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As for the overall season as a whole, I feel like this PL has been simultaneously surprising and not surprising, if that makes sense- I really don't know how to put that to terms any better so I'll leave it purposefully ambiguous
. Looking back on my initial power rankings after the draft finished, I'm glad to see that I actually almost perfectly nailed who the playoffs teams would be, other than the team who snuck their way into playoffs, including the robbery from the team that should've made it in-
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Extra credit

Was referring to Slakings (and upon looking deeper into this, the Scolipedes as well!), whom with this difference would have been at 7 points, while Thwackeys would be at 6.

I apologize if what I initially said was discouraging to the Thwackeys. I'm sure they'll do great, now that they seem to be coming at it with renewed passion and a lot to prove. Suffice to say, however, it's hopefully clear which team I thought had the stronger performance throughout the main season.
I can't believe I'm the one to say this. I'm shaking as I write this. It scares me to announce that the Trigger-Happy Thwackeys discord server has finally finished recruiting all members for the biggest Smogon raid of all time.
Malicious showdown users and notorious managerial pair of the Triggerhappy Thwackeys, Zio and Stable, have been slowly amassing an army of literal monkeys that are highly trained in the art of spamming threads with nonsensical catchphrases and questionable images. The Thwackeys have been infamous this PL for their affiliations with banned users (you guys are banned, alting is Coping and also against the rules of Smogon) and their
well-known ability to manipulate RNG odds at will.
:thwackey: :thwackey:
After taking down the PL thread, they plan to extend their reach to the entirety of Smogon in order to ensure that they lock down a new franchising spot for the next 1v1 PL, cementing the evil dynasty of the Trigger-Happy Thwackeys in 1v1 forever.
After the Slakings (unfairly robbed of playoffs) tactically threw in the last week of 1v1 Premier League V to ensure a Thwackeys playoffs spot, I was let into their inner workings where I learned of this dark, dark secret.
:thwackey: :thwackey: :thwackey:
Despite all this, together, I believe that we can still save 1v1 Premier League V.
Let it be known @moderation that according to the live stream, you have exactly 10 hours to lock this thread before it gets out of hand.

:rillaboom: Don't say that you weren't warned :rillaboom:


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Time for me to pour out my heart and soul in this 1,337th post.

Hello, everyone.

It's been quite a while since the regular season of PL has ended, and, as expected from many of you in this community, we didn't manage to reach playoffs. However, despite our playoff aspirations coming up short, we never give away without a fight. That said, I felt gratified to see and hear my teammates doing their preparatory work and honing their craft; I felt stressed after all the anticipation to see either my teammates' or their respective opponents' wins being posted on the forums when I wake up first thing in the morning; I felt humbled after everything has gone through. While I had a managerial role (aka as a co-manager) in another Premier League I have participated by the time I made my official return last March when the pandemic happened, which our team also fell short in playoff contention, I've never felt so much of these now I've gotten to manage a team full-time for the first time after a decade of participation as a player in numerous PL-style team tournaments, as, during those years, the teams I had a part of usually got into playoffs since Pokemon Online Champions League in 2010 (welp, I'm a boomer; was hoping fellow boomer CrashinBoomBang can attest, lol). As such, I would like to thank Alakazam and PA for giving me this opportunity to lead a team, and to Quantum Tesseract for accepting my invitation to co-manage in this endeavor and agreeing to put up the name "Pyramid of Poliwrath" as a reference to Futaba's Palace in Persona 5 (you know, PYRAMID OF POLIWRATH).

Before this Premier League started, I was being contacted by the manager hopefuls to be the DPP player in their team, which, at first, looks tempting because of my capabilities especially with the 3-1 record I held in 1v1 World Cup IV. However, I eventually made up my mind that I'm planning on managing a team myself in Premier League because I feel like I've gotten a grasp of what the community looks like after being immersed to it for quite some time since that team tour (super shout-outs to DEG for this), and the biggest reason why I actually wanted to lead a team so badly is because I wasn't being picked as a manager in UU Snake Draft as a way of getting back into something I was once part of for several years, but didn't work out as planned. That was apparently out of spite.

