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Hey, so under two months ago I was approached by my fans, players in the 1v1 community, asking if i'd be able to manage this 1v1PL for the first time. Obviously my answer was yes. I enjoy these tournaments, and am very passionate about the 1v1 community, despite the leadership attempting to force me out time and time again.

What disheartens me that, I find out, that managers were pre-picked 3 weeks before 1v1PL managers signup has begun and I wasn't one of these pre-picked fellas. Now I'd truly understand this if I've never managed and hosted team tournaments, but I've racked a stunning 10+ managerial/host position in various PLs which is more than all current managers. I'm passionate about managing for a section's premier league, whose leadership clearly doesn't want me here.

I'm told that I'm not a better choice than any of the managers, which makes no sense. I've shown dedication to this community time and time again, and probably is a better choice than some managers that never drafted before, meme managers, and inactive managers. The only thing that's happened since 1v1PL started, is me questioning the decisions done by the aforementioned 1v1 leadership. This understandably put the aforementioned in kind of an awkward position, so they flipped the position and decided to bare me from acquiring any position which grant me some sort of power.

I don't blame Freddy Kyogre at all, as he was also victim of the corrupt leadership team. I'm sure 100% that Freddy Kyogre original plan was to initilly include me in this tournament but the TD team in all their great wisdom, after being forced to argue with the community, decided to exclude me. If I'd done something wrong, I'd also understand this, but I haven't. I've just been shafted, because I dared to disagree with the leadership team on anything.

Therefore, I demand justice by the cancellation of the current 1v1PL, recreating the tournament with no bias and no decisions coming from a party that isn't the host and his co-host, with me getting my rightfully deserved managerial position. Thank you for reading.
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Okay, alright. Time for a shoutouts post. Little bit earlier than I had hoped, but that's okay, we had a good time.

Firstly, I want to give one big shoutout to everyone on the Rhyperiors for being as great as you all are, I am proud to have helped put together one of only two teams that retained it's entire roster through the season, which should not be an impressive achievement, but in this tour it absolutely was, so thank you all.

Djokra you were the best partner I could've asked for - from putting together a solid draft plan that gave us this amazing team, to being an exceptional captain in every way afterward. I will admit I was somewhat hesitant when you approached me about signing up together, I didn't know you very well at all, but I am very glad I said yes, this tour would not have been the same without you, and I truly hope & feel that I've gained a very close friend in you as well. Can't wait to see where we go from here, and I certainly hope we'll be doing more together for quite some time to come <3

dogknees you absolute fucking goat. I pushed very hard to have you on the team, and I am so very glad I did. You were insanely helpful with prep, building, testing, and team support, and were all around an amazing presence in the team. I truly do hope you choose to stick around in the community, I think you would be a huge benefit to anywhere that has you.

kjdaas my only regret is not using you sooner. Things may not have ultimately gone your way in the sets you played, but I think you have a ton of potential in this tier if you choose to pursue it. You're a great presence on any team, and I will never, ever regret drafting another girl.

martha aaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Alice and me both agreed that we wanted you above all else going into the draft, and I am so glad we made that choice. You did amazing, taking names like Elo Bandit is not a small feat at all. Loved having you on the team, and loved having you around in the discord. Though, I did try to play UU and that's simply not happening, full disclosure.

WailJesus the SM GOAT. I didn't interact with you too much during this tour personally, but you never let me down, right up to the end. You're an amazing player and an amazing guy, keep doing what you do best.

Maki's Fox this was not your tour for sure, but you tried your hardest at every opportunity, and you were very dedicated to the team. I think you have a huge amount of potential in you to do great things, and all it will take is one solid break-out to unlock that for you. You're a great kid, and I'm glad I drafted you. Keep on pushing for great things, don't settle for anything less.

London13 honestly I have nothing good to say in the slightest here. Terrible person. Love you dearly though, glad to have had you on the team, even if you were mostly busy toward the back half of it. Hope we meet again someday~

ima well, this was certainly not your best tour, and I am very sorry for that. More support in BW might have helped a bit, and I don't blame you at all for being busy. Ultimately we're all in this for some fun at the end of the day, and I do hope that you got some out of it in the last two weeks.

GL Volkner you're a good guy, you're unafraid to say what's on your mind, and you care about what's right. Nothing but respect. I can't help but feel I let you down at times with DPP prep, but you did amazing despite that and really truly cared about the team. Didn't think we would get you when we started the draft, but I am very glad we did.

