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It's time for 1v1PL IV, and with that comes manager signups. Only post in this thread if you would like to sign up to manage a team, normal player signups will be up later. Comanagers may also make the post if their prospective manager agrees, but their posts should still follow the same format.

No one is explicitly banned from being a manager in PL. However, the hosts, Freddy Kyogre and I, will be choosing good leaders to be managers. Players with a history of being toxic, troublemakers, or repeated and continual problems with moderation, will be much less likely from being chosen as managers. This is for both the hosts who will have to work with the managers a lot and for the potential teams they lead. Please note that having any kind of racist, offensive, disrespectful, or inappropriate name will disqualify your entry. We will pick be picking six to eight managers depending on the number of signups.

Information thread will be up with shortly, player signups will be a bit.

Use this to signup as a manager:
PS! name:
Assistant Manager:
Team name:
Why would you be a good manager?:
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PS! name: rosa
Assistant Manager: none
Team name:
Teatime Terrors

Why would you be a good manager?: Last time I managed a team I won the tour. Not only that, but I continued to dominate in mock drafts for the following PL despite being shafted the manager position, though I did effectively act as the tertiary manager for the Panchams beneath WhalemanCheng and Chickenpie2. Most importantly, I know how to run a team discord and rally a team together.
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PS! name: The Dark Alakazam
Assistant Manager: phiwings99
Team name: :morpeko: Mighty Morphin' Morpekos :morpeko-hangry:
Why would you be a good manager?: I've previously assisted managed the winning team in 1v1 PL2, as well as managed for US East in WC2 and WC3, reaching finals both times, and other stuff like hosting a summer ssnl and 1v1 classic 3

My boi Boat (phiwings99) has also comanaged for US West in WC3, getting into semis, as well as hosted a bunch of tours, such as the ongoing Winter Seasonal.
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PS! Name: ayedan
Assistant Manager: Yami
Team Name: Trojan Tauroses
Why would you be a good manager?: I’ve managed in WC3 with TDA and reached finals. I’ve also captained in OMWC for Midwest. I participated in many, many tournaments as well involving 1v1 like LT poffs, classic poffs, and other singular/team tournaments. I know the playerbase very well since I’ve been around for a while now.

Yami managed LPL, GPL and several discord team tournaments as well. He has also participated in many tournaments including the past 2 PL’s and WC’s. Yami is also very familiar with the 1v1 community and contributes a tonas well.
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PS! name: Le Creme Brule
Assistant Manager: Jabiru / ThatCabbageGuy
Team Name: Best Friend Bellossoms

Screen Shot 2020-01-19 at 6.48.44 PM.png

Why would we be good managers?: I've led US West to semi finals of last WC along with Boat. I've got good tour experience, including winning Ghosting Tour while providing over 90% of the teams we used. I've done well in both Startup and decently in Seasonal for gen8. I make an effort to try and get to know the people in 1v1, and I view them as my friends and family. If I was a manager, I'd provide a lot of support to my team by building a lot (ppl like Boat and Joker know how much I build). I enjoy working with others in 1v1, even with Gym Socks! pestering me every 5 minutes about "what beats this list" (ur cool sockman).

If hosting stuff matters, I've hosted the Sword and Shield Startup Tour, which is almost over.

Cabbbages is another person who is very personable. He's incredibly invested into DPP 1v1. He forms an Old Generation backbone for my hyperfocus on SS and SM. Cabbbages will be a helpful and good manager as he is a strong builder who gets along well with others.

We're both [hopefully] well liked and respected members of the 1v1 community, who would effectively be able to build and support a team to victory


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PS! name: Nalei
Assistant Manager: pqs
Team name: :dustox: Deluxe Dustox :dustox:
Why would you be a good manager?: I've managed in PL before and had to do so solo as my co-manager dropped out giving me some experience in this regard. As a strong builder, I also have plenty of resources available to benefit my team.
PS! name: Lkjc
Assistant Manager: PartMan
Team name: Snommunist Party