As usual, because I'm a newcomer in this manager stage, and with my assistant manager having a rather abysmal track record, the team ends up being dead last in the power rankings and all that jazz. I may have rather questionable drafting decisions as to why I overpaid the likes of dogknees, and as to why I drafted a rather unknown person like Mattorr (it was all thanks to his experience in the Premier League I hosted as well); how I wish my foresight would tell me there could've been more deserving players to fill the void. BW may be the most dire in the roster, but I was thinking of putting Quantum Tesseract there to provide him an opportunity to redeem himself (but no avail; press E♯ to pay respects). Still though, I felt happy with what the draft ended up, and it's worth the hassle of me wearing a sportcoat and imagining it like an NBA Draft of sorts. Haha!

(and yes, I'm a sucker for musicians.)

Week 1: We started off with a bang by winning the first six matches against the Simping Slakings. There I felt we're in the zone and I hoped we would maintain this stride in the following weeks; while monumental by surpassing everyone's expectations, not delivering it consistently in the long run would mean expectations would be, "okay, that was managed."

Week 2: Given our emphatic win against the Slakings, and looking at the Round 2 match-ups, I was so optimistic that we would have a legit winnable week against the RPS Rhyperiors. While I started off with another win against 187 Fan that continued my streak, almost everything else fell apart: the Akumajou-Boat SM duo sadly didn't deliver the goods carried over from last week with Elo Bandit at the back, and while the SS one was quite in shambles, dogknees still holds his ground - that I remained optimistic that I'm not regretting my decision overpaying him. We ended up 2 games down to 6, neutralizing the game differential we had from the first week.

Week 3: I still remain optimistic that this week would be legit winnable - this time, against Jirachi Regalia. With Quantum Tesseract not being able to deliver his first two matches, I wanted to give him the opportunity to operate behind the scenes and help Krytocon - I'm pleasantly surprised hepulled off a victory against the person whom I actually wanted to draft as our old-gen hermit. I started the game by defeating Ink in what has been a highlight match in history and I still have to bear this responsibility of continuing the streak. Despite those two good wins alongside OM and Murman doing their part, Itchyfoot still has yet to find her groove, dogknees has suffered his first loss against Nalei (leaving myself the undefeated one thus far), and the SM duo - especially Akumajou - sadly didn't deliver his once-undefeated prowess (the latter two could've granted good chances of winning when the latter two happened to be highlight matches as well). Definitely a strange turn of events on our end; it was a tie, but a rather frustrating one to say the least.

Week 4: Another optimistic week ahead - this time, against the Trojan Porygons. I was hoping everything that pieced together from the previous weeks can now deliver - finally, the SM duo delivered, Murman keeps himself in top form, and I still keep the streak alive but at a price of one of my precious Treasure Demons finally being drafted in a team. I gave Mattorr a debut - fresh from the small Premier League I hosted back - though quite not a desirable one and the vibe wasn't exactly there as I would've hoped. Good thing those wins happen at the end, and another tie happened - but a satisfying one for some reason.

Week 5: I asked for a voice chat with my fellow Palace Shadows (and Discord messages to some) to check on them after the four weeks they've gone through. This is where I see some of them had some issues, like dogknees not vibing with the rest of the SS people because of his different building and playing styles, and Akumajou eventually being burned out especially with his work schedule on weekends. But after all the hell we've gone through, someone remained optimistic that we can pull it off - being weary that I was during that time because things didn't work out in some of them, my optimism has somehow renewed. However, despite such optimism, things once again fall apart. I finally lost a battle in probably one of the most cursed DPP series in 1v1PL, but I didn't complain one bit; the SM duo of Elo Bandit and Akumajou didn't pull off their respective wins, Murman being tilted after a tactical substitute happened, and everything else in between. Good thing dogknees delivered a renewed win that spoiled Mishlef's undefeated-bound record, lol.