Jordy another DPP champ. You went into this tour with zero prior knowledge and still managed to be a huge benefit for us all. I don't imagine you'll be sticking around, but if you were to, I think it would benefit 1v1 greatly.

Jho happy to have traded for the power duo, the two of you are great together, and the team would not have been the same without you.

Skysolo my oras support, and you supported me perfectly. Helped to have someone with real experience checking my teams as I worked to refine my own building skill that had previously been very lackluster. Couldn't have done as well as I did without you.

Corporal Levi & Caasi I didn't interact with either of you as much as I might have liked, but you were part of this team nonetheless and Rhyperiors through-and-through. Sorry you didn't get the chance to play for real.

DezShizzels , Conics , Empo and Aurella thank you all for being cool. You weren't on the roster, but you were still very much a part of this team.

I love you all dearly, and you were truly the most special part of an otherwise hellish at times tournament. To those who say that me and Alice drafted a team full of friends, you're completely right that we did, but that's only because these are the friends we've made now, not the friends we had going into it.

Lastly, thank you to everyone who inspired us to do our best and helped us out behind the scenes. This includes but is absolutely not limited to Joker 1v1 , Waylaid , LittleRunnerXC and Raining Inside. If you helped us, then consider this a shoutout to you as well. You know who you are~

Feels like I should have some sort of fancy way of ending this post, but I really don't. Not sure where I'll go from here, but I am happy to have had this experience that you all gave me. Onward!!
Shoutout post <3 all the tox players

Nalei You were a great cap, and brought up the morale of the team even in our worst moments. Can’t wait to do this again in wc :)

pqs Im not gonna lie, you did not perform the best . :l But you were helpful in the discord in prepping for some of my SM opponents and provided the funny to all of the team :)

Yami You had some rough Hax early on in the tour and it kinda affected the whole outlook on the tour. You still got us some important wins that allowed us to get this close. None of the rest of us would have performed better :)

Le Creme Brule You were a goodly member of the team, almost played every slot and won a lot for us. Really helpful all around in the discord as well :)

Eriey You were a good clutch player, you got us wins in the weeks we needed them the most and did a lot to help us get this close :)

Quote snake ass bitch

DEG snake ... jk ily

Joker 1v1 You were definitely the best player on the team, even going through some tough irl stuff. Hopefully you get it all worked out now that you don’t have to deal with this :)

Lkjc fuck you

avarice Even though you didn’t play that much, you were still fun to have around and play some stuff that we couldn’t fill :)

NonbinaryAgenda Really positive attitude, our ace monopoke slot. You did really well for your first tour and were fun in the discord as well :)

trace im gonna be honest, you did literally nothing.

Tol You had a really positive attitude after being traded from the megarays, even if you would have gone farther in their team. You got really good results too :)

smely socks You were able to step up in the last week and take it to 5 against one of the best ss players this pl. You were fun to have in the discord as well. Looking forward to working with you on central :)

Special Friends:
Waylaid ryyjyywyy XinosXinos

That’s it from me folks, I had fun this tour and I hope next pl I can be with the snommunists and hopefully with some of the same people :)

TLDR: SwSh sucks


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s/os, you all were the greatest team i could ask for.

Nalei - was a blast having you as manager and you on our team - you kept our spirits high and was probably one of the most if not the most helpful with helping me learn and build for swsh and helping others too.

pqs - dude you sucked! you kept the morale down when complaining, and you couldn't even win a series after this all, we even had to sub you out cuz you're so bad dude! we're so embarrassed to have you on our team.

Yami - you would've done great imo if not for the hax, but your clutch wins came in for us. thanks for all you've done for the team and i hope to see you again on east soon :)

Le Creme Brule - :torterra::torterra::torterra::torterra::torterra::torterra::torterra::torterra::torterra::torterra::torterra::torterra::torterra::torterra::torterra::torterra::torterra::torterra::torterra::torterra::torterra::torterra::torterra::torterra::torterra::torterra::torterra::torterra::torterra::torterra::torterra::torterra::torterra::torterra::torterra::torterra::torterra::torterra::torterra::torterra::torterra::torterra::torterra::torterra::torterra::torterra::torterra::torterra::torterra::torterra::torterra::torterra::torterra::torterra::torterra::torterra::torterra::torterra: my favorite user

Eriey - got us that absolute god tier clutch win first week and some other good ones in other weeks too. was great having you on the team

avarice - you really came in clutch when we needed it, and actually pulled off that W vs Djokra which was really nice! hope to see you around in 1v1 again!

