect? come on Lonzo you could have been an undefeated superstar if u won last week.
SM 1v1 Bo7: crucify vs Potatochan - better player LOL!!! naw but for real skakob has been WASHED and quite boring, Brodie lost to crow crumbs like come on man, this kid used to be elite. this matchup would have hit in 2022 wc era where the result wouldn’t have mattered because everyone was oblivious to how op central was.
SM 1v1: Larry Leru vs gorilaa - you guys know the phrase, it’s one of my favorites: "the more things change, the more they stay the same." this applies to terrible smogon name changes, crucify pricefixing 1v1 auctions, and frostyicelad getting benched after having a terrible record.
ORAS 1v1: Taka vs LittEleven - this already happened, cons of writing predix on a friday afternoon LOL. something something william legacy. this was a cute lil juggle while it worked but it was pretty ambitious. is ogpl gonna be the annual time of year where emil actually seems like a positive impact teammate?
BW 1v1: Palestine vs STABLE - guys, this is one and a million. an actually watchable bw 1v1 matchup!!!!!! i got radu in this one. im not sure what’s next for him in his clutch bw 1v1 adventure; previously it was cottonee spam and losing eq slaking vs dig cincinno. this time i challenge radu to load a fear mon, ditto, shedinja, or perhaps no sleep powder jumpluff and win.
DPP 1v1: stravench vs Nuxl - HYPE!!!! last time dis happened nuxl robbed the fuck out of strav. this time i expect him to… *checks notes* do the exact same thing! both players been lit tho, nuxl obviously much more though. however before you rave about OMG 1v1 NEW BLOOD like clerica, remember that for every nuxl there is a goldmason, Martha, spellcaster and Josh Giddey.
ADV 1v1: Eeveekid10 vs Kaif - yeah i under no circumstance would bold either player player after what they’ve shown this tour. HOWEVER, ogpl semis adv is the BIG STAGE BABY, so I can’t cross this matchup out. after going winless across multiple tiers, Kaiferson Hubert has found a home in adv 1v1 I guess? wait no he hasn’t this dude orased last week and litt adved dude what is going on? was the nathan vs b***t matchup that important? idk where this predict is going. yall see that heracross vs jirachi game? i guess im giving the adv ogpl semis veteran experience edge to eeveekid, she defeated maki last tour in a historic series where she literally hyperventilated and fainted.
Monopoke: realaccountami? vs delemon - normally I wouldn’t predict monopoke for obvious reasons, but realaccountami should easily take this, i mean come on this dude actually has a legit team tour chip unlike regular season merchant and Julius Randle of 1v1 xellymon.

Overall verdict: a very interesting matchup. the snorlaxes are obviously the more well rounded and generaly solid team: they surrounded their star player (nuxl) with a bunch of good to okay players (radu, jacob, potatochan, litteleven). i think the chance they 5-3 is pretty high, but if it goes 4-4 things get a little hazy. the frosmoths are way more top heavy, and have a demonic tiebreak with some combination of willy, leru, and like strav or some shit. the frosmoths remind me of the 2023/2024 lakers: last year they made a mickey ass semifinals appearence by facing mid teams (basically the same thing as haxing the owens) while being extremely top heavy. they pretty much sacrificed their chance of contending by sacraficing assets (eeveekid=russel westbrook) and simply don't have a realistic way to have a championship roster.
CRUCIFY=LEBRON JAMES, LERU=ANTHONY DAVIS (injuries=permabenched for reg szn) FROSTYICELAD=D'ANGELO RUSSEL. i'd say the snorlaxes are the 2024 sixers (nuxl=joel embiid, lolebruh=tyrese maxy, kaif=nic batum). overall i think there was a bit too much managerial sabotage for the frosmoths to win, i likened it to us west earlier in the season but this team is doing way better than us west would, this is basically william and gronky on a cone level team replacing jacob.


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Calling activity on Palestine as it is the end of my available time frame, he has not replied to my messages the entire day, I messaged the hosts almost 2 hours ago to get him on or get a sub, they said they would sub someone in 15 minutes ago but nobody has been subbed and I can no longer play.
Calling act on opponent. Details are everywhere, he messed up scheduling by not knowing his own time then started pressuring my manager to sub me out citing the updated time I didn't agree to as I hadn't logged into smogon today (I'm sure my opponent knew this as well, my last online is also public).

my opponent logged off over an hour before the end of the timeframe which made it impossible for us to get the game done, despite making a sub preemptively to accommodate the opponent. we did everything we can to get it done
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As it has been pointed out to me by host, my substitution stands, so ig I'm the one calling act, sub was 5:01pm GMT +1 made it known in main chat on PS! That I was looking for my opponent, and opponent didn't show nor was a sub provided when asked for in managers chat. As for the substitution itself, was done within the bounds of scheduled time.


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ggs frosmoths

super tough to lose this way - on a sunnier day jacob hits his blast burn and i dont get ~10% haxed twice in a row lol. i guess i coulda minimized my odds by winning g1 but it does suck to be on a hot streak and it fizzles out just like that, happens. otherwise wp to the frosmoths and gl to both in finals!

p.s i built mostly everything in dpp myself, so stay tuned for a post in how to solve the meta soon!

thank u to my team for their full confidence in someone new to the format overall and wouldnt trade the experience for anything.
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