Why would you be a good manager?: Both PartMan and I have a passion for interacting with the community of 1v1. That’s why we made 1v1SSBB, we just wanted to find a way to get to know the community better. I have tried to manage for every 1v1 clash I could, (which tbh kinda died) and both PartMan and I are leaders of separate 1v1 OMs, TC and AAA respectively. While we have no prior experience managing for something this big, there’s no better way to get experience than to do it, right? All in all, just looking forward to having fun with everyone in this tour! :)
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PS! name: Waylaid
Assistant Manager: I'm actually Cash
Team name: Big Baller Barraskewdas
Why would you be a good manager?: I'm an active and helpful member of 1v1, participating in PL 3 and WC 3. I also co-lead the new NFE 1v1 OM with Malcom24. I've been known as the resident cheerleader in each team tour I've been a part of: the heart and soul of the team. This time around, I'm looking to make an even greater impact on my team. As captain, I would promote a caring and comfortable team environment and discord, reminding people that winning doesn't have to come at the cost of a good experience. My Assistant Manager, Cash, is a long-time player--currently on 1v1's VR Council. Cash is a mature and laid-back presence in 1v1's community, well-respected by all. He has participated in 5 Premier Leagues during his time on Showdown, one of which he managed.


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PS! name: Robyn
Assistant Manager: Djokra
Team name: RPS Rhyperiors
Why would you be a good manager?: Djokra and I have both been involved with 1v1 for quite a while, and know this community quite well. Alice managed a team by the same name in PL3 last year, and has managed several other team tours. I haven’t managed in any tours before now, but I am confident in my ability to lead people effectively and am certain that together we will be able to create a very fun team environment.
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PS! name: ggopw
Assistant Manager: ryyjyywyy
Team name: United Force (U.F) Ursarings
Why would you be a good manager?:
Every team tour I've managed got poffs ,last pl got finals while managing and won the most recent 1v1 official team(wcop) tour also while managing ryy is an og who doesn't need introducing he's been playing in almost every 1v1 team tour for like 3 years and knows the player base better than anyone else. Simply put we try to have the most fun and win the most and it works amazingly every time.

ik I obviously won't get picked because even a blind man can see what's going on here, ill take tda as a random example (the pl that he won while managing their whole team was getting ghosted af as we later found out and more recently he unironically asked for ghosting while captain of east in world cup 2 in finals, then somehow managing again in the next one due to circlejerk reasons, this obviously wouldn't be allowed in any other tier) and other clowns like pqs and vg might get picked too. I just wish at times someone outside of 1v1 cared ,

but its gonna be a great pl regardless boys! :emma:

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PS! name: Synonimous
Assistant Manager: Whaleeeee
Team Name: :Ampharos: Amphetamines Ampharoses :Ampharos:
Amphy sfw.png


Why would you be a good manager?
We've both experienced in 1v1 as well as team tours. We're both involved in building, propaganda, and overall team spirit. Between my SM and DPP, Bubbie's ORAS, and our shared Gen 8 experiences, we have all our bases covered. I can provide quality photoshops and memes and Whale can fill the server with Kpop gifs. What's not to like? At the end of the day, we're gonna have fun and hopefully win PL in the process.
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PS! Name: TheShadowClaw
Assistant manager: Blazikin
Team name:
Drive-by Dragapults

Hi there it's me TheShadowClaw but most of you call me TSC. I have observed the 1v1 community for almost 2 years now and I've seen every rage, every ban, every victory, every joy and every promotion since the Sun and Moon meta. I've grown a lot since I joined (I wanna say I never left but that's a lie as some of you may know) to the point that I wanna do something I haven't done before, which is captaining a PL team. My experience in team tournaments lengthens from two 1v1 WC victories, one 1v1 PL victory to even an OMPL victory. I have captained one WC myself which I won. I did this together with Blazikin, he's a cool dude and we get along well. That's why we want to lead a PL team to victory.