Joker 1v1 - my llama, me, and the rest of the team all appreciated the effort you put in and the wins you got which really helped us in some tough matchups, you're really good and better than what people may perceive you as. your strength in life has been genuinely inspiring, both playing-wise and irl-wise.

Lkjc - you kept us grounded, won some games, and you're by far one of the best shitposters, basically everything we could ask in a player.

smely socks - your analytical view of 1v1 was really interesting to see, and you really came in at the final hour where it was already week 7 when you started playing. i hope i can see more of you in wc and following PLs!

NonbinaryAgenda - we took a chance drafting you, and safe to say it was a good choice. you were a great monopoke player and also kept the team spirits up high, i hope too see you again too!

Tol - a fellow east buddy, you did amazing this PL and really really came in clutch in some of those games. good job dude

trace - sorry we never got to play you dude :/. thanks for sticking in the discord though! :)

DEG - i hate you jk i love you

ryyjyywyy, Waylaid, dom, pazza, Notater - thanks for helping us prep when we needed it the most - we really appreciated everything you guys did

XinosXinos, Baleblaze - thanks for chilling with us in the cord, here's your reward:

Quote - :psyangry:

Overall this was a fantastic PL experience and I'm very happy to have been given the chance to manage with such a lovely person and great people. Obviously I have had my ups and downs but I'm sticking out for the long ride so I hope to improve for the future. The 1v1 community is awesome and you guys are some of the best people I've ever met on my time in PS!.
Obligatory Shoutout Post: Made

Nalei - great manager, great builder, kept me somewhat in check with my crazy ideas

lkjc - incredibly fun individual, was amazing to play with you.

avarice - sleeper op legend. I enjoyed working with you man.

Yami - I had so much fun learning and building DPP with you. I enjoyed helping you out with setbuilding, and some teambuilding as well.

Joker - I also had a lot of fun prepping for BW with you, I appreciated how you helped me think about the matchups that I didn't know.

Eriey - I always love having you in my discords

Tol - You were a true resident sleeper, god among men, it's crazy how this time, you didn't quit week 1, but joined us week 3. #panchampower

Smely Socks - even though you joined late (we should have gotten a pick earlier) I enjoyed working with you.

Nonbinaryagenda - I may have not stepped into the monopoke arena, but I honestly had fun that one time we had an hour long debate.


Non Dustox People

Waylaid - Living Legend, true homie. Helped me and the rest of our team build

Spitfire - I had so much fun building DPP with you pretty much the entire tour, and I will definitely help out the morpekos in playoffs. Uncle Rillab00m is the fun uncle

Poison Adhesive - I also enjoyed building DPP and BW with my dad. If terrors make Playoffs, I'll help you out.


All in all, this was a really fun PL for me, as I learned a lot about quite a few different meta games. I definitely look forward to playing BW and DPP in classic next year, and potentially in future team tours.


edit, i have removed my shoutout of pqs
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canvas (4).png

ROOKiE mistake thinking that i would sub in for king Joker?! Allah had willed him winning since day one and I must have taken the opposite of that..! Now see, Allah willed it such as I don't break the bingo laid out here, "taking one for the team" they say..Naybe I don't sign up next PL... but Alas I must'nt break thy bingo for ALLah and the megarays and dustox Him self. Good forbidance to all and good luck joker In his upcoming match versus Bubbie / wahl...... Allah's sockpuppet for All Things Losing gonna leave now... thanks and goOd bye :))

Like this post if you thought i was subbing in for the great deity joker when you got the notification.!


Teatime is up. Special thanks:

Rosa - Excellent drafting skills, confident leadership, total professionalism throughout a difficult journey. Great teams too.
OM - There are very few people I'd rather have locking down ORAS than my boy OM~ A couple losses mean nothing. Keep being the greatest.
Simbo - I've rarely seen any old gens player grab wins with such consistency. SIMBOAT
Poison Adhesive - You pulled up and won against some tough contenders, total respect.
Ninjadog - Thanks for jumping in when we needed you. Your wins nearly brought us to the playoffs.
Squirtell 1v1 - It's been an honor playing SM alongside one of the all time greats :)
DenisTheMenace - I had no idea you were going to crush bo7 that hard. Mad props.
Notater - It was a lot of fun building for oras, sm, and swsh with you. Your enthusiasm and energy kept the team motivated, and your sharp eye for breaking teams was a major help.
Potatochan789 - When Blunder posted the wrong video, Potatochan stepped in and took over Sword and Shield. He even made Ludicolo work, the absolute mad lad. GOATatochan is my hero <3

Others - Waylaid for all the support. blunder for being a good sport and collaborating on YouTube. Everyone else who helped out or cheered for the Terrors. Thanks for making this a unique and worthwhile endeavor.

