20 years of Smogon

Happy 20, Smogon, you got my password leaked but its ok I don't mind, it was a simple 4 character one anyway, way back when groups and gif profiles where still a thing here.

I haven't partaken in any kind of battlin' for a long time but I was a quite the ladder beast and peaked at #1 a few times and also partook in tourneys,
I thank Smogon for getting me into this hobby before it was cool.

Earlier this week a teenager relative of mine was discussing Pokemonshowdown with me and he told me about how he is in the top #200 of a bunch of random battle generation ladders and that I would stand no chance battling against him.

Long story short I absolutely destroyed him in randomgen5 and gen6, he did not know what hit him, he thought he was battling some near 30-year-old boomer noob, little did he know he was battlin' a small legend of the game, and it feels hilarious to keep hiding it from him.

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