Week 6: I would've given lei a chance to shine in Akumajou's stead, but because the last two weeks happened to be the most crucial moments and we can't afford lots of errors leading to our playoff aspirations, I ended up putting OM and Bandit back in; they fortunately bounced back and pulled off some key wins for the team. Also bouncing back was Murman who actually stepped up and play the Best of 7 slot in hopes of lightening the load from dogknees's shoulders especially with his musician responsibilities piling up so badly. Sadly, I lost against Mr. Mime fan clean, and it's mostly because while I felt I prepared well, deep inside those teams didn't radiate the same confidence unlike my last teams and it could've changed the course of our playoff aspirations if it weren't for my loss which I deem quite devastating (until the last one happened, lol). So, another frustrating tie happened.

Week 7: This one is pretty close to the Malevolent Misdreavuses I co-managed in OMPL last year, though it's more of within our team's control other than external factors. I was hoping we could've ended the game strong and putting the Thwackeys out of commission and give my co-manager Quantum Tesseract another shot at a redemption arc in 1v1PL. While Murman pulled off another monumental win, I slept soundly only to find out the next thing in my morning Krytocon, Boat, and dogknees failed to secure wins, which meant I can't afford to lose everything else, and this is where the overwhelming pressure mounting got the best of me - I lost to zio in DPP and that consequently lost the aspirations of a playoff contention.

We might have been one of the most unlikely teams - if not THE MOST UNLIKELY TEAM - to get into playoff contention. I envisioned to prove to the world that a team with an upstart manager coupled with his assistant with a bad track record can pull off the unthinkable despite lots of flaws, and through our grit and teamwork, we can pull it through. We may have been dead last in the standings because we fell apart in the last week, but if we stayed strong in the last week (or pulled off numerous wins against those weeks with frustrating ties), landscapes would've changed. But yes, we fell short, there are lots of things that needs to improve on, and everything else in between. Overall, this is one heck of a rollercoaster ride, and I generally enjoy the company I have with the team. with that, here are my shoutouts to my fellow teammates and our fellow support group, whom I call them Palace Shadows and Stones of Scone, respectively, for referential reasons.
I'll start off first with the assistant manager and fellow Palace Ruler whom he accepted my offer that catapulted me into my first-ever stint as a manager in my very first 1v1 Premier League, Quantum Tesseract. I definitely know this guy due to his resurging efforts in the Other Metagames department, and his past experiences in 1v1PL (despite his instances of leaving midseason due to whatever reason he has) made him my very first person to contact with. It was kind of rough that with the lack of sufficient BW support, you had to work almost on your own, and I had to do heavy-duty stuff to make it work. Again, thank you for accepting my invitation to co-lead this team, and thank you for operating behind the scenes and at the same time nailing in Monopoke. I wish to see firsthand your redemption arc in a 1v1 team tour setting; while I don't know when that will eventually happen, I believe it will happen, as long as you go out of your comfort zone and you believe in yourself.

Now I'm going to proceed with one of the biggest overpays that at first, would've been a little more regrettable as to why I did this, then through his initial record, I believe with confidence I didn't regret my decision one bit, and then in the long run, I'm quite on the fence. dogknees, if I were to leave you out on the 18k-18.5k mark, our team would definitely lack the SS star power the team has, and no one else (especially Nalei airing her grievances) would be more than willing enough to share his/her expertise in the team. Without you, Murman would've been baptized by fire way too early since he still is a new blood trying to gauge his capabilities as a current generation 1v1 player. Ultimately, I didn't regret my decision nearly putting my heart and soul in to you one bit (because I'm a sucker for musicians), but it's kind of sad that you didn't manage to get a positive record this time, and it's really sad to see you resign from 1v1 administrative work after your responsibilities as a musician is piling up very quickly. You helped me a ton, you know that, and I thank you for being part of this ride. I hope to watch some of your performances in wherever platform!