Thanks for playing, and I hope to see you all again next time.


So it goes.
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Alright so our run is over and I've never really done any of these before but I definitely wanted to say a few things about this tour. I'll start with my general thoughts (which will be some incoherent rambling mostly) and then do shoutouts.

First, despite a lot of nonsense going on at all times I really enjoyed this tour. Big shoutout to Freddy, QT and Rozes for hosting it because it's a thankless job that's very essential.
I had a lot of fun playing SS in this PL. Most of my teams had some flaws but overall I think I did a fine job; who knows though. Necrozma ban definitely made this meta a lot better, I enjoy building in it a lot more than before because of it. I also played BW 1 week but let's not talk about that because I choked and Nalei didnt put in Joker >:( fuck cott tho
My record overall is pretty disappointing but it is what it is; probably should’ve won vs zio and tsc but things happened. Almost went undefeated in SS Bo5 though :p

Now onto Rhyperiors: My main reason to want to manage in this tour is because this community has a ton of bad eggs that I would rather not be forced to team with. The mainers tend to interpret my refusal to draft ursarings as me only drafting my friends which is interesting because I had never spoken to a good amount of people on this team prior to this tour. Now that all's said and done though, I love all of u and I definitely succeeded in creating the environment I wanted on this team. Thanks all for joining me and Noobyn on this journey. I’m sorry that there were some weeks where I was busier (4&6) and didn’t help much at all, but I hope you’re all content with me as a manager & leader. I had a lot of fun this tour and I hope y’all did too.

Robyn: Wasn’t sure if I wanted to manage at first, but then I saw you say you wanted to manage and had no partner in your Player Interview so I figured I’d ask you. Very glad I did, I know this wasn’t the result we hoped for but I really enjoyed this tour and you’re also part of why. Following your trajectory as both a 1v1 player and a person over the last year or so has been nice to see, and if this is where the road ends for you I hope you at least had a fun time. Your play wasn’t perfect but at no point did I ever worry about our ORAS slot, so thanks for locking that down for us (and building ORAS was a lot of fun too, think my teams u used won most of their games so that’s nice). You cared a lot about the team and kept motivating us when I was down about other things, so thank you for that too. Really glad we got to work together here.

DezShizzels: The first person we added to the chat. I was going to ask you to join ever since we decided to manage, but before I even had the chance you already asked me if you could join instead. I’m super glad you did, and I hope that despite you being unable to play and me refusing to use some of your wilder techs you had fun this tour too. Your help was invaluable and you’re a super fun person to have in a chat, you were 100% part of this team. Let’s go get em in WC :)

martha: Robyn and I were in unanimous agreement that we wanted you since day 1, and I’m glad we did. You consider yourself an overpay but you 100% weren’t (especially not compared to last year..), you made more than up for your price with your play, help and general presence. We don’t talk too often but you’re generally someone I enjoy talking to, and having you on the team again was something I looked forward to. Hope you’re not too upset about me benching you week 6&7, your record would’ve been even better if you played more weeks ;)

GL Volkner: Another Rhyperiors III alumnus that I wanted to team with again. I’ll never forgive u for haxing me in WC 2 but I’m really glad I got to know you, you’re kind and a fun person. Like me, you’re often very vocal about the things you’re passionate about. That’s not necessarily a bad thing though, as that’s often the people you care about. I appreciate you playing the meme tier without complaining, although you were busy and had to be subbed a bunch so we sadly had to torture Jordy with it too. Let’s play some more MC once you’re done being busy.

WailJesus: You don’t say much but that’s ok, you prove your worth on the battlefield. Your record is probably not what you hoped for but regardless I’m really glad we had you, because it meant I didn’t have to worry about our SM ever (which was nice because it’s the one tier I can’t build at all in). Glad we got to team both these times, cya in WC hopefully.

