Tournament 1v1 PL VIII - Player Signups [Custom Avatar Prize]

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PS! Username:
Tiers played (Not Binding):
Tiers not played (Binding):
Significant time missed:
The tiers for 1v1PL VII are
- SV 1v1 Bo7
- SV 1v1
- SV 1v1
- SS 1v1 Bo7
- SS 1v1
- SM 1v1
- ORAS 1v1
- BW 1v1

The teams for 1v1PL VIII are:
:heatran: Hellfire Heatrans - RTM + Nick
:rayquaza-mega: Metro Boomin' Megarays - DEG + DezShizzels
:dragapult: Drive-By Dragapults - bern + SwordIsBored
:barraskewda: Big Baller Barraskewdas - crow crumbs + Nuxl
:hoopa-unbound: Hyperspace Horrors - Felucia + lost heros
:rhyperior: RPS Rhyperiors - Elo Bandit + Murm
:thwackey: Trigger-Happy Thwackeys - DripLegend + RADU
:pancham: Playful Panchams - Kaif + LittEleven

Player signups and retentions will close 24 hours before the auction, Saturday 22nd at 1pm30 GMT
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PS! Username: Stravench
Timezone: GMT +8
Tiers played (Not Binding): SS
Tiers not played (Binding): BW
Significant time missed: Uni

I have some requests to the team that wants to draft me, it's not too big but I believe it to be necessary for me to do my best. In turn, ofc I will do my part for the success of the team.
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