Hey everyone, my names Blazikin or Melo as most of you also know me by. I think me and TSC would be a great fit for capping as we have a lot of experience together. I have played in a multitude of tours and won quite a few of them, notably 2 world cups, and else have a lot of experience playing 1v1 in general, being someone who plays since 2014. Else i just try to have fun and enjoy our time in the tours. Alola


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PS! name: NEOMON
Assistant Manager: none for now
Team name: would like to keep the MegaRay legacy alive since I was on the team last year
Why would you be a good manager?: I've managed for a few tours including a 1v1WCOP. Done well in classic (Finals of BW and I'm in charge of ADV), had an OK last PL in which I played DPP and also SM for a series or 2 I don't remember exactly, and clutched in last 1v1WCOP finals + remember having a good ssnl run. So I would be able to help my team in basically every slot to the best I showed good work ethic in the team tours I've participated in and take them seriously especially if I'm a manager. I also know the community well enough and I'm friends with a good amount of people involved in 1v1 so I would be able to create a nice server environment and stuff.
PS! name: Frostyicelad
Assistant Manager: Deg
Team name: roffing rockruffs
Why would you be a good manager?: Both me and Deg have a lot of experience managing teams. I've been managing in the RBTT for 3 years now, and Deg has managed 1v1 related team tours earlier. Deg has also won monoPL2 as manager before along with managing in OMPL thrice. Together we bring a lot of potential to the table. Deg also has an all around 1v1 knowledge from meta to the player base.
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PS! name: edudittA / mazak al AfOhtarW
Assistant Manager: Notater (Actually, Notater is the manager, and I'm the assistant)
Team name: Classy Hats
Why would you be a good manager?: Notater is a very fun person to hang out with, and he's had a glowing reputation with the community despite being on the newer side. I hope to give my input on each player, having seen most of them battle, and trust Not to pull up a winner squad. I have past co-manager exp in PL-1 for #PassPyuks.
PS! name: CallMeJJok3R
Assistant Manager: None. (Bale is busy with life so I respect his decision and will do my best to make him proud ^^)
Team name: Wooloo Warriors (Wooloo with a saucepan as a helmet)
wooloo warriors.png

Why would you be a good manager?:
After being on great teams lead by Nalei, Gross Sweep, and Bale Blaze. I've been lucky to see how they've managed great teams, whilst making sure we all have a fun at the end of the day. I've had my issues in the past from annoying users, to not choosing my words wisely. But would appreciate the chance to prove that I can manage great teams like my past managers have shown, as well as have fun with others playing Pokemon ^^


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PS! name: Kaif☆彡Plays
Assistant Manager: stableprince569
Team name: Menacing Mimikyus

Why would you be a good manager?: I'm the tier leader of BW 1v1 as well as council for DPP 1v1 which shows my capability to manage and contribute in a team of selected individuals. Moreover, I have been in the community for about 2 years and I know a lot of players that perform and can perform with the correct support. I've also played a lot of tours with results (dpp cup semis, ss startup tour winners finals, semi finalist with Asia in wc2 and semi finalist by playing for the Playful Panchams in PL III).
Stable has been in the community for about a year and has shown that he is a good contributor and someone to be trusted with management. He hosted the latest BW Open, and co-managed FranceItaly in the last World Cup, finishing 5th place. Alongside that he has participated in a lot of tournaments and knows basically everyone in the tournament community.
Ok, I'm going to get straight to the point. A large portion of the community nowadays sees me more or less the same way: the annoying toxic kid that has been talking shit on everybody with no regards. That, to an extent, is absolutely true, I can't deny it. I've done some shitty things, acted immature in a lot of situations and generally been a bother to quite a few people in the community. I'm very sorry especially to Robyn who I've been exceptionally mean to, I hope you haven't taken any of the things I told you personally, because my intent was not harmful in any way. I've had a lot of personal issues in my life during the last year, and I've foolishly used showdown as a way to vent that pent up anger I had inside me, without realizing there was actual people I was being rude towards. This, of course, is not something I want to go on with. I wanna be a lot nicer to the people playing 1v1 alongside me, following the change that has been made in the community in how toxicity is handled. I've had a lot of maturing recently and I expect to be a better presence in the future, for my own sake and for everybody else's. I hope I conveyed my message clearly, thank you for reading.


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under the 2nd amendment

No one is explicitly banned from being a manager in PL.

co: dom
team name: secret agent tediursas

why: dom always makes it to poffs in pl and he's really good at mons and handsome and I'm also good at mons. :)

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