Caasi: You didn’t do all that much this year, but when u did help it was definitely appreciated & over the course of 2 PLs you definitely were an important Rhyperior too :3. Glad I convinced you to sign up. You’re a great person and I’m glad to know you, you’re still an obese loli though >:(

kjdaas: @furry xd. typo -kjdaas. Honorary Rhyperior turned Real Rhyperior #1. Super glad you got into 1v1 so we could get you in this tour uwu; shame you had to endure some things though lol. You’re easily one of my best friends on this site and I really enjoy talking to you everytime, you’re very kind and always fun to be around (when you stop smoke). Despite you not winning a game this tour I feel you did fine and you’ll probably be a fine 1v1 player if you keep it up (which once again proves how little skill this tier takes :3). Would pay 20k or w/e it was for you again, thx for being awesome as always c:

Skysolo: Honorary Rhyperior turned Real Rhyperior #2. From Russian Spy last year to the guy who @everyone’s with copypastas every week, you’re a super fun person. You weren’t the most active contributor to the teambuilder but when you did help your suggestions were often shockingly spot-on, and I also appreciate you playing the meme tier that one time ;w; Hope we get to team in a real tour sometime u_u

ima (8-3 in snake): Sorry for the lack of support; if anything, your record in BW is probably my biggest regret as a manager. I really intended to help you out more there but kept not doing too much. Regardless, glad you managed to close the tour out with a short but undefeated SM campaign. You didn’t talk too much but when you did you were a nice presence & I hope you had some fun too despite the record. Good luck in OST, we’ll be rooting for you n_n

Jordy: Glad u decided to sign up. After a disappointing SPL result I was hoping we’d be more successful here but alas. Statistically speaking the best DPP 1v1 player in this tour (numbers don’t lie). You were down to learn new tiers and did so very well, and u beat like 5 people this tour so not bad for a first time. Besides your gameplay, you’re also just a really fun person that would fit well in any chat, and it’s always great having you around. Hope u stick around for WC :flag_gb: :3

Jho: Didn’t know you before this tour but Jordy pushed for u and it was nice to have you. Despite being British you’re a nice lad, and it’s fun to see u attempt to butcher dutch. The week 1 trade worked out quite poorly for you as your original team is in prime position to make finals rn, so I hope you’re not too mad at us for that and had a fun tour regardless.

Corporal Levi: Just like Jho, I didn’t know you before this PL and you didn’t talk too much so I still don’t really know you but thanks for doing this with us anyway, whenever you did talk you seemed like a nice dude so glad to have had you on the team.

dogknees: GODKNEES!!! I’m so glad we got you. You were all over the place with prep, and you’re a smashin player as well, and to top it off you’re a really cool dude too. Sorry that we couldn’t get you to the red, but hope you enjoyed your reintroduction to 1v1. If you stick around I definitely hope to team with you sometime again, and I would definitely not want to be your opponent. Thanks for joining us, I didn’t know you at all before this but you absolutely blew my expectations for you out of the water. A+ teammate.

London13: Speaking of A+ teammates, Londumb :3 You tried to get me to choke the auction on several occasions but in the end it all worked out. You bullied me into getting you, which I’m really glad you did, because you’re a great friend and a great teammate. You can’t build to save ur life but you were a great motivator at times and you even won one (1) game! Although u did kill our season by losing to potatochan :’(. End of day I’m really glad we got you, thanks for being on the team with us.

Maki's Fox: Last but certainly not least, Maki’s Goat. I know this tour did not go like u wanted, and I’m sorry for that. I hope u had fun still and I hope we can team again and do better sometime. Your motivation kinda died down halfway but before that you were a really great help, especially as I was learning SS, so tysm for that. You’re a great player and we all know that, so don’t be down on yourself over this tour. Good luck & hopefully we can meet again.

Conics: It was nice having you in the chat to cheer for us. Hope you stick around :)

Empo & Aurella: You asked to join and then got a combined 137 lines -_- either way glad to have had you, & again grats on the red empoor

TheShadowClaw: You and Melo got me into 1v1, so I was preparing to root for your team, and then the auction happened. Oh well, excited to team with you again in WC. Not really happy with how you treated me during our week 7 series but it is what it is, and you’re a cool dude that I appreciate overall otherwise.

Blazikin: Same as TSC, mostly. Cya in WC :D #GOCOASTAL

Neomon, Waylaid: Thanks for the venu set and testgames & the week 7 prep help respectively; Sorry that I couldn’t make your teams secure the win Waylaid.

