Metagame 1v1 OMs (VOTE IN THE POLL!)

What metagame would you like the next OM startup tour to be? (Pick Top 3)

  • NatDex 1v1

  • UU 1v1

  • Monotype 1v1

  • Ubers 1v1

  • STABmons 1v1

  • CAP 1v1

  • LC 1v1

  • Dynamax 1v1

  • NFE 1v1

  • AG 1v1

  • Inverse 1v1

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And I fee like Corviknight is a High prio both for Flying and Steel TC. Bulk Up+Roost+Brave Bird for Flying TC, and Iron Defense+Roost+BodyPress for Steel TC hits like high hell, and is nearly a staple for both....
The reason I rated Corviknight as mid is it's pummeled by lots of Pokemon with super effective attacks like Celesteela, Thundurus-T, and Mega Charizard Y. Also it faces competition from Skarmory as Skarmory has a Rockium Z set. Corviknight also has bad matchups against special Steel-types such as Heatran, Aegislash, Magnezone, Celesteela, Genesect, and even Magearna. Losing to most special attackers is what compromises Corviknight's top-tier status in my opinion. But we'll have to experiment to see how important poor matchups versus special attackers are.

(Assuming that the TC council is being honest and they just haven't implemented NatDex yet)
UU 1v1 Update:
With January 2020 Stats now available there are some interesting changes to be seen:
New Pokemon include Grimmsnarl, Whimsicott, Conkeldurr, Weezing-Galar and Gastrodon.
The Pokemon leaving us will be Rhyperior, Snorlax, Tyranitar, Mandibuzz and Milotic.
The VR should be getting updated soon with these changes.

I have also updated the VR to have the SwSh menu sprites over the old mini sprites.
STABMons 1v1

After a few recent tours in the 1v1 room, I have a few concerns I have with a few Pokemon and moves.

Things in red are already banned in normal STABMons, so I'm not sure why I saw them in the tours.



Because of how STABMons works, Silvally has access to every move in the game, since it has a forme of every type. This makes Silvally nearly impossible to predict on team preview, in terms of type and strategy. While its most popular set is Imprison/Transform, it can run almost any other offensive or defensive set.

It's typing is especially important, too: It can be a Steel-type to resist Obstagoon's Extreme Speed or Sylveon's Boomburst, or a Dark-type to counter Whimsicott. While being able to hold an item seems important for an Imprison/Transform user, the held memory can also make it immune to Trick, some hyper-offensive teams' way of dealing with stall.

Type-Null can only learn the Normal moves, but it still gets access to Imprison/Transform and can have extra bulk with Eviolite. I wouldn't say it's as broken as Silvally, though.


The infamous stall-mon now can further cripple mons with the 100% accurate sleep move Spore. In normal 1v1, Whimsicott has to be able to live the opposing Pokemon's first move, but, as long as the opposing Pokemon is not immune to Spore or Prankster, it no longer needs to.


Bolt Beak/Fishious Rend

Once held back by their unimpressive users (50 base speed for a move that needs the user to be faster?), these moves can now wreak havoc with better users, namely Zeraora and Barraskewda.

Extreme Speed

The most notable user being Obstagoon, who can pair it with Guts/Flame Orb, Obstruct, Fake Out, and Sucker Punch. Sylveon can use it in lieu of Quick Attack, and Snorlax can Belly Drum to boost its power.

More specifically its access to Double Iron Bash, doubling its chance for a flinch.

Sorry if these things are already banned, I'm only noting my observations from a few tours.


Why'd you leave the keys upon the table
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For all those not in the know: a new poll has been created to decide the next OM for the next OM startup! Pick your top 3, the one with the most votes will be selected. Voting ends in a week.
New discovery: You can challenge someone with mods!

Something like this should work:
/challenge [User], gen81v1@@@Inverse Mod
Sadly, It doesn't support multiple rules, but, those can be enforced with replay sharing (assuming you're doing it in a tour)

As always, thanks for reading and have a nice day

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