Another person that I'm confident on overpaying thanks to his strong overall record is no other than one of the SM goats Akumajou. I actually thought of another person in mind (*cough* LBDC *cough*) to be part of the team thanks to the close-knit history between 1v1 and Other Metagames, but because you're one of the most chill persons to hang around with, especially keyboard smashing your way when we pull off our virtual laughter together, and this is why I leaned more towards you - though at the price of requesting me to draft your girlfriend lei in the process. At first, naysayers in the community would say "some people were unhappy because they were drafted in this team", I was a little surprised, and then I found out it was you being scared because you actually needed some support in order to function better, but good thing that was managed well enough thanks to Elo Bandit being part of the team. It's kind of sad though that you didn't deliver your once-undefeated prowess unlike before, especially with weekend work taking a toll on your well-being, but I'm very sure you're happy regardless of the outcome especially with lei always being with you. Speaking of lei, you definitely kept not just Akumajou sane throughout PL, but the rest of the team as well, whether overt or discreet. I would've given you the opportunity to play, but circumstances didn't allow to happen. With that, I thank the both of you for being part of this ride. Take good care of each other, alright!

Next up is definitely one of those people whom I know a lot more as one of the contributors in the Other Metagames department, and it is not an irony to see OM comprising the 1v1-OM core that I somehow envisioned (again, how I wish LBDC would be here too for an almost all-OM lineup, lol!). Looking back at your record, your journey in this year's 1v1 Premier League reminded me of my journey in my very first Other Metagames Premier League: a rollercoaster ride - wins on one week, followed by losses on succeeding weeks, followed by wins, etc., and reflecting based on your journey in my point of view, I made a good decision not to bench you after those devastating losses because you managed to keep your composure. I'm so thankful to have realized I was in your shoes before and ride along with it, and I'm so thankful to have you for being part of this team.

Next comes Itchyfoot; actually, the reason why I wanted her in the team is because I've seen lots of people giving credit to her for their respective victories - most especially in the early stages of Seasonal, so I gave it a whirl. While the 0-4 record is definitely not the most desirable for a debuting 1v1PL participant, those things will be open to opportunity that, along with Quantum Tesseract, you will have your own redemption arc as well. We may never know when those arcs will happen, but with belief in yourself, I believe it will always happen. I am thankful that despite that record you actually operated very well behind the scenes, and I am grateful to have you on our team. Stay slaying, queen!

Ah, Krytocon, one of the most silent operators of the team and the most passionate one at it. While Krytocon apparently got himself to the finals of BW 1v1 Cup (quite a long time ago), he told me that his building left a lot to be desired and he advanced to the finals out of sheer luck. I apologize for baptizing you with fire in the stage which is something you had almost no knowledge of, but no matter how dire our situation in BW is, I ultimately thank you for stepping up to the plate, and that what mattered to me the most.

As I first saw this person as one of the participants in the inaugural Euphonos Premier League, Mattorr Is Cute isn't exactly someone you'd expect, but he happens to be famous for slaying some people from a notorious group, so I actually wanted to give him a whirl in this one. While your debut isn't exactly something I hoped you'd have: not to mention your timezone issues and school not always in tune to our schedule, that wasn't exactly the most ideal. However, by that one time you stepped up, you actually tried to work hard like everyone else's, and that's something that matters to me the most. Thank you for being part of this journey, and stay cute as always, lol.

The last three shoutouts for the team would really be the best ones here. One of those three is Boat, who got pumped up when I said I was going for him before the actual draft. Your experience as a tournament director and as a former 1v1PL manager really helped the team a ton - and myself at that one as you helped me balance out my over-enthusiasm at things which I got carried away, lol! You also helped me in the inner workings of a Discord Channel, you inspired the team so much, you worked so hard in the SM department and I almost always see you and Bandit do stuff through voice calls, and everything else in between: something a manager like me would greatly appreciate. While you had a rollercoaster ride this PL, I guess yours ended up very well - a positive one at that! Thank you for being part of this journey, and thank you for helping me into the manager that I am today. When I manage full time in the Other Metagames Premier League, I'll definitely use the takeaways I learned from you.