Felucia: One of the coolest 1v1 people, ty for trying w6&7 for us & hope u play wc :3 GOG

edit: just realized who i forgot.. bugzinator thx for the dickpic. stick to sudoku
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1v1 pl post mock 2 results here (holy mother of god)

Screenshot 2020-04-06 at 3.02.56 PM.png

Screenshot 2020-04-06 at 3.04.25 PM.png

Screenshot 2020-04-06 at 3.05.40 PM.png

Screenshot 2020-04-06 at 3.06.01 PM.png

Screenshot 2020-04-06 at 3.06.58 PM.png

Screenshot 2020-04-06 at 3.07.46 PM.png

Screenshot 2020-04-06 at 3.08.17 PM.png

Screenshot 2020-04-06 at 3.08.51 PM.png

Screenshot 2020-04-06 at 3.09.38 PM.png

Screenshot 2020-04-06 at 3.11.33 PM.png

Screenshot 2020-04-06 at 3.11.42 PM.png

Screenshot 2020-04-06 at 3.11.48 PM.png

:dustox: :dustox: :dustox: :dustox: :dustox: :dustox:
SS Bo7: Denis
SS: Tol
SS: Tom842
SM: Close
SM: Blazikin
ORAS: Joker 1v1
BW: stableprince569
DPP: xJoelituh
SUBS: Iron Crusher, Poison Adhesive, Cantius, SUSTENANCE_1, pqs
1v1 pl post mock 2 results here (holy mother of god)

View attachment 234475

:dustox: :dustox: :dustox: :dustox: :dustox: :dustox:
SS Bo7: Denis
SS: Tol
SS: Tom842
SM: Close
SM: Blazikin
ORAS: Joker 1v1
BW: stableprince569
DPP: xJoelituh
SUBS: Iron Crusher, Poison Adhesive, Cantius, SUSTENANCE_1, pqs
SS Bo7: 7shoes
SS: kjdaas
SM: Jamez155
SM: NotFrancy
ORAS: Corporal Levi
BW: iNoLife
DPP: GL Volkner

Subs: Everyone

Guess it's time to do that recap of PL thing :/ tox was dysfunctional af...I mean I say that but Nalei did a great job. Things just don't go wrong for me in PL tours.
We gave away Ferno, and Deg after spending money on them... a lot. So that was dumb. Don't bid for someone after a certain amount if you gonna trade them 'cus you don't want them. Quote just left....why we spent 9k on him is beyond me if he didn't wanna play to begin with. so pretty much we spent like what 26k ish to not do shit? Um, yea very stupid calls there. We got players in return, like Trace...who also quit. And didn't get replacement until like week 6 for Quote. Um pqs not preforming at that was like a waste of 10k... Nalei sucked for a bit got better later on. But yea, not the best "lead by example" managers in terms of winning. Nalei is used to everyone leaving their teams...same with me I suppose lol. 3/4 years ive had someone do that lol. Um yea so 36k wasted basically out of our 100k. Very bad on that front. I knew the moment I found out who was on my team I was honestly. We were being told we were 8th. And when you start off week 0-4 vs #7* it doesn't sit well. A huge difference between heatrans and tox. But was fun I suppose :p I did my part to give us a chance, and am happy everyone believed in me every week to win as if it was a for sure thing....even though I don't think 1 damn person USED MY DAMN CHANNEL AT ALL TO HELP ME!!!! .... now I get say the nice things about stuff, so don't be mad <3 ya tox

Now, coming into this PL I knew my relationship with everyone was iffy. And some bridges were burned. From + loss, to manager denial, being in draft call and everyone saying I was "washed up". But I hope I've shown everyone things are better and fun is to be had ^^

Speaking of fun...
Week 1: DC3 very cool lass. Now at this point we were 0-4, people were quitting and all that drama. Remember that? Game 4 my thought process was, if I lose to be it. Miss was nice. And when it came to game 5....yes we all remember Magikarp..."Joker wtf are you doing?!" Yea...well at this point, I told myself...what do I do best that no one else does? I'm not afraid to bring stupid shit solely for the point of fucking with people and for the entertainment...I'm an entertainer what can I say, I live for the moments. I brought sawk & kyub and was like, it's a 50/50 anyways why not...make this hype. We need hype. And thus Karp lives. Sawk 3-0d but ehh ggs anyways. Gave our team motivation and made people see me in a new light.

