Tournament 1v1 Premier League IV - Administrative Decisions

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Three new things, let's hit them all in one post.

1) The timing for the draft of 1v1 PL IV has been decided. It will be held on February 15th, 2020 to best accommodate managers.
You might be saying, "hey, isn't that before player signups end?" and to that, I say yes. But since it is the best date for all managers to be here, I think forgoing 4 days of player signups is worth having a good draft, so...
2) Player signups will now be ending on Friday, February 14th at 10 PM EST in order to accommodate the draft.

On a separate note,
3) power has been replaced as a manager by SolarflareRo. The Metro Boomin' Mega Rays will now be managed by neomon and SolarflareRo.
Here is the schedule for the upcoming weeks:

Week 1
Drive-by Dragapults-Mighty Morphin' Morpekos
Big Baller Barraskewdas-Teatime Terrors
Metro Boomin' Mega Rays-RPS Rhyperiors
Deluxe Dustox-Go-Go Gogoats
Week 2
Drive-by Dragapults-Metro Boomin' Mega Rays
Deluxe Dustox-Big Baller Barraskewdas
Go-Go Gogoats-Mighty Morphin' Morpekos
RPS Rhyperiors-Teatime Terrors
Week 3
Drive-by Dragapults-Teatime Terrors
Mighty Morphin' Morpekos-RPS Rhyperiors
Big Baller Barraskewdas-Go-Go Gogoats
Metro Boomin' Mega Rays-Deluxe Dustox
Week 4
Drive-by Dragapults-Deluxe Dustox
Go-Go Gogoats-Metro Boomin' Mega Rays
RPS Rhyperiors-Big Baller Barraskewdas
Teatime Terrors-Mighty Morphin' Morpekos
Week 5
Drive-by Dragapults-Big Baller Barraskewdas
Metro Boomin' Mega Rays-Mighty Morphin' Morpekos
Deluxe Dustox-Teatime Terrors
Go-Go Gogoats-RPS Rhyperiors
Week 6
Drive-by Dragapults-Go-Go Gogoats
RPS Rhyperiors-Deluxe Dustox
Teatime Terrors-Metro Boomin' Mega Rays
Mighty Morphin' Morpekos-Big Baller Barraskewdas
Week 7
Drive-by Dragapults-RPS Rhyperiors
Teatime Terrors-Go-Go Gogoats
Mighty Morphin' Morpekos-Deluxe Dustox
Big Baller Barraskewdas-Metro Boomin' Mega Rays

Week 1 will start on Monday at 12 PM EST. Please send in your lineups for the first week by then.
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Just some reminders for when you're playing this PL:
1) We are enforcing force timer ON during this series (unless agreed upon by the players). This is so that we aren't ending up with hour-long sets just to play three games. This also means that between matches there is a maximum of 10 minutes, unless agreed upon by the players.
2) One way to stay with the forced on timer is by playing on smogtours. We heavily encourage playing on smogtours as it is a very tour friendly environment and there is unlikely to be any sort of external interference with the games, especially in terms of accidental ghosting.
3) Using a proxy while playing is not allowed. This is to prevent any potential playing on other people's accounts and to defer any malicious activity. If you ABSOLUTELY need to have a proxy on and can not play against your opponent at any time without a proxy, come talk to me. We can figure something out.

Good luck with your games!
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RE: blunder and CTC
In this video, it can be seen that blunder and CTC are in a call while blunder is playing his tournament set. There is blatant ghosting involved with telling what moves to pick, what beats what, etc. despite the fact that blunder says multiple times "do not tell me what to do." This is egregious behavior and should not be repeated, and both blunder and CTC will be punished with 1 year 1v1 tourbans for ghosting. The tourban will be 1 year but both may participate in 1v1 PL next year. This decision has been approved by a TD.

Rosa The Teatime Terrors may now select a player from the remaining pool in order to stay at the minimum of 10 players.
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