The next person I'm mentioning here definitely has the biggest - and I mean BIGGEST - carry job for the team, and he is no other than Elo Bandit. I was a little scared when your value is quite high for someone who just wishes to be on the bench and mainly operate behind the scenes, but after I see you made huge support for the likes of Akumajou, Boat, and OM, you're greatly one of the best teammates I would've asked for. You definitely have the most overtly positive presence for the team, and along with Boat, you have augmented my infectious optimism for the team. It's been an honor and pleasure working with you, and thank you for being part of this ride.

Finally, here comes one of the hugest gems I've ever mined in this Premier League whom, regardless of circumstance, I can see his growth as a player flourishing to greater heights, and this is no other than Murman0064. The first time I see him was teaming up with superstrike66 in the 1v1 Tag Team Tournament where we advanced to the third round, and man did I see this guy who can give his all, using teams containing "cursed" and "janky" stuff while winning games featuring those at the same time. That work ethic of yours reminded me of my old self making underappreciated Pokemon do their magic in wherever tier they're in, and I would definitely vouch you for your unparalleled creativity. Also, thank you for stepping up to the plate on tight situations; as such, I greatly appreciate your gesture!

The very first Stone of Scone I saw in the chat is ausma, but I barely remember whether she had some involvements in the UU subforum while I was also still active by then. Thank you for showing us moral support despite being discreet in like, 99% of the time, lol; I still greatly appreciate them, though!

Then, here comes three of my greatest supporters in terms of the metagame of expertise I'm part of: Mr. Mime fan, Dj Breloominati♬, and Hypokemaster. Yash has been helping me out big time, and the first four games I won were mostly all coming from the help you gave me; Spitfire still contributed in the early weeks and in the last week despite his sporadic appearances, and after Yash got drafted to the Godspeed Scolipedes and eventually became my Week 6 opponent, Hypokemaster stepped up to the plate. I'm so grateful to have people like you augmenting my capabilities as a DPP 1v1 player with your support. I hope this continues every time!

Next on the list is probably one of those deserving of an SS Bo5 slot - at least for our team, due to his modest successes on ladder and metagame knowledge that can be expanded further. Vrji is one of those who made huge waves in supporting mostly Murman, Itchyfoot, and Krytocon in the SS department; I just hoped I would've given you an opportunity to play in the greatest stage. I hope you'll get your chance to shine in the future Premier Leagues, and by then you could've been making great strides as an individual. Stay on course!

Another person on the list is one of those people from the French OM community trying to get his hands dirty on old generations. Maxomega's enthusiasm is so cool, but his rawness of talent wasn't exactly something worth on a team - especially with something as dire as BW. But still, I thank you for contributing a portion of your support to us, and I greatly appreciate them. How I wish you could get your hands dirty on those generations you chose more, this time through participation in 1v1 Classic, and other small tournaments coming in your way. I hope you stay on course as well!

Finally, here comes my new superfan, superstrike66. I do apologize for leaving you in the cold after we teamed each other with Murman in the Tag Team Tournament, but with the surplus of USUM 1v1 players out there, we can't have that much room huhu. But still, you definitely showed so much moral support not just to me, but also to our teammates as well, and I thank you for almost always checking on me and sharing memes to everyone, no matter how funny or cringy those jawn are, lol!

I'd like to say, thank you guys, for you have successfully taken the treasure away from me and consequently changed my heart after all the hell you've been through. It's time that my desires manifested in the Metaverse in the form of the Pyramid can now crumble... I return to work full time as the Resident Camomons Meteorologist. E♯ out!

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