Week 2: Wanony, called the best of bw by cashio himself. Maybe, but like I say when it comes to pokemon, if I give a shit and they give a shit. Its a 50/50 we take those odds. About 1hr before I played wanony I was like, what's stupid I can run as a bait. No cteaming or anything just dumbsets. and that where I ran pasho berry on volc to beat manaphy and he brings manaphy :3 oh...I guess I did forget 1 small thing. I ran HP WATER heatran...not my team but the mon :p

Week 3: I did prep for this week, starmie scarf analytic...yes I was running this and it beats dnite & gene :p nice bait huh? I helped prep for Tol and gave him teams and he 3-0d :) didn't play cus nalei subbed me out when I came home to play and I didn't know :( But ayedan gave me the walrin idea...long live ayedan the female ; side note I did beat ayedan in a bo5 in bw later on for fun...even though he messed around

week 4: I didn't prep at all. I just picked random mons and there I went :3 Not heat 5...really. Anyways gg

week 5: OM...ok first off I wanna clear the air on something. I don't remember where on smogon but I saw OM said I was scared to play him and I know he was joking...but I had to work double shifts to keep the elderly healthy. They will always be more important than some stupid game I dont need to play. and when i did ask to play you, you said nah so :p

week 6: Robyn...I wanted to play you, like yea you sat on my throne...but you're keeping it warm ya acii and his kyub frz...anyways back to you. I made the teams I used vs you 5 minutes into week 6 and asked to play you then. Anyways was fun I picked random mons I wouldnt use normally and <3

week 7: I didn't prep until last 10 minutes. was helping everyone else. and wish the game had more meaning for me but ye feel bad for crits...but yea no hax I would have won oh well gg ^^ good luck

so I guess in all I finished 4-1, 5-1 if u count ayedan but yea without hax i beat everyone i was up vs and stayed true to my word. I will beat anyone in front of me whatever the gen. I made the most random should see my builder...never got to bring most of them 'cus I knew I couldnt pull it off or I would have...good players everyone ^^

Users: TSC & Melo...asks me for help, says we want you then yeets me in draft // Blazikin where's that double date you promised me for winning w1
Djokra forgot me...but I didn't forget you >.> hi
Waylaid boi says we heatrans and won't even draft me...bench warmer <3 gg waylaid gl
Baleblaze <3 you bb. My cptn My cptn
Rosa <3 ty...honestly
Maki's Fox <3 ya buddy

Nalei: <3 ya pal. you know why and yea <3 ya
Pqs: ...
Vg: haki is always with us
yami: you did great, ty
lkjc: :/
avarice: ^^
early: <3
smely: :3
tol: :D
and that monotype guy i guess who was on our team you did good i think

I always asked Nalei for the big matches. I never took an easy match up. I wanted Squrtell, Rosa, Wanony, Ima, Xsc, Waylaid, Neomon, Whaleee, ggopw...but gotta do what's best for the team or something :/

p.s. i'm bored...when's pl v?


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I don't normally do these but I think I have a good reason to now so shoutouts time

Shoutouts SiceXV for getting us this artpiece with all the Gogoats' favourite Pokémon, and single handedly creating one of my favourite moments of any PL I've ever had the pleasure of being a part of.

Also this is definite proof that Go-Go Gogoats is the best PL team this year. I'm sorry everyone else but you can't match this

Shoutouts to Downcoming3, thanks for cheering me on both when I was winning and losing, and thanks for using Durant!
Iron Crusher not much needs to be said, you're you, you have always been you, and you will always be you,
Kaif no matter what anyone says, you're a good person and you completely stole the spotlight on gogoats by doing more prepwork than your managers combined
The Immortal everyone said you were a pointless draft. You proved them wrong by helping create the Monopoke slot, pitching in with prepwork, and doing a solid job in ORAS this last week. prepare to be drafted again next year
Tom842 Kaif almost murdered me for putting you in SM, you and your Durant obsession got us far in this tour also your italian cheers were motivating!!
lost heros Every year I am amazed how much we can argue about the draft and still end up perfectly in sync. Thanks for picking me again, and don't forget to change the discord mod role to #36393E
Andy Snype you really showed you have the talent to be a good 1v1 player if given enough information and a bit of training, I'm proud of you my man
xJoelituh idk what to say other than quality gen 4 player and team player. Also your taste in music is top tier, you need to share some more with me soon.
Jirachirelia my sincere apologies for overdrafting gen 7 and then not letting you play a lot. We didn't really give you a chance to let your skill shine.
Rosa Nalei can we just agree to be on the same PL team next year so my heart never has to endure playing you two again....
Waylaid Thanks for teaching me to fear Steelix, you helped me win like 1 game later on.
XSTATIC COLD you called me good! That's all I need in life.

kjdaas stop smoke please! I'm happy I got to properly meet you because of PL
Djokra I kinda already knew you but I feel like this PL is when we really grew to be closer as friends
ExplodingDonkey it's your fault that we renamed our bo7 channel to food and I don't regret it
Ho3nConfirm3d we'd barely talked before PL (probably my fault) but now I know you're a great cook and lit BW player.
DMPancake thanks for all the sets we made together that I didn't use. You honestly helped me learn gen 8 more than anyone else.
7shoes lost heros insisted we'd draft you when I didn't really know you before the tour. In hindsight, I have no regrets.
SiceXV I already shouted you out but you're a real rising star in gen 8 1v1 and I genuinely hope you'll keep playing the metagame and will be here again next year so I can play with or against you once more.

I don't have enough time or a sufficiently capable memory to shout out everyone I've dealt with over the course of this PL, I made many new friends and maintained many old friendships. Thanks for the great time so far and let's see how much fun the final few weeks will bring.
Felucia the draft may not have gone as planned but we tried our absolute best to work with it. thanks for drafting me and sorry I couldn't perform as well as I should have.
Downcoming3 u are a character. i didnt know much about you before this tour except you were an old relic but you definitely proved me wrong with a style of building that nobody else in the entire scene has.
Iron Crusher u've been on a bad streak in tours for a year now and I'm glad I called for you to play oras halfway through and happy that you went even.
Tom842 cazzo goat
7shoes DMPancake ExplodingDonkey sorry bros i should've been able to help u guys more in swsh when you played but I didn't (still dont) like the meta and ended up with bad teams that lost
Ho3nConfirm3d i told mez to get u and you adapted better than I thought to a gen ur not experienced in and a meta u havent played much b4
Andy Snype i had no clue who u were before pl but ur a cool global
Jirachirelia you were aight
xJoelituh only positive player on the team LOL helping you in dpp was fun
SiceXV ay bro the talent is there just gotta hone it
lmao see u guys in the afterlife next pl
To my team,

DMPancake 7shoes - built for both of you, overall chill lads
Jirachirelia - surprised me with that nice upset over Blazikin
Andy Snype - you did well in oras and thanks for locking me for 2 days lmao.
Ho3nConfirm3d - No idea who you were before but you picked up BW quickly and gave your opponents tough games.
ExplodingDonkey - Definition of a gogoat, maybe a little over the top sometimes but still a fun player to watch with you're wacky sets.
Tom842 - Proved having numbers in your name isn't a bad thing. CAZZO
Iron Crusher - Nice comeback after a rocky start, I'm sure you'll do better in WC because I know you're a good player.
xJoelituh - What can I say, DPP god and only positive player on the team.
Kaif - Team MVP imo, tried to help in every gen at some point and really was our sole old gens support. He also would've gone positive if he didn't show mercy to his opponents. Lad deserves more respect.
Downcoming3 - Person I talked to the most on the team since I constantly tested with you. I still don't know how you are so nice and was sad after how upset you got over losing to Wail but you're a good player and shouldn't change your style.
Felucia lost heros - Thanks for picking up a noob like me. Before the draft, I was virtually unknown since the only team I tried out for was the goats and honestly didn't even think you guys were gonna draft me. Hopefully, I repaid your faith even though I know our record was not what we hoped for, but at least we affected the playoffs hopes of one team even though we didn't get the win ;)

s/o to Bopher and dogknees hopefully we'll be on the same team in the summer

Also, the art was to bring some joy to our team with everything going on in the world rn, hope everyone enjoyed it, thanks for the journey.
It's been a long, strange journey, my friends. We had the best games, with the most hype, and the most team spirit. And nobody can take that away from us!

Shoutouts to:

SiceXV - The art piece you got for us is beautiful, even if the Mawile is scuffed to hell and back. I used your teams alongside my own, and you gave me tips on how to use them. glad to be your alt.
Jirachirelia - thanks for the little tips and adjustments you helped me make.
Tom842 - For contributing so much to everyone's teambuilding, thank you.
Kaif - Probably our team's carry. I hope you start enjoying gen8 so you can carry us there too. Remember, if you beat Kaif, it's because he let you. or his internet died
xJoelituh - Definitely our team's carry. DPP king.
ExplodingDonkey - Champion in the ring and on the sidelines. My best matches were with you cheering on, and my favorite matches were watching you.

And finally,

Felucia - Thanks for trying me out, and picking me up, even if I didn't provide the results I wanted to give you. Maybe next time, i'll even win a game. Thanks for helping me build my teams, and for the fun teams we built together. I hope that someday I'll get to see a functioning Falinks set.

(ps: dogknees - thanks for the incredible game. I learned more from those 5 matches with you than the entirety of gen 7 ever